Chartette Langley
Technical Information
Japanese シャルテット=ラングレー
Romaji Sharutetto Ranguree
Other Names Saruteito

Kasane Teto

Biographical Information
Born April 1, EC 474
Died EC 549
Classification Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Lucifenian Resistance (formerly)
Beelzenian Empire (formerly)
Levin Church (Levia sect)
"Whadda ya mean, again!? I ain't broken the fountain yet! ...Although I did crack it a little once."
―Chartette Langley[src]

Chartette Langley was a maid in service to Princess Riliane and a hero of the Lucifenian Revolution. After becoming disillusioned with the status quo, Chartette aided the resistance in acquiring crucial information from the royal palace. She later participated in the revolution, winning fame in her battle with Mariam Phutapie. Afterward, Chartette eventually joined the former resistance members as a Beelzenian soldier in opposition to King Kyle.


Early LifeEdit

"Back then all the other adults had given up, like Chartette had already been murdered."

Chartette laughing at Allen

Chartette was born on April 1, EC 474 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia,[1] the daughter of a local blacksmith. As she grew up, the girl watched her father work the forge, becoming familiar with one of his employees, Leonhart Avadonia, and befriending his foster daughter, Germaine.[2]

In EC 492, Chartette entered the Forest of Bewilderment and got lost, later getting captured by bandits and taken to their hideout in the woods. During her time there, the traumatized girl convinced the leader of the bandits to reform. Soon after, Allen and Germaine came to her rescue,[3] leading Chartette to become enamored with Germaine.[4] On their way back, Chartette laughed at Allen's frustration over the bandits' reformation before they all returned home.[5]

Around the time of Queen Anne's death in January of EC 499, Chartette became a maid at the royal palace for Princess Riliane and earned the royal's favor.[6] While working at the palace, the girl frequently broke things with her destructive strength and Head Maid Mariam often interceded to help clean her messes,[7] while also gently encouraging Chartette when she became discouraged.[8]

The Birthday PartyEdit

"...The food shortage from our recent crop failure is getting increasingly more serious. So all of our people are suffering from hunger. In these times the royal captain of the guard shouldn't be indulging in such luxuries."
"...I'd like to tell that to the royals and nobles."
―Leonhart and Chartette[src]

As the year progressed, Chartette observed Princess Riliane becoming increasingly tyrannical in her policies, increasing her own luxury and beheading others for the most petty offenses. When a famine occurred later that year, she became disgusted by the royal and nobles' apathy toward the peasants' starvation.[9] On December 27, Chartette helped with the preparations for Riliane's fourteenth birthday happening later that night; breaking some of the hall while cleaning, she was placed under Allen's supervision as he was assigned to help her clean the palace gardens.[10]


Chartette interacting with Allen and Leonhart

After cleaning the courtyard for three hours since midday, Chartette became exhausted and whined about her duties to Allen; as he calmly rebuked her, she went to clean the fountain before realizing that Allen was meant to serve Riliane her snack around then; although panicking, she soon learned that he had already traded places with Ney.[11] Relieved, Chartette prepared to continue working when they were greeted by Leonhart, who cheerfully caught up with the two.[12]

As the three talked, the conversation eventually turned to the famine in the country and Chartette, when hearing that Leonhart was not indulging himself for the sake of the people, vented her frustrations with the nobles and the princess. She became increasingly depressed as Leonhart ranted about Princess Riliane's irresponsibility towards the people,[13] and stood awkwardly by when Allen began to argue with Leonhart over whether Riliane was the only one to blame.[14]

Not long after, Charttete listened as Leonhart discussed the mystery of Riliane's horse being missing. Then she, with the rest, heard Ney screaming and ran inside to find that Riliane was gone,[15] escaped outside through a hidden passage in the fireplace in her room.[16] After Leonhart organized the search party and tracked Josephine to the Forest of Bewilderment, Chartette refused to go with them due to her earlier traumas in the forest.[17]


Allen and Chartette, exhausted from working at Riliane's birthday party

Once Riliane was found and returned to the palace, the servants were forced to make up for their lost time that evening and exhaustively served dishes for the guests during the celebration that night. After finishing, Chartette took a brief moment to rest with Allen and together they tiredly praised themselves for having done their jobs perfectly. Chartette then returned to the kitchen just in case, insisting Allen rest.

