Chartette Langley
Technical Information
Japanese シャルテット=ラングレー
Romaji Sharutetto Ranguree
Other Names Saruteito

Kasane Teto

Biographical Information
Born April 1, EC 474
Died EC 549
Classification Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Lucifenian Resistance (formerly)
Beelzenian Empire (formerly)
Levin Church (Levia sect)
"What do ya mean "too"! I haven't broken no fountain yet!... It's just a little cracked."
―Chartette Langley[src]

Chartette Langley was a maid in service to Princess Riliane and a hero of the Lucifenian Revolution. After becoming disillusioned with the status quo, Chartette aided the resistance in acquiring crucial information from the royal palace. She later participated in the revolution, winning fame in her battle with Mariam Futapie. Afterward, Chartette eventually joined the former resistance members as a Beelzenian soldier in opposition to King Kyle.


Early LifeEdit

"At that time, people thought that Chartette was already killed so they gave up on rescuing her."

Chartette laughing at Allen

Chartette was born on April 1, EC 474 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia,[1] the daughter of a local blacksmith. As she grew up, the girl watched her father work the forge, becoming familiar with one of his employees, Leonhart Avadonia, and his foster daughter, Germaine.[2] She also became familiar with Leonhart's heavy drinking habit around that time.[3]

In EC 492, she entered the Forest of Bewilderment and got lost, later getting captured by bandits and taken to their hideout in the woods. During her time there, the traumatized girl interacted with one of the bandits and eventually convinced him to reform. Soon after, Allen and Germaine came to her rescue,[4] and Chartette became enamored with Germaine, calling the young girl "big sis" thereafter for saving her.[5] On their way back, Chartette laughed at Allen's frustration over the bandits' reformation before they all returned home.[6]

Reign of EvilEdit

"I knew it. I ain't cut out to be a maid..."

Mariam cleaning one of Chartette's messes

Around the time of Queen Anne's death in January of EC 499, Chartette became a maid at the royal palace for Princess Riliane and earned the royal's favor.[7] While working at the palace, the girl frequently broke things and Head Maid Mariam often interceded to help clean her messes.[8]

Sometime after Allen became a servant there, Chartette broke a vase during work. As Mariam began cleaning the mess, assuring her it wasn't expensive, the maid repeatedly apologized for her error. Discouraged, the servant stated she wasn't suited for being a maid. Mariam then reassured her that, while she was careless, she would improve over time and that she should keeping trying her best.[9]

As the year progressed, the maid's destructive strength continued to interfere with her more delicate duties at the palace while helping greatly with any heavy lifting. As Princess Riliane became increasingly tyrannical in her policies, Chartette observed as the princess increased her luxury and beheaded others for the most petty offenses. When a famine occurred later that year, the maid became disgusted by the royal and nobles' apathy toward the peasants' starvation.[10]

Troubling TimesEdit

"The food shortage due to the crop failure is becoming increasingly serious. The entire nation is suffering from hunger. In times like these, the captain of the royal guard shouldn't have such luxuries either."
"I'd like the royal and nobles to hear those words too."
―Leonhart and Chartette[src]

Chartette being placed under Allen's supervision

On December 27, Chartette was helping with the preparations for Riliane's fourteenth birthday happening later that night. While cleaning a hall, she broke some of the ornaments and tore some curtains. After Mariam discovered the mess, Chartette quietly stood behind the head maid, averting her gaze toward her mess, while the woman assigned Allen to help her with cleaning the palace gardens.[11]

After cleaning the courtyard for three hours since midday, Chartette suddenly whined that she was exhausted and asked Allen if they could quit. Denied by the servant, he reminded her that they needed to have everything cleaned thoroughly for the foreign royals attending the party. Chartette responded that no one would notice the dirt at a nighttime party and Allen countered that even Mariam was being more on edge than usual due to the occasion.

When the servant added it would be bad if they showed her shoddy work, the scared maid conceded and told the boy she'd clean the nearby fountain. While cleaning it, Chartette continued complaining in her mind when she accidentally cracked the fountain. Realizing it was past 3 o'clock when Allen was supposed to serve the Princess her midafternoon snack, the girl panicked. Allen immediately questioned if she broke the fountain too and the maid exclaimed that she hadn't broken any fountain yet before admitting she cracked it.

