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The Clockwork Lullaby[1] was a spell song used to detect magical power. While used as a type of detection magic, it could be altered and utilized for a variety of purposes.


The spell song allowed the singer to pinpoint locations that contained large amounts of magic power over a wide area by echoing the sound across the area. The caster could also differentiate between types of magic detected, such as demonic presences. The song's tune was arranged in a distinctive "Lu Li La" pattern sung in a soothing melody.[2] The melody was also described as relaxing and healing for the heart.[3] Being quite versatile, the Clockwork Lullaby allowed for users to rearrange its lyrics and melody or add words to the song, presumably changing its effects.[4]




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • A clockwork is a mechanical device that utilizes a complex series of gears to perform its function; in the Evillious Chronicles, gears often represent fate, destiny, and the passage of time.
  • A lullaby is a soothing melody, usually used for the purpose of putting a child to sleep, reflecting the calming nature of the spell.


  • The lullaby's distinct "Lu Li La" musical pattern is also the sound made by many devices based on the Second Period's super technology.[5]
  • Right before his death, Allen Avadonia briefly heard the tune of the Clockwork Lullaby being sung from an unidentified singer.[6]
  • In Full Moon Laboratory, a similar song to the Clockwork Lullaby with rearranged lyrics is sung by presumably the same singer of Wordplay and Clockwork Lullaby.



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