After she checked the kitchen,[18] Chartette saw Mariam and Allen talking by a staircase and approached them, reminding them that the ball would end soon. On Mariam's instructions, Chartette hurried into the palace gardens and helped send off the guests before joining in the clean up.[19]


"Not even York could use this behemoth blade! You make a mistake with the size?"
"This one isn't for any of you... Seems she's not here today. Germaine, please give this to her later for me. ...Well, I'll pray that you are fortunate in the war."
―Germaine and Chartette's father[src]

Sometime later, on an early morning in EC 500, Chartette slipped out of the palace to buy supplies for Mariam and was one of the many to discover Leonhart's corpse in the river. Not long after, she met with Germaine and, despite her efforts help, she witnessed Germaine's subsequent breakdown when she also discovered Leonhart's corpse. After her friend had fainted, Chartette took her to her house and explained what had happened when she awoke.[20]

When the Green Hunting began and Germaine had formed a resistance to Riliane's rule, Chartette visited Germaine at her home wearing a cloak and hood. She explained the situation at the palace, feeding her information regarding the war and the atrocities occurring there, and then left. Later in the palace’s Heavenly Yard, Chartette enjoyed an afternoon with Ney and Riliane. Albeit disguised, she continued acting as an informant for Germaine and began visiting the Resistance at its new base in the Forest of Bewilderment. Chartette was in attendance there when the masked Kyle Marlon came seeking to aid the Resistance.[21]

Chartette joined Ney and Allen as they overheard the meeting following Prime Minister Minis' attempted assassination. She later got in contact with Keel Freezis after he was released from prison and put under house arrest, convincing him to meet with Germaine and assist the resistance movement. At some point, she also provided Germaine with the disguised Kyle's true identity. As the Lucifenian Revolution approached, she told her father she would fight alongside the revolutionaries and later Germaine gave her a large sword her father had crafted for her.[22]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"I tried to stop her too ...But she didn't listen to me."
―York concerning Chartette[src]

Chartette faces Mariam in battle

Fleeing the palace as the resistance swarmed the gates, Chartette donned her cloak and joined the fighting, despite York's attempt to stop her; with her massive strength, she sent groups of Lucifenian soldiers flying; when Mariam attempted to stop Germaine and the disguised Kyle from invading the palace, Chartette faced her directly and revealed her identity to her former superior.[23] Entering a duel with Mariam, Chartette explained during the fight how she had joined the revolutionaries for the sake of everyone in the country.

During the attack, she accidentally stuck her giant sword in the ground and Mariam shattered it in a single strike, before soon after kicking Chartette into a palace wall. Before she could be finished off, Chartette launched her rocket glove at Mariam and incapacitated her. With the handle of her broken blade she prepared to finish Mariam off, only to hesitate as she recalled her friendships with Mariam and the others in the palace. Mariam took the opportunity to escape with a smoke bomb,[24] and Chartette rushed after Germaine; she found her inside the palace injured with the corpse of Gast Venom at her feet.

After explaining the outcome of her fight with Mariam, Chartette was forced to stay behind with her friend while York sought out Riliane, in light of her injuries during her duel. When the princess was finally captured, Chartette advised she be treated kindly despite her wicked deeds.[25] Five days later, Chartette was invited to the attend the peace conference and remained bed-ridden due to her injuries from the battle. Two days later, she traveled to Rolled and joined the crowd gathered in Milanais Square for Riliane's execution, only to be horrified to realize that it was really Allen on the execution platform.[26]

Beelzenian CommanderEdit

"For you to be immediately appointed captain, you must really be something."
"Because there weren't any other candidates."
―Yukina Freezis, Chartette, and Gumillia[src]
Cha29 chartette
In early EC 501, Chartette joined Germaine on a journey abroad; three months into it, King Kyle attempted to eradicate Germaine and the Resistance in the Witch Hunt. With Lucifenia becoming a part of Marlon's territory, the two traveled together for years avoiding capture from Marlon.[27] In EC 503, they sought refuge in the Beelzenian Empire, joining with the former resistance members there.[28] In EC 504, both Chartette and Germaine became soldiers for the Empire, stationed in Rukolbeni; Chartette was made the new commander of the reunited Resistance, dubbed the Langley Unit. Over the years, she became a huge fan of Yukina Freezis.[29]