Chartette then brushed the topic aside and reminded him of his job, citing the danger he faced of not going. Once Allen mentioned he already traded places with Ney, the confused maid listened to her friend's explanation that he didn't expect they'd finish cleaning in time.[12] Chartette then noted that was the reason he was so calm about it, expressing her worry that he would be beheaded. The servant then told her not to jinx it and asked she lend him a hand, prompting the disinterested maid to agree.


Chartette interacting with Allen and Leonhart

Captain Leonhart then arrived and greeted the two and Chartette happily remarked how long it had been since they last saw each other. Chartette then listened while the captain of the royal guard chatted with his foster son; when Leonhart mentioned Germaine won a brawl without getting a scratch, Chartette remarked it was to be expected of her "big sis".[13]

As the knight lamented about his daughter's energetic personality, Chartette asked why he had come by. After he cited it was his duty to maintain the ball's security, the maid teased that she had figured he had been planning to raid the palace storehouse for liquor. When Leonhart explained he had actually begun abstaining, the shocked maid asked why. Once Leonhart explained that he shouldn't indulge himself when the country was starving from the famine, the maid dejectedly mumbled her wish that the upper class would hear his words too.

As Leonhart explained his failure to convince either Princess Riliane or Prime Minister Minis to share the palace's food reserves with the people, Chartette stated he was the best person to advise the monarch. Once the angered knight explained that the princess simply told him to "let them eat snacks" since there was no bread, the maid pointed out that it was because Riliane loved snacks. As Leonhart ranted about the princess' disconnect from the common people, Chartette became increasingly depressed.[14] As Allen argued with the knight over her personal attendants not doing more to help, Chartette silently stood between them in the awkward atmosphere.[15]


Leonhart, Allen, and Chartette hearing Ney scream

The knight then changed the subject and mentioned that he had passed by the stables that morning, wondering if the princess had gone out for the day. Chartette and Allen looked at each other as the servant expressed his doubt she'd leave on her birthday. As they debated the mystery of Riliane's horse, Josephine, being missing, they heard Ney scream and ran inside to find the maid completely hysterical.[16]

While the maid explained how she had walked in to find the princess missing, she showed them the opened hidden passage at the back of the fireplace in the royal's room. Chartette quickly began yelling out that Riliane was outside and ran out in search for the Princess.[17] After Leonhart organized the search party and tracked Josephine to the Forest of Bewilderment, the traumatized maid refused to go with them.[18]

Their Fourteenth BirthdayEdit

"We carried in the dishes, carried in the wine, and also—  "
"Perfectly did it without breakin' anythin' either."
―Allen and Chartette[src]

Allen and Chartette, exhausted from working at Riliane's birthday party

Once Riliane was found and returned to the palace, the servants were forced to make up for their lost time that evening. During the celebration that night, Chartette and the other servants worked exhaustively serving dishes in the Hall of Mirrors for the guests. Once they finished, Allen and Chartette closed the doors to the hall behind them and the tired pair leaned against it.

The two then both praised the fact it was finally done in sync. When Allen remarked that they had served all the dishes and wines, Chartette interjected to add that it was done without them breaking anything either. The maid then decided to go check the kitchen just in case. As Allen tried to come along, Chartette raised her arm and told him to stay. Noting he was still tired from the search for Riliane, Chartette told him to leave the task to her and left.

After she checked the kitchen,[19] Chartette saw Mariam and Allen talking by a staircase and called out to them. Running over to the two, the maid exclaimed that the ball would be over soon and that they needed to prepare to clean up. The head maid told the girl not to run inside before telling them to head out to the gardens to prepare for giving the guests their send off. The maid then headed to the Heavenly Yard, trying her best not to run, and helped send off the guests before joining in the clean up.[20]

Death of a LionEdit

Sometime later, on an early morning in EC 500, the maid slipped out of the palace to buy books she had always wanted and discovered Leonhart’s corpse in the river. Hearing a greeting, Chartette was surprised to see Germaine arrive, having not seen her in a long time, and halfheartedly explained why she was there. The curious Germaine, seeing the crowd at the shore, asked what happened, and Chartette tried to pass if off as nothing, but failed. Seeing Germaine’s realization, the weeping maid asked if she wanted her to cheer her up. Seeing Germaine faint after wailing in sorrow, Chartette took her to her house. After she awoke, Chartette explained what happened, describing the scenario in detail.[21]

Green HuntingEdit

"I have to thank that "cloaked woman"."
―York regarding Chartette's help to the Resistance[src]

During the Green Hunting, Chartette visited Germaine at her home, wearing a cloak and hood to conceal her identity from bystanders. While eating, she explained the situation at the palace and fed the revolutionary leader information regarding the war and the atrocities occurring there. After eating, she told Germaine she had somewhere to be and left. Later in the palace’s Heavenly Yard, Chartette, Ney, and Riliane enjoyed their afternoon together, with Chartette offering the princess her favorite novel to read.

