Clockwork Lullaby
NND / YT (subbed)
Original ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄
Romaji Zenmai Jikake no Komoriuta
English Clockwork lullaby I
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin
Release Date March 22, 2008
Series Clockwork Lullaby Series
"This singing voice is the clockwork lullaby."
―Unknown girl[src]

Clockwork Lullaby is a song released by Akuno-P on March 22, 2008. It is the second song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series.


The song is set in an unspecified time and place. A mysterious singer, after obtaining the "key called words," begins to tie them into a song: a lullaby she wanted others to listen to, with a distinctive "Lu Li La" pattern. She also takes a toy she had always wanted and throws it out a window.

The singer questions the wishes and desires of the humankind, and she tells them to "go to sleep." She expresses uncertainty about the song healing the heart of someone with a sin of desire. Regardless, she declares that she will continue singing, believing that the memories and traumas will continue melting and blending with the song.


The song operates on the VOCALOID2 program with the vocals for Kagamine Rin. The song uses piano, synth drums, and synth piano.

The song opens with an opening instrumental, and the first verse begins at 0.26, with the first pre-chorus beginning at 0.43, preceding the first chorus at 0.50. The first chorus ends at 1.09, shifting into an instrumental break which lasts until 1.24, when the second verse begins. At 1.41, the second pre-chorus begins, followed by the second chorus at 1.48. After the second chorus finishes at 2.09, another instrumental break begins, lasting until 2.40 when the final chorus begins. At 3.15, the final chorus ends, and a variation of the opening instrumental plays until the song's end.




るりらるりら この歌声は



るりらるりら この子守唄

るりらるりら この歌声は


Itsumo no toori ni kotoba wo oshiete
Watashi wa sorera wo uta e to kaeyou

Mousou no naka de nani wo te ni ireta?
Tatta hitotsu no shinjitsu no uta

Ru ri ra ru ri ra kono utagoe wa
Dare no moto e to todoku no ka na?
Kotoba to iu kagi wo te ni ire
Hiraku michi no tobira

Hoshii to negatte te ni ireta omocha wo
Ryoute de kakaete mado kara suteta no

Manzoku suru koto no nai ningentachi yo
Nani wo nozomi nani wo te ni ireru?
Tsukareta naraba ima wa tada

Ru ri ra ru ri ra kono komoriuta
Anata no kokoro iyaseru ka na?
Yokubou to iu tsumi wo kakaete
Ima wa yume wo mite iru

Ru ri ra ru ri ra kono utagoe wa
Zenmaijikake no komoriuta
Anata ga mawashite kurenai to
Tomatte shimau no

Hana no you na omoidetachi mo
Doro no you na TORAUMA sae mo
Mawari tsudzukete tokete iku no
Subete watashi no naka de

Teach me words as always
And I will change them into a song

What did you obtain in a delusion?
Only one song of truth

Lu li la lu li la, this singing voice
To who’s side will it reach?
Obtaining a key called words
And opening the gates of the unknown

I carried in both hands the toy I had wanted, wished for, and obtained
And threw it out the window

Humans who are never satisfied
What do you wish for, what will you achieve?
If you’re worn out, now simply

Lu li la lu li la, can this lullaby
Heal your heart, I wonder?
Carrying a sin called desire
And right now still dreaming

Lu li la lu li la, this singing voice
Is the clockwork lullaby
If you don’t turn me
I’ll stop forever

The flower-like memories
And even the mud-like traumas
They continue to turn and melt
All of it inside of me

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit


Wordplay shares the theme of "words" continued in Clockwork Lullaby.


Re_birthday shares the "Lu Li La" pattern and its healing properties as alluded to in the Clockwork Lullaby, as well as sharing a theme of adding words to the song.





  • Re_birthday's PV mirrors Clockwork Lullaby, depicting its singer in a similar pose opposite of Clockwork Lullaby's mysterious singer.
  • The last line of Wordplay, "Teach me words as always", is repeated as the first line of the song.
  • This is the first song to set the distinctive "lu li la" tune heard in the series' succeeding songs.

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