In EC 505, Chartette received Gumillia and Yukina Freezis come to meet Germaine, becoming excited to meet her favorite novelist. As she led them to the Langley Unit's base, she shared the details of her role in the revolution on the way. After they arrived, she entered the garrison with Yukina and found Germaine nowhere in sight. On the way to check headquarters, Chartette explained how they had all ended up as Beelzenian soldiers. At headquarters, Chartette asked York for Germaine's whereabouts while Yukina was introduced to him and Minage. When Yukina left, Chartette was forced to stay behind to help Minage with the paperwork.[30]

Chartette praeludium

Chartette frozen in place by Ney's actions

Two weeks after Yukina first arrived, a border patrol guard reported that the entirety of the night shift guards were killed after midnight. After speaking with him, Chartette offered to have Yukina, who had taken up residence in the garrison, accompany her to the Imperial City to make a report. Walking through the graveyard, she talked with Yukina until they encountered Ney, who had evidently also become a soldier.

Chartette learned that Ney had been the one to kill the night guards, and that the armistice between Beelzenia and Marlon was now void. Shocked at how she'd changed, Chartette angrily threatened Ney leave when her attention had shifted to Yukina. Ney began to mock Chartette; as she did, she poured wine into the Glass of Conchita and then poured it on the ground, seemingly started an earthquake.[31] Fleeing to Rukolbeni, Chartette and Yukina spoke about what they had just witnessed and agreed they needed to report it to the Imperial City, Chartette still in disbelief over Ney's change.

On their way to the gate, they found the citizens being attacked and, investigating, Chartette discovered it was a reanimated undead soldier. Shocked and bewildered, Chartette scuffled with it before stunning it with her rocket glove. She and Yukina took shelter in a bar and she explained how she wasn't even sure if the creature was human. Outside, they saw Germaine in a drunken stupor and tried to shake her out of it, Chartette taking her sword when they were unsuccessful.

With the sword, Chartette went outside and, with great difficulty, defeated the monster while Yukina hid in the bar. She later had the monster transported to the royal palace, and learned that three of the monsters had already been spotted by another soldier. As they traveled to the imperial city, Chartette and Yukina talked over the current situation.[32]

Battling the UndeadEdit

After they arrived at the Imperial City, Chartette attended the military meeting and reported her experience to the Emperor. Afterwards, Chartette recounted her encounter with Ney to Gumillia; on Gumillia's request, Chartette sought out Yukina and told her that the mage was too busy to meet. After Duke Oruhari refused to let Yukina accompany Chartette back to the garrison, they parted.[33]

With her weapon finally repaired, Chartette and the Langley Unit battled the undead army at Rukolbeni for three days; during a brief reprieve following one attack, Chartette was shocked by the arrival of Lucifenia's Commander Riliane Mouchet, who had defected and sought an audience with the Beelzenian Emperor. Later, the Langley Unit participated in the counterattack on Retasan Fortress and helped capture much of the city. When Germaine took leave from the army, Chartette was entrusted to continue taking care of the others.[34]

Once she heard Yukina, Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine planned to set sail for Marlon to pursue Ney and the truth behind the recent events, Chartette had her father improve the rocket glove and procured a new sword for Germaine to replace the one Kyle destroyed. Before they set sail, she arrived to see Yukina off and gave her Germaine's new sword,[35] while gifting the rocket glove to Kyle.[36] She soon after attempted to join the others on the ship before being caught and dragged away by Riliane Mouchet.[37]

Later LifeEdit

After Prim Marlon's death and Abyss I.R.'s defeat, Chartette quit the Beelzenian army, travelling with Germaine to explore the uncharted eastern lands. In EC 508, the two arrived in Divine Levianta during the widespread terrorist attacks by Neo Apocalypse,[38] becoming involved in the Four Horsemen Incident. After Abyss I.R. attacked Germaine and possessed her body,[39] Chartette retrieved the Twin Blades of Levianta while Abyss fled. Hoping to keep the vessel of Envy from her, she journeyed East.[40]