When pressed about how she left the palace to just buy books, Chartette accused Ney of leaving the palace as well. She continued acting as an informant for Germaine and, after learning from her their base's location, went to the Forest of Bewilderment to meet them there, still hiding her identity. At the sound of door knocking, she, like everyone else, picked up a weapon as the masked man was allowed to enter.[22]

Chartette later joined Ney and Allen as they overheard the meeting following Prime Minister Minis' attempted assassination. She argued with the fellow maid after Ney accidentally touched her breast before Allen quieted them both. She later got in contact with Keel Freezis after he was released from prison and put under house arrest, convincing him to meet with Germaine and assist the resistance movement. At some point, she provided information to Germaine regarding the masked man. As the Lucifenian Revolution approached, she told her father she would fight alongside the revolutionaries. Sometime afterward, she received a large sword her father crafted from Germaine.[23]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"This is a ridiculously large sword, even York can't use it. Did you get the wrong model?"
"This isn't for you... at least not today. Germaine, you will give it to her in the future... That's about it, I pray for your victory."
―Germaine and Chartette's father[src]

Chartette faces Mariam in battle

Fleeing the palace as the revolters swarmed the gates, she donned her cloak and joined the fighting, despite York's attempt to stop her; with her massive strength, she sent groups of Lucifenian soldiers flying and entered the battle as a distraction for Germaine and the masked Karchess to invade the palace. As Mariam attempted to stop them, Chartette attacked the head maid.

After barely evading Mariam’s counterattack, Chartette removed her torn cloak and revealed her identity to her former superior.[24] Admitting she felt awkward fighting someone who helped her a lot, Chartette asserted she had to for the sake of the revolution. As the two prepared to battle one another, Mariam remarked about her skill with her massive blade and Chartette charged, swinging the weapon, but the head maid dodged and her strike instead slew one of the defending soldiers. The former maid then continued her onslaught when Mariam asked why she chose to join the revolutionaries.

Chartette then said she may have trouble understanding her reasons, but that everyone in the country would be unhappy if things were left as they were. Leaping at Mariam, Chartette slammed her sword into the ground and asserted she acted according to her own feelings. As Mariam prepared to retaliate, Chartette tried moving her sword but noticed it was stuck in the ground. Snuck upon by the head maid, she reminded her that her actions would make Riliane and the others unhappy and, stunned, Chartette watched as Mariam shattered her sword in a single strike.


Chartette about to kill Mariam

Kicked into the palace wall right after, the injured revolutionary slowly recovered while Mariam prepared to finish her off. Chartette then launched her rocket glove at the maid, musing to her father that it helped. While Mariam was incapacitated, she grabbed the hilt of her broken blade and said it was her farewell to the Head of Maids before correcting herself, calling her Mariam.

As she prepared to finish her, she was again reminded of Mariam's words, recalling Riliane, Allen, Ney, and Leonhart. While remembering Mariam's kind words to her after breaking a vase, the head maid's screams snapped her back to reality. Hesitating to kill her, Mariam used a smoke bomb. Surprised, Chartette frantically searched for Mariam before realizing she escaped and cursed, screaming out her name.[25]

She then rushed after Germaine, finding her injured and covered in blood, and noticed the corpse of Gast Venom at her feet, impressed by her “big sister’s” accomplishment. When Germaine asked about her battle, she explained that Mariam fled but was injured and wouldn't pose a threat any more. Chartette tried to help find Riliane but Germaine, seeing her injuries, told her not to act rashly and refused to let her go. As York prepared to leave, Chartette called to him, telling him to be gentle with the princess despite her vileness.[26]

Five days later, Chartette was invited to the attend the peace conference and remained bed-ridden due to her injuries from the battle. Two days later, the former maid traveled to Rolled and joined the crowd gathered in Milanais Square for Riliane's execution. Realizing the princess coming onto the execution platform was Allen in disguise, Chartette screamed and made a scene in a corner of square just prior to her friend's execution at three o'clock.[27]

