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Carlos Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese カルロス=マーロン
Romaji Karurosu Maaron
Other Names Joseph (alias)


Biographical Information
Born EC 296
Died EC 325
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon
Beelzenian Empire
"Could you let me take the holidays, my lady?"
―Carlos Marlon[src]

Carlos Marlon, later taking the name Joseph, was the Third Prince of the Kingdom of Marlon and a cook for Banica Conchita. Engaged to Banica as a child, the marriage was canceled due to Banica's terrifying behavior. Having grown attached to his former fiancée, Carlos impersonated a famed cook in an attempt to steal Banica's wine glass for AB-CIR. While serving as her chef, the prince satiated the Duke's appetite, only to be trapped by her gluttonous will.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Kingdom of Marlon, Carlos was the Third Prince of the Marlon Royal Family. Due to his weak constitution, he was often sickly.[1] In June of EC 311, he was engaged to Banica Conchita of the Beelzenian Empire.[2] At the palace, the Conchita's head chamberlain, Ron Grapple, introduced the young Prince to Banica and they became acquainted with one another.[3] While eating with his fiancée, Carlos was horrified by Banica's traumatic episode at the dinner table and his father canceled the engagement in February of that year.[4]

Having heard stories of his ancestor, Karchess Crim, defeating Duke Sateriasis Venomania with the magical Grim the End, the Prince eventually tested the family heirloom, experimenting with powder he got from sharpening the key. Once a shaman living in the Millennium Tree Forest taught the family that combining the ink of the rare octopus off Marlon's shores with the poisonous powder created a powerful healing elixir, the Prince began regularly ingesting the concoction to cure his weak physical constitution.[5]

Service to ConchitaEdit

Chara img7C
Around EC 325, Carlos was captured by a lord of Lioness and imprisoned in his dungeon at Castle Hedgehog. While there, Carlos overheard the mage AB-CIR and Platonic discuss the latter's failure to retrieve a red wine glass from Banica due to the twin servants and undead soldiers. Carlos called out to them,[6] volunteering as a spy to help retrieve the glass. Having already killed the famous cook, AB-CIR planned for Carlos to impersonate Joseph with the Venom Sword. With the blade swiped at his face, Carlos passed out.

Awakening under Platonic's care, Carlos was shown that his appearance had been changed and was told it wasn't permanent. He accepted the task and, disguised as the cook, Carlos infiltrated the mansion and was hired as Conchita's chef, cooking meals for his former fiancée. Though disturbed by what he had to serve her, Carlos continued his duties whilst slowly learning how to cook. When not working, Carlos spent his time at the local pub at the foot of the mountain.[7]

During his service, Carlos attended to Banica when she was drunk; as he started to leave her bedside, she revealed she knew his former identity. After she tugged on his sleeve and implored him not to go, he gave into the temptation and spent the night with her; the next morning he awoke before Banica and headed to the kitchen, making breakfast in the company of Arte and Pollo.

Several months later, Carlos became concerned to see the Beelzenian army surround the mansion. At that moment, Pollo appeared covered in blood and laughing, a corpse soldier laying before him. Shocked by the sight, Banica reassured her lover and then undead soldiers emerged from the estate grounds. As he watched in horror, he saw the Beelzenian army torn apart by the white horde, with Arte and Pollo also participating. As he tried to question Banica, he was ignored and she jumped from the mansion, slowly descending into the courtyard far below. He watched as she danced and shouted her plans to devour the entire world, among the twins' maniacal laughter and the Beelzenian soldiers' screams.

Terrified of what she had become, Carlos attempted to escape and fled into the neighboring town, only to be slowed by the undead soldiers rampaging across the territory. Caught by Arte and Pollo, the prince was dragged back to the mansion and Banica demanded to know his reasons for fleeing. Realizing his predicament, Carlos lied and asked if he could take a vacation. After a long silence, the insulted Banica decided to keep him in her employ and not punish him, though forbidding the cook from leaving the estate.