After she arrived in Jakoku, Chartette decided to settle there and founded a small village in the western edge of Enkoku. Becoming a renowned blacksmith, Chartette changed her name to "Saruteito" and hid her foreign-looking face under a monkey mask to better fit in with the Jakokuese. She later married and had children with a man who loved monkeys. In EC 549, Chartette reunited with Elluka and Gumillia. She later became acquainted with the wandering swordsman, Gaou Octo, crafting weapons for him during the Jakoku civil war against Princess Jahime.

Sometime during the conflict, Chartette realized Jahime's witch ally, Julia IR, was Abyss I.R.[41] Hoping to keep the Twin Blades of Levianta from her pursuer and avenge Germaine, Chartette reforged the blades and then sealed them to keep the demon from exercising its power. She then took the blades to outside Enbizaka and handed them off to Gaou.[42] Shortly after, Julia arrived and dueled Chartette, ultimately killing her with her fire magic.[43]


"The heck's with the maid uniform—You're supposed to have quit being a servant..."
"I want ya to come over here and help right now! Today's the most biggest group of people ever and we ain't ready in time at all!"
―Allen and Chartette[src]

Following her death, Chartette was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[44] Afterward, she decided to return to her duties as a maid in the palace and helped with the preparations for Princess Riliane's dinner party in the Hall of Mirrors. During the preparations, she met with Allen and forcibly conscripted his aid around the palace, the boy going on to clean up after her blunders when the party began properly.

As the servants prepared to bring out Riliane's giant cake, Chartette rushed Allen to help bring out the massive dessert and, with the other servants, she helped the other servants push out the cake at Prime Minister Minis' signal. She then watched as Riliane herself burst out of the dessert, only to be subsequently scolded by Germaine.[45]


Following Chartette's defeat, Gaou mourned the blacksmith's death, crying during the subsequent Battle of Jagahara.[46] Chartette's daughter interred her mother in a tomb shortly after. Her family line, the Lang Clan, became prominent blacksmiths and each subsequent family head mimicked Saruteito's appearance, speech, and profession in honor of her.[47] After becoming the magistrate of Izasa, Gaou sealed the Twin Blades of Levianta away in a local cave and the Octo Family continued safeguarding the vessel for generations.[48] The village Chartette founded persisted over the centuries, eventually becoming known as Momogengou.

Yukina Freezis wrote a novel about the hidden events surrounding Princess Riliane's tyranny entitled "The Daughter of Evil", detailing Chartette's actions and the aftermath, that had gained popularity around the world centuries later during the time of Gallerian Marlon.[49] The tale of Chartette and her friends actions against Princess Jahime and Julia IR up through her demise were published as part of the Freezis Fairy Tales.[50]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"A former maid pickin' up a sword's a funny story. But, that's the kind of world it's become now. Fightin' ain't just for professional soldiers and wielding weapons ain't just for men."
―Chartette regarding her and Ney's military professions[src]

Chartette complaining about her work

Chartette was an energetic and bubbly woman. Fitting to her extremely youthful appearance, she was as playful and active as a little girl and those traits only increased as she got older.[51] Free-spirited in nature, Chartette had a straightforward way of thinking and acted according to her feelings.[52] This childishness made her careless, somewhat irresponsible, and impulsive, but also kindhearted and friendly. Fitting with this, she spoke in an informal way to everyone around her, especially friends. Chartette was similarly sympathetic to others' plights,[53] and would even be kind to those who had done a lot of harm if she believed they had some good inside them.