Witch HuntEdit

"A journey, huh... journies're nice. I'd gone around here and there until last year too."
"This journey you speak of was with Miss Chartette?"
"Yeah. I got fed up with it all after the revolution. I was gonna leave Lucifenia by myself when she found out and came with me."
―Germaine and Yukina[src]

In early EC 501, Chartette noticed Germaine was planning to leave Lucifenia and joined her childhood friend, touring abroad. Three months into their trip, King Kyle labeled Germaine a witch and attempted to eradicate her and the Resistance. With Lucifenia becoming a part of Marlon's territory, the two traveled together for years across the region while avoiding capture from Marlon.[28]

In EC 503, the two met up with the former resistance members in the Beelzenian Empire. Seeking refuge, they rejoined the Resistance as it took shelter from Marlon.[29] In EC 504, both Chartette and Germaine became soldiers for the Empire, with the job recommended to her by an acquaintance; residing around Rukolbeni, Chartette was made the new commander of the reunited Resistance, dubbed the Langley Unit. At some point, she became a huge fan of Yukina Freezis, reading her novel "The Raven and the Three Crows" among others.[30]

Beelzenian CommanderEdit

"For you to be immediately appointed captain, you must really be something."
"Because there weren't any other candidates."
―Yukina Freezis, Chartette, and Gumillia[src]
Cha29 chartette
In EC 505, Chartette awaited Gumillia's arrival at their headquarters. After greeting Gumillia by the graveyard's entrance, the Beelzenian soldier noticed they had a guest and was introduced to Yukina Freezis. Shocked, Chartette was speechless but then screamed enthusiastically, telling her how amazing and popular her novels were. In the middle of her cries, Gumillia hit her with a tombstone and the former maid went flying, landing on the cemetery's fence. Trembling, Chartette stood up and introduced herself before leading them towards the Langley Unit's base so Yukina could meet Germaine.

Along their way, Yukina noted her role in the revolution and asked about the details of her fight with Mariam. Since they arrived, Chartette stated she would tell her the details later and they went inside the garrison. With Germaine nowhere in sight, the red-haired commander suggested checking their headquarters and led the way while explaining the how the Resistance became Beelzenian soldiers and that she had only joined a year ago. Yukina, impressed, noted how special she must have been to immediately be appointed captain and Chartette boastfully agreed.

Entering the main headquarters, still unable to find Germaine, Chartette asked York if he'd seen her and the former revolutionary quickly replied that she was probably drinking somewhere; Chartette then explained that Yukina wanted to speak with her. Once Gumillia left, Chartette declared that she would be caring for Yukina before Minage interrupted her, requiring her to help him finish a book. Hesitant, Chartette stood embarrassed until Yukina decided to leave them to their work. As the garrison commander tried to follow her, York grabbed her by the shirt to keep her from leaving.[31]

Sometime after, Chartette told Yukina about her past a maid. Two weeks after Yukina first arrived, a border patrol guard arrived and reported that the entirety of the night shift guards were killed after midnight. After speaking with the pale-faced soldier for several hours, Chartette dismissed him back to his post and called out to Yukina before she left. Despite Yukina's hesitation, the former revolutionary assured her that she just needed to report to the Imperial City. Seeing that both of them were heading there, Chartette stated they should go together, grabbing the young novelist's hand and walking them toward the capital.

Going through the graveyard, Yukina asked if the soldiers they had passed were her subordinates too. Uncomfortable, she admitted they were but that they weren't on guard duty at the moment. Although wanting to reveal the details, she said the information was classified. When Yukina apologized, she brushed it off and smiled, noting how they might war with Lucifenia soon. Seeing a figure in the fog, the soldier halted and threw a branch into the mist. Greeted by Ney, Chartette trembled and asked why she was there. After explaining to Yukina their relationship, the Beelzenian commander listened to Ney's reveal that they were both soldiers.

Chartette praeludium

Chartette frozen in place by Ney's actions

Furious, she shouted that she was the one who killed the night guard and demanded to know her reasons. Ney replied that even Marlon soldiers could enter Beelzenia during peacetime, should they follow official procedures. Chartette tried to retort the hypocrisy but Ney interrupted and announced that the armistice between them was voided. Murmuring how she had changed, Chartette interrupted Yukina before she revealed her name to Ney and demanded she leave or be incapacitated, willing to knock her down bare-handed.

