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Technical Information
Japanese チェルシー
Romaji Cherushii
Biographical Information
Died EC 500
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort
"She's a Netsuma! The whole village hates her."
―Chelsea regarding Clarith[src]

Chelsea was a villager from Yatski in the Kingdom of Elphegort and a neighbor to Clarith. Despising the Netsuma like the rest of her village, Chelsea bullied the girl for her white hair and inferior work. She later lashed out at the girl when she was getting attention from the chief's son, Ayn.


Early LifeEdit

Born in Yatski, Elphegort during the 5th century EC, Chelsea grew up as a fellow villager, making numerous friends with her fellow Elphes. Like the rest of the village, Chelsea discriminated against the resident Netsuma, Clarith;[1] at some point, she became close friends with Alma and Barbara. When she came of age, she began helping her family tend to the fields. Seeing Clarith's incompetence at farm work, she repeatedly bullied her hated neighbor over the years like everyone else.[2] At some point, she developed a crush on the village chief's son, Ayn.[3]

Awkward InvitationEdit


Chelsea rejects Clarith's invitation

"What're you saying? I'm not going to eat with a filthy Netsuma."

In January of EC 499, while working in the fields with a sickle, Chelsea saw Clarith working slowly and pushed the Netsuma as she passed by. Several weeks later, she began talking with Alma during work and the two chatted for sometime when Clarith hesitantly approached them. Looking at her with disdain, they listened to the white-haired girl ask Chelsea to join her for dinner. Offended, the Elphe immediately pushed her neighbor and answered that she'd never eat with a "filthy" Netsuma. Clarith then apologized and left.[4]

Love and WarEdit

"I saw you earlier. Was the filthy Netsuma trying to leer at Ayn? What an eyesore. You weren't plotting anything, were you?"
―Chelsea to Clarith[src]

Chelsea and Michaela chatting together

Over a month later, Chelsea saw a new, beautiful Elphe girl, Michaela, start helping with the farm work and learned she was living with Clarith. Over the next few months, Chelsea got on friendly terms with the beautiful Elphe. During work one day that summer, Chelsea saw Michaela work and called out to her, asking if she wanted to take a break with her.

The girl accepted the offer and they moved to sit behind a building. As Michaela lamented the amount of work they had to do, Chelsea happily pointed out how greatly she was helping them out. When the beautiful Elphe said she should also say that to Clarith, the peasant's smile disappeared and she questioned why, pointing out Clarith's rather slow and sloppy work; afterward, the woman cocked her head the other way and remarked she shouldn't need to give her thanks to a Netsuma. Remembering that the two lived together, Chelsea lamented the fact despite the girl not having decided a place to stay.

After hearing Michaela describe that she liked Clarith's white hair and thought she was pretty, Chelsea was at a loss for words before noting the girl's peculiar friendliness. When she questioned in turn if the peasant hated her, Chelsea exclaimed that it was because she was a Netsuma and that everyone in the village hated her. She then told the girl that she wished the village chief would evict her already. Once she ranted about the greedy man only being interested in her paying the land fees, she lamented him being Ayn's father.[5]


Chelsea grabs Clarith by the arm

Later that day, Chelsea saw Ayn approach Clarith on her way home from work and watched the two converse. Growing envious, the peasant suspected Clarith was also after his affection. After sharing what she witnessed with Alma and Barbara, Chelsea led the three to Clarith's home just as the Netsuma returned with Michaela. Saying she wanted to talk to the white-haired girl, she asked if she could come with her for a little bit.

When the girl didn't answer, the annoyed woman grabbed her by the arm and urged her to hurry up, dragging her with them as the Netsuma complied. When Michaela tried to follow, Clarith told her the matter didn't concern her and said goodbye. Once they took her around the back of the house, Chelsea let go and crossed her arms, asking what the Netsuma thought she was doing. Clarifying that she saw her talking to Ayn, she expressed her hope she wasn't planning to do anything. When the scared woman stuttered a response, Chelsea told her to say something.

Clarith then said she was sorry. Ticked off by the statement, Chelsea yelled that she didn't want to hear her excuses, exclaiming how she decided to bother him even if Ayn was the one who approached her first. Chelsea then forbid her from going near Ayn again; watching Clarith remain quiet, she grew even angrier. Demanding she speak up, Chelsea raised her right arm to slap her when Michaela intervened. Surprised, Chelsea stopped as Michaela argued that them fighting wasn't good, grabbing her raised arm and applying some force to make her lower it.


Chelsea departs with her possy

Chelsea retorted that the Elphe was fine and that only the Netsuma's seemingly having a love affair was unforgivable. Michaela then added more force to her arm and smiled while telling her that it was perhaps a misunderstanding, suggesting that everything could be talked over peacefully without violence. After a brief silence, Chelsea gave up and began to leave once Michaela released her arm. Calling for her two friends to come along, they went back around the house.