Despite her smiling exterior, Chartette had a more mature side. Far from ignorant, she was disillusioned with the nobility and detested how Riliane let her people suffer.[54] Chartette was also enjoyed reading and frequently bought books, becoming a big fan of Yukina Freezis' works in particular.[55] As a maid, she had also been self-conscious of her clumsy behavior and tried to limit herself from breaking more things.[56] Chartette showed much more responsible behavior in military matters than as a maid, adapting quickly to battle and later being trusted as a commander; she firmly believed that women, and not just soldiers, also needed to wield weapons to help.[57]

This maturity, mixed with her upbeat personality, made Chartette remarkably brave. Although traumatized by her abduction in the Millennium Tree Forest,[58] she quickly overcame that fear while helping the Resistance who made their base there.[59] She regularly risked her own life in combat, holding strong convictions for the well being of the masses as well as wanting to protect individuals.[60] She similarly, although initially frightened by it, became determined to stop the evil magic of the vessels of sin. This culminated in how she kept the Twin Blades from falling into Abyss I.R.'s hands for decades, even when it meant staying far from home in the east.[61]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"It's alright. She's very strong, you know."
―Gumillia after flinging Chartette into the air with a tombstone[src]

Chartette displays her impressive strength

Chartette possessed extraordinary physical strength, capable of wielding a nearly two meter long broad sword and dealing damage to even objects as strong as stone with ease. She similarly had amazing physical endurance, able to withstand a great amount of physical force with minimal injury, and she was agile in battle because of her small frame.[62] Her massive strength made her clumsy, however, and Chartette had a hard time performing more delicate tasks without breaking things.[63]

Although having never had combat experience prior to the Lucifenian Revolution, Chartette was a prodigy with the sword and wielded her massive blade effectively in battle.[64] Still, her lack of formal training made her inexperienced with weapons besides, and she had little knowledge of fencing.[65] She also effectively wielded the rocket glove her father invented, taking her opponents by surprise with the incredibly advanced technology.[66] Her skills in battle, however, faded as she grew older until she was only a shadow of the warrior she'd been in her prime.

Under her father's tutelage, Chartette was adept at blacksmithing and could reforge small tools into new shapes or forms.[67] She was also one of the few among her peers to learn how to read and write.[68] Chartette also had an impressively youthful appearance, always looking much, much younger than she actually was, which continued even when she had become an old woman.[69]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Chartette's employer. Chartette greatly disapproved of the callous way Riliane treated the people of Lucifenia and Elphegort, and so joined the resistance mounting against her. Despite this, Chartette got along well with Riliane on a personal level and felt sympathy for her, asking that the princess be treated well after she was captured and often spending time with her as a maid.

Allen Avadonia: Chartette's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. Due to their friendship, Chartette and Allen were able to converse on a more formal level than the other servants, though she was sometimes frustrated by his dedication to their jobs and constant supervision of her work, as well as later saddened to go against his side in the Revolution. When witnessing Allen's death, Chartette became hysterical and caused a scene. 

Ney Phutapie: A fellow servant of Riliane and later her opponent. Chartette and Ney got along well while they worked in service of Riliane and spent time together as maids, though they often quarreled about trivial things. She was shocked to learn that Ney was an agent of Marlon and stunned by her mastery of the Glass of Conchita, unable to understand how the maid had changed.

Germaine Avadonia: Chartette's childhood friend. Chartette looked up to Germaine as a big sister despite her younger age; the two became very close over the years and during their time in the Lucifenian Revolution, with Chartette wishing to aid Germaine in any way she could. The two continued to travel together as swordswomen until Germaine's possession; after encountering Abyss I.R. decades after, Chartette battled her in an attempt to take back Germaine's body.

Mariam Phutapie: Chartette's superior and later her opponent. Chartette appreciated the understanding that Mariam showed to her for her clumsiness and held her in high regard; this regard caused her to hesitate during their duel. Despite this, Chartette was fully prepared to kill Mariam in battle for the sake of the revolution and was frustrated by her disappearance.

Yukina Freezis: Chartette's favorite novelist. Chartette was greatly impressed by Yukina's writing ability and became a big fan of hers. She became very excited when finally meeting the girl in person, squealing, and gave her a personal tour of the outpost she and the former Resistance members settled in.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Chartette's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative UTAU, Teto, with Chartette's romanization containing "tetto" in it.
  • Her extremely young appearance despite being 31 in The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red parallels how her representative UTAU, despite appearing to be a teenage girl, is actually a 31 year old "chimera."
  • In an interview, Akuno-P stated that Chartette had been part of the story since the very beginning, albeit her character's set-up and role changed several times during development.[70]





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