Continuing to mock her, Ney stated she intended to kill her just like how she killed her foster mother, Mariam. Shaken, Chartette denied having killed her but began to doubt herself. With a twisted smile, Ney stated she was joking and admitted that she had been the one to kill the Head of Maids. Chartette cried out in utter shock and stood rooted to the ground while Ney toasted to them and their deaths. After the golden-haired assassin poured the wine, an earthquake occurred and the Beelzenian commander told Yukina they should leave.[32]

The White ArmyEdit

"There was something wrong with that guy just now, right? He looked odd. And it was like he'd lost all reason."
"I've my doubts he was human at all."
―Yukina and Chartette[src]

Once they arrived in Rukolbeni, Yukina asked what they had witnessed and Chartette shook her head with uncertainty. After Yukina suggested they head to the Imperial City, she agreed that they needed to report a Marlon invasion. She then muttered how she never knew Ney was a Marlon soldier, joking how a former maid taking up a sword was odd. Despite saying that things were different, she expressed her disbelief in Ney's occupation and said how she was a great but timid maid, questioning if Ney joined the military in order to find more work, like her.

On their way to the northeast gate, they heard a women's scream and rushed to find the people running from shadowy figures in the square. Judging the person a drunkard, Chartette told Yukina to stay there and headed after the figure, only to be attacked by the creature. During their scuffle, she cried for Yukina to run away. After kicking it away, Chartette agreed with the young novelist that they couldn't draw out the fight and aggressively punched it before firing her rocket glove at the creature. With it defeated, Yukina asked if she was hurt and the warrior replied that it only grazed her.

The commander then asked if anyone was around before suggesting they take shelter too, rushing through an alley. They ran until they reached a wine bar, catching their breath, and asked if Yukina was doing alright. When asked about their attacker, Chartette expressed doubt it was even human but said they should treat her wound soon and explained how rarely she used her rocket glove. Because her weapon was undergoing repairs, the soldier said she could grab a weapon from a nearby guard post.

Hearing a scream, the former maid looked inside the wine bar window and saw a passed out Germaine inside. Despite her attempts, Chartette couldn't get Germaine out of her soporific stupor after they entered; Yukina asked about her state and Chartette insisted she hadn't always been a drunken mess. After Yukina spied the former hero's sword and asked if they could borrow it, Chartette reluctantly took the weapon despite admitting she had no skill in fencing.

At Yukina's cry, the warrior opened the window to strike the pale monster from before, realizing they were trapped. Seeing a backdoor, Chartette called for the bartender to help Yukina carry out Germaine but the woman was too paralyzed to respond. In response, the Beelzenian soldier called out to Yukina, demanding she close all the doors and windows while she went out to fight the creature. With great difficulty, Chartette defeated the monster and knocked at the bar door to announce the outcome.

After resting at the bar for a while, Chartette had the monster's body taken to the guards and transported away to the royal palace. Learning that a soldier had reported the incident before her, the former maid read that there were more than three of the monsters found there. She then brought back a carriage to take her and Yukina to the Imperial City. During their ride, she asked if she was alright and Yukina said they could discuss it later. Yukina then pointed out the Beelzenian soldiers galloping into Rukolbeni and Chartette noted the soldier's report and expressed her skepticism, saying the numbers must have been exaggerations.[33]

Battling the UndeadEdit

When they arrived at the Imperial City, Yukina noted to Chartette the army's fatigue, seeing the soldiers retreating from the massive undead army. Once they arrived at the palace, Chartette attended the military meeting and reported her experience to the Emperor. After it ended, Chartette told Gumillia about her and Yukina's encounter with Ney. The sorceress then asked her to alert Yukina that she was busy and couldn't meet with her at the moment. Entering where Yukina awaited, she stretched while expressing her relief that the meeting was over.

When the young novelist asked what they would do next, she replied they had to go the garrison and be battle ready. Remembering Gumillia's words, she passed them onto Yukina and the young girl said she would accompany Chartette then. Duke Oruhari refuted her and Chartette remained silent due to the man's position, telling Yukina they had to separate for the time being. Holding her hands, she said she didn't forget about her friends and promised it would be over soon. Striking a pose to Yukina's farewell, she went off to the garrison.[34]

With her weapon finally repaired, Chartette and the Langley Unit battled the undead army at Rukolbeni. Three days later, she defended fourth street with Germaine. She called to Germaine, seeing them flee through the right alleyway. When Germaine stated they had to keep them from fifth street, she asked how many there were and was told to pick off the five. Subduing them with ease, Chartette saw the soldiers running from the monsters and called to Germaine.