After several months had passed, Chelsea approached Clarith when she was alone and happily told her that Michaela only treated her nicely to make herself look better, saying the Elphe remained by her side to simply make her own beauty stand out more. Succeeding in damaging the Netsuma's faith in her friend, she left.

Several days later, Chelsea and the other villagers heard the chief declare that his nephew Eugen's meal was poisoned, blaming Clarith for making the toxic meal out of spite for her debts. Mobbing, the villagers went to Clarith's home only to find that she, Michaela, and Ayn had already fled.[6] During the Green Hunting in EC 500, Chelsea and the others were attacked by the invading Lucifenian army. After the Elphegortean military unit stationed at the village was overwhelmed, Chelsea and the other female villagers were slaughtered.[7]


Following her death, Chelsea's corpse was piled and counted by the Lucifenian forces there before the army continued their push north. Shortly after, Michaela and Clarith discovered Chelsea's body among the piles of corpses left in the pillaged village after they returned to Yatski.[8] Years later, Clarith recounted the hardships she faced in her homeland prior to becoming a nun in her autobiography.[9]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"But your help's saved us some trouble."
"Really? That's good. Oh, you should tell Clarith that too. I'm sure she'd be glad—"
"Clarith doesn't need it, does she? Her work's slow; she's unsociable. And besides, I'm not going to thank someone from the Netsuma Clan."
―Chelsea and Michaela[src]

Chelsea lashing out against Clarith

Chelsea was a self-absorbed young woman and a nasty bully to her enemies. Typically, Chelsea had a friendly demeanor with her fellow Elphe villagers, even newly arrived Elphe travelers staying in the area. She commonly kept her two close friends by her side as her personal posse as well.

However, like her fellow villagers, Chelsea had a deep-rooted prejudice against foreigners, especially the local Netsuma girl Clarith. Along with that came a superiority complex over other races, believing it was only natural for them to be put down and reviled by the green-haired populace in Elphegort. Coinciding with this, she considered the foreign races to be "filthy".

As a result, Chelsea treated Clarith poorly and looked down upon the white-haired girl with disdain. Her disgust for the Netsuma was amplified by Clarith's seemingly slow and sloppy field work, which Chelsea cited as added justification for her mistreatment. She became easily annoyed by the woman's stuttering as well and had no issue abusing the woman both physically and emotionally for even trying to befriend her. Therefore, the Elphe peasant was exasperated that the village chief even kept Clarith around.[10]

However, Chelsea had romantic feelings for the chief's son, Ayn. As a result, she was rather protective of him getting close to other women, particularly Clarith. Likewise, she assumed Ayn shared her and village's prejudice for the girl and immediately believed any interaction between them was Clarith trying to leer at Ayn, which earned both her further disgust and her envy. Her jealousy quickly led to further bullying Clarith and Chelsea took initiative to forbid the girl ever go near her beloved again.[11]

While cautious of her friendly demeanor regarding the Netsuma, Chelsea had gotten along with Michaela and sympathized with her situation of having to live with Clarith. But, after being physically obstructed by the girl, Chelsea extended her spite towards Michaela as well and had no issue telling Clarith lies to ruin their relationship and further put down the white-haired woman.[12] Chelsea also had an appearance complex, wearing fancy dresses and lots of makeup to doll up her appearance, though wearing her hair rather short and messy.[13]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a villager of Yatski, Chelsea was a capable field worker and helped out adequately with her peasant duties.[14] While prone to violence, the woman lacked any actual combat skills and was somewhat easy to restrain or overpower. She was skilled in manipulation to a degree, particularly with personal relationships. However, she lacked much tact, making her underlying motives simple for most to recognize.[15]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Ayn: Chelsea's crush. Chelsea harbored affection for the man despite his being the son of the greedy chieftain. Due to this, she would be enraged when seeing him give affection to another girl, particularly her hated neighbor, Clarith.

Clarith: Chelsea's neighbor. As a Netsuma, Chelsea despised Clarith and would treat her cruelly along with the other villagers, resentful of the girl being allowed to live in the village despite her race and fed up with her clumsy work in the fields. Seeing the Netsuma get her beloved Ayn's attention, Chelsea became envious of Clarith as well, seeking even more to make her miserable.

Michaela: A fellow villager. Finding her kind, beautiful and hard-working, Chelsea initially grew to have an amicable relationship with Michaela over the time she lived in Yatski. Despite this, she was perplexed by her insistence on being friendly to Clarith. After Michaela intervened in her bullying, Chelsea grew spiteful towards her and sought to ensure Clarith didn't enjoy their friendship.



  • Ironically, Chelsea discriminated against Clarith as a white-haired Netsuma but ended up slaughtered with the rest of her village for their green hair while Clarith survived the genocide.




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