That night, while preparing for the next day's meals, Carlos fretted over the current situation, realizing civil war was inevitable and that he was trapped. After remembering the Golden Key's metal was also a powerful poison, Carlos took out the two vials he had left and mixed it with the soup, planning to kill Banica and himself. The next day, the prince served it to his beloved before consuming it himself. Shortly afterwards, he coughed up blood, seeing his beloved still alive and his murder a failure. Not long after, he died of the poison.[8]


Following his death, the betrayed Banica ordered Arte and Pollo to cook Carlos as another one of her meals and gleefully devoured him, enamored with the taste of his different body parts.[9] Because of the amount of golden powder he had eaten over the years, Carlos' remains and the poison he gave Banica weakened the Demon of Gluttony tremendously, leaving it helpless to prevent Banica from devouring herself.[10]

By the time of his death, Joseph was rumored to be a blood relative of the Marlon Royal Family, although there was no proof to connect him to Carlos. When Elluka Clockworker and Platonic entered Banica's mansion as part of the Beelzenian Empire's investigation into rumors of her cannibalism, they discovered her home to be empty. Finding everything in perfect order, the Empire concluded Joseph and the rest of the staff fled with Banica to a neighboring country and ended the investigation.[11] The son he sired with Banica was later given to a servant of the Beelzenian Imperial Family and eventually descended to the famed Germaine Avadonia.[12]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Carlos was an arrogant prince who often looked down on others of lower status.[13] Due to his weak condition and neglect from his parents, Carlos grew up sullen, quiet, and frustrated with his lot in life. As such, he acted coldhearted towards others; this included the portly Banica Conchita before he warmed up to their arranged marriage, as well as Arte and Pollo, albeit he looked down on the two in part because of their astounding rudeness and strange natures. Despite this, he was willing to cooperate with AB-CIR and the thief Platonic if it meant his freedom and seeing Banica again.[14]

In part because of his weakness, Carlos felt himself ruled by his own fear, which interfered with his relationship with Banica. Blaming himself for losing her when they were children, and later resenting that he had tried to run away from her again as her cook, Carlos believed that he was a failure for being unable to save Banica from making a demon contract. Due to this, and his own love for her, he appeared unafraid to even kill himself along with her to correct his past mistakes.[15] Aside from this, as Banica's cook, Carlos took no pride in his cooking due to her abnormal tastes.[16] He also had no taste for alcohol and didn't drink, although he did enjoy frequenting the local tavern while in service to Banica to socialize.[17]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Since the time he was born, Carlos had poor health and was very sickly. However, he was also very resourceful and experimented with magical power of the Golden Key to discover how to cure him of his ailments and also refine an even more deadly and effective poison.[18] Because the vessel of Wrath's residual magic remained with him, his body became harmful to the Demon of Gluttony when ingested and the amount of golden powder he had consumed over the years severely weakened it.[19] Carlos was not a very good cook, although his meals were more than satisfactory for Banica's unusual tastes.[20]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Banica Conchita: Carlos' fiancée and later employer. Although initially resentful of being arranged to be wed to the fat Banica, Carlos quickly connected to her on the basis of her overcoming her tragic childhood, continuing to care about her even after the engagement was broken off. He later came to love Banica during their time together, fathering a child with her. Despite this, he grew terrified of the monster she had become and wished to put an end to their sordid affair by taking her life and his own.

AB-CIR: A mage whom Carlos encounters. While Carlos had been coerced to follow AB-CIR's instructions to infiltrate the Conchita estate, the prince did not feel any lasting loyalty to the mage or his objectives after falling in love with Banica.

Joseph: A famous cook of the Evillious region Carlos attempted to pass himself off as. After the chef was murdered, Carlos infiltrated the Conchita Mansion using his name.

Pollo: A fellow employee of Conchita. As with anyone below him in status, Carlos thought little of him and was annoyed by his daily pestering.

Arte: A fellow employee of Conchita. As with anyone below him in status, Carlos thought little of her and was annoyed by her daily pestering.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • His surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of greed.
  • Carlos' name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, KAITO, with Carlos' romanization containing "ka".




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