Once she dispatched her share, Chartette asked whether they were endless and Germaine reflected the sentiment. After their brief reprieve, she and her troops readied there weapons at the sound of a scream. When another soldier was anticipated to come their way, they waited for it but instead saw Riliane Mouchet approach on horseback with the soldier skewered on her lance. Shocked, she demanded to know why she came and the former Retasan commander said she wanted an audience with the Emperor.

Later, the Langley Unit participated in the counterattack on Retasan Fortress and helped capture much of the city. When Germaine took leave from the army, Chartette was entrusted with to continue taking care of the others. [35] Once she heard Yukina, Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine planned to set sail for Marlon to pursue Ney and the truth behind the recent events, Chartette had her father improve the rocket glove and procured a new sword for Germaine to replace the one Kyle destroyed.

Before they set sail, the red-haired girl arrived, persistent to see Yukina off, and gave the writer Germaine's new sword to hand off to her.[36] She then gifted the rocket glove to Kyle, telling him it was a message for Ney in her place.[37] She soon after attempted to join the others on the ship before being caught and dragged away by Riliane Mouchet.[38]

Four HorsemenEdit

After Prim Marlon's death and Abyss I.R.'s defeat, Chartette quit the Beelzenian army, travelling with Germaine to explore the uncharted eastern lands. In EC 508, the two arrived in Divine Levianta during the widespread terrorist attacks by Neo Apocalypse,[39] becoming involved in the Four Horsemen Incident. After Abyss I.R. attacked Germaine and possessed her body,[40] Chartette retrieved the Twin Blades of Levianta while Abyss fled. Hoping to keep the vessel of Envy from the mage and travel, the woman journeyed East.[41]

Later LifeEdit

After she arrived in Jakoku, Chartette decided to settle there and founded a small village in the western edge of Enkoku. Adapting her name to the foreign nation's language, "Saruteito" decided to try blacksmithing and successfully mimicked her father's craft, becoming renowned and making a decent living. After noticing the Jakokuese saw her foreign appearance as odd, Chartette began wearing a monkey mask to hide her face. Later on, she met and fell in love with a man. They eventually married and sired progeny.

In EC 549, Chartette reunited with Elluka and Gumillia; at some point, she became acquainted with the wandering swordsman, Gaou Octo. When her friends allied with the Tokugawas in the civil war against Princess Jahime, Chartette crafted Gaou's swords for the conflict. Sometime during the conflict, the woman realized Jahime's witch ally, Julia IR, was Abyss I.R. Hoping to keep the Twin Blades of Levianta from her pursuer and avenge Germaine, Chartette requested Gaou take the blades and he agreed.[42]

Afterward, the aged blacksmith reforged the twin blades into eastern and western-styled scissors, taking them with her in a bag to Enbizaka later that year. Waiting at Twin Mirror Bridge outside the main town, she later saw the man approach and gave him a bag with the vessel. Once the purple-haired warrior confirmed its contents, he nodded and left. Shortly after, Julia approached Chartette from the other side of the bridge. After they exchanged a few words, the two dueled over Germaine. The aged woman was quickly overwhelmed; consumed by fire, Chartette died a burning corpse.[43]


"The heck's with the maid uniform—You're supposed to have quit being a servant..."
"I want ya to come over here and help right now! Today's the most biggest group of people ever and we ain't ready in time at all!"
―Allen and Chartette[src]

Following her death, Chartette was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[44] Afterward, she returned to her duties as a maid in the palace and helped with the preparations for Princess Riliane's dinner party in the Hall of Mirrors. During the festivities, Chartette with the other servants became frantic with the enormous amount of guests in attendance.

Later on, the maid caught sight of Allen talking to Keel Freezis and wondered what he was doing there; as Allen protested that she was supposed to have quit being a servant, Chartette told him she wanted his help with the preparations. Grabbing him by the arm, she forcibly dragged the boy around the palace to lend his aid. As the dinner party progressed, Chartette spilled the liquor she was bringing out before Allen cleaned it up. Afterward, the clumsy maid accidentally hit the wall and put a hole in it with her brute strength, forcing Allen to make emergency repairs to it.

As the servants prepared to bring out Riliane's giant cake, Chartette began looking for Allen and found him dawdling. She then screamed that they weren't done yet. Explaining that the last dish was huge, the maid rushed the boy to the massive dessert. Afterward, Chartette helped the other servants push out the cake at Prime Minister Minis' signal. She then watched as the princess burst out of the dessert and command everyone there to kneel to her. She then watched Germaine lecture the princess and begin dragging her out of the Hall of Mirrors before she escaped and ran off while Allen chased after her.[45]


Following Chartette's defeat, Gaou mourned the blacksmith's death, crying during the subsequent Battle of Jagahara.[46] Chartette's daughter interred her mother in a tomb shortly after. Her family line, the Lang Clan, later became prominent blacksmiths; each subsequent family head continued the tradition of her daughter, mimicking her appearance, profession, and speech in Jakoku.[47] After becoming the magistrate of Izasa, Gaou sealed the Twin Blades of Levianta away in a local cave and the Octo family continued safeguarding the vessel for generations.[48]

The village Chartette founded persisted over the centuries, eventually becoming known as Momogengou. Yukina Freezis wrote a novel about the hidden events surrounding Princess Riliane's tyranny entitled "The Daughter of Evil", detailing Chartette's actions and the aftermath, that had gained popularity around the world centuries later during the time of Gallerian Marlon.[49] The tale of Chartette and her friends actions against Princess Jahime and Julia IR up through her demise were published as part of the Freezis Fairy Tales.[50]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"A former maid pickin' up a sword's a funny story. But, that's the kind of world it's become now. Fightin' ain't just for professional soldiers and wielding weapons ain't just for men."
―Chartette regarding her and Ney's military professions[src]

Chartette complaining about her work

Chartette was an energetic girl with a bubbly personality and a largely carefree demeanor. Coinciding with her child-like stature and appearance, the woman was playful and active in her everyday life, giving off the impression of an exuberant little girl. These traits persisted as she grew older and Chartette often whined about doing work, attempting to cut corners or renege on her responsibilities when she felt she had done enough.[51]

She also had a simple and straightforward way of thinking, acting according to her feelings first.[52] Because of this free-spirited nature, Chartette was careless and somewhat impulsive, usually inattentive with handling delicate matters. Combined with her massive strength, the maid was dangerously clumsy.[53] Chartette was self-conscious of her clumsy behavior and tried avoiding situations where she could potentially break something whenever possible.[54] Regardless, she became discouraged by her continuous mistakes and felt she was simply unfit to be a maid; as a result of Mariam's kind words however, she was able to regain her resolve and continue happily working there.[55]


Chartette expressing her dissatisfaction with current affairs

Despite this, Chartette was not ignorant. Beneath her smiling exterior, she was disillusioned with the nobility, skeptical they would help the starving people at the cost of their own amenities.[56] Similarly she detested Riliane's apathy toward the country's suffering and was convinced things couldn't continue the way they were,[57] choosing to act as a spy for the Resistance instead.[58] Likewise, Chartette firmly believed she lived in a time where fighting wasn't only for trained soldiers and that women too needed to wield weapons to help fight.[59]

However, she was not spiteful of Riliane but rather sympathetic towards her, connecting to the Princess as a little girl.[60] Adding to her maturity, the maid had a fondness for reading and frequently bought and read novels for her pleasure, albeit by slipping out of the palace and her work to purchase them.[61] She eventually became a huge fan of the literature written by Yukina Freezis and was extremely excited to have met the young novelist in person.[62] Due to her abduction as a teenager, Chartette became traumatized by the event and refused to enter the Millennium Tree Forest.[63] However, she overcame this fear in her pursuit to help the Resistance and regularly visited their base in the abandoned house the bandits had previously resided in.[64]

Because of this, Chartette was brave as well.  Choosing to risk her own life in combat to protect the lives of others,[65] the warrior held strong convictions for the well being of the masses as well as her close friends.[66] After becoming involved with the vessels of sin, the warrior grew determined to keep the Twin Blades of Levianta from falling into Abyss I.R.'s hands, even traveling to the far east to escape her.[67]


Chartette interacting with Allen and Leonhart

Lighthearted and caring, Chartette acted friendly to almost everyone. Characteristic of her youthful appearance and behavior, she spoke in a more informal, impolite nature with others, especially with friends. Although dissatisfied with Riliane's regime,[68] Chartette enjoyed spending time with the Princess and her colleagues at the palace,[69] having been encouraged by Mariam to do her best; she shared many memorable moments with Leonhart and Ney as well.[70]

After being saved by them, Chartette greatly respected both Allen and Germaine, becoming their close friends.[71] With Allen in particular, the maid acted casually and they often exchanged quips with each other.[72] She was therefore mortified to see the servant on the execution platform instead of Riliane.[73] In the case of Germaine, Chartette began referring to her as "Big Sister" despite being six years older than her;[74] she also supported Germaine as best she could, accompanying her on her travels abroad,[75] and was always glad to hear about the swordswoman winning fights.[76] Likewise, Chartette was disappointed by Germaine's fall from grace in the wake of Allen's death,[77] even more so after her body was taken by Abyss I.R.[78]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"It's alright. She's very strong, you know."
―Gumillia after flinging Chartette into the air with a tombstone[src]

Chartette displays her impressive strength

Chartette possessed extraordinary physical strength, capable of wielding a nearly two meter long broad sword, and could physically damage or destroy solid stone with a single swing.[79] In contrast, her massive strength, along with her clumsiness, made it nearly impossible for her to perform more delicate tasks such as cleaning dishes or fixing gowns.[80]

Matching her amazing strength was her physical endurance, able to withstand a great amount of physical force, such as solid stone, even when sent flying by the hit. She could also make great leaps and dashes successively, though only in short bursts and needing some time to recover between each attempt. Although having never had combat experience prior to the Lucifenian Revolution, Chartette was a prodigy with the sword and wielded her massive blade effectively in battle.[81] Still, her lack of formal training made her inexperienced with weapons besides her great sword, such as traditional rapiers and therefore had little knowledge about fencing.[82]

She also wielded the rocket glove her father invented, allowing her to shoot one of her gauntlets at high speed at the opponent with a large amount of force. Because it was unbelievably advanced technology, Chartette used the tool to effectively surprise and temporarily incapacitate an opponent when she was in dire straits, making it an excellent ace.[83] Under her father's tutelage, Chartette was adept at blacksmithing and could reforge small tools into new shapes or forms.[84] She was also one of the few among her peers to learn how to read and write.[85]

Chartette also had an impressively youthful appearance, looking like a young child when she was eighteen and only a teenager when she was well into her twenties.[86] This youth continued as she grew older, continuing to have red hair rather than it graying with age. However, much of Chartette's strength and endurance from her younger years was lost and she became a shadow of the warrior she was in her prime.[87]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Chartette's employer. Chartette greatly disapproved of the callous way Riliane treated the people of Lucifenia and Elphegort, and so joined the resistance mounting against her. Despite this, Chartette got along well with Riliane on a personal level and felt sympathy for her, asking that the princess be treated well after she was captured and often spending time with her as a maid.

Allen Avadonia: Chartette's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. Due to their friendship, Chartette and Allen were able to converse on a more formal level than the other servants, though she was sometimes frustrated by his dedication to their jobs and constant supervision of her work, as well as later saddened to go against his side in the Revolution. When witnessing Allen's death, Chartette became hysterical and caused a scene. 

Ney Futapie: A fellow servant of Riliane and later her opponent. Chartette and Ney got along well while they worked in service of Riliane and spent time together as maids, though they often quarreled about trivial things. She was shocked to learn that Ney was an agent of Marlon and stunned by her mastery of the Glass of Conchita, unable to understand how the maid had changed.

Germaine Avadonia: Chartette's childhood friend. Chartette looked up to Germaine as a big sister despite her younger age; the two became very close over the years and during their time in the Lucifenian Revolution, with Chartette wishing to aid Germaine in any way she could. The two continued to travel together as swordswomen until Germaine's possession; after encountering Abyss I.R. decades after, Chartette battled her in an attempt to take back Germaine's body.

Mariam Futapie: Chartette's superior and later her opponent. Chartette appreciated the understanding that Mariam showed to her for her clumsiness and held her in high regard; this regard caused her to hesitate during their duel. Despite this, Chartette was fully prepared to kill Mariam in battle for the sake of the revolution and was frustrated by her disappearance.

Yukina Freezis: Chartette's favorite novelist. Chartette was greatly impressed by Yukina's writing ability and became a big fan of hers. She became very excited when finally meeting the girl in person, squealing, and gave her a personal tour of the outpost she and the former Resistance members settled in.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Chartette's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative UTAU, Teto, with Chartette's romanization containing "tetto" in it.
  • Her extremely young appearance despite being 31 in The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red is likely a reference to her representative UTAU, a 31-year-old chimera who appears like a teenage girl in her human form.
  • In an interview, Akuno-P stated that Chartette had been part of the story since the very beginning, albeit her character's set-up and role changed several times during development.[88]





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