Capriccio Farce
NND / YT (subbed)
Original 茶番カプリシオ
Romaji Chaban Capurishio
English Clockwork lullaby 6
Singer(s) MEIKO
Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin/Len
Megurine Luka
Camui Gackpo
Release Date August 13, 2011 (CD)
October 29, 2011 (PV)
Collaborators Painter Brioche (illustrations)
Series Clockwork Lullaby Series
Preceded by Master of the Court
Followed by Master of the Hellish Yard
"Come, let’s begin this farce called a trial."

Capriccio Farce is a song released by Akuno-P on August 13, 2011 in the Evils Court album and later uploaded with a PV on October 29 the same year. It is the seventh song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, depicting a meeting between the inhabitants of Evil's Theater.


The awakened vessels of sin all meet in a ruined theater to start a trial. The Master of the Court leads the trial, discussing that they need to find the missing vessel of sin, and asks Ma for its location. Ma states she doesn't know its whereabouts either, but she fears that it might be in "that girl's hand". Gear believes that there will be nothing left after the vessels are united, and in response the Master of the Graveyard taunts him that he is powerless to do anything.

Next, the Master of the Court instructs Gammon Octo to recount the events that led him to the forest. He mentions that he entered the forest looking for a sword, in order to undo a terrible curse on his body, but was captured by the Master of the Graveyard and her servants. The Master of the Court trials him and sentences him to death, but he was saved by the Waiter who wanted him for chores, and became the "Gardener". It is mentioned how a lonely man, before he died, constructed this theater in the forest. However, it is unknown if the utopia he dreamed of for himself and his daughter will succeed.


The song utilizes the voicebanks of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len Act2, Camui Gackpo, Megurine Luka, and GUMI on the VOCALOID2 program. Additionally, MEIKO and KAITO are utilized with the VOCALOID program. Synth drums, synth piano, piano, and synth guitar are used prolifically.

The song begins with an opening line, ending at 0.14. An opening instrumental begins afterwards, ending at 0.33. The first verse begins with vocals from Miku, and takes a brief instrumental break at 0.48. Luka's vocals begin, and end at 1.05, interrupted by Rin and Len. A pre-chorus shared by KAITO and MEIKO begins at 1.12, and the first chorus begins at 1.37, switching vocals between Rin, Len, Luka, and MEIKO. A tagline between KAITO and Miku starts at 2.03. A brief instrumental begins at 2.10, and the second verse starts at 2.23, with Miku starting the vocals, the next part sung by Gackpo, interrupted by Rin and Len again at 2.53. The second pre-chorus begins at 3.00, with vocals shared between Rin and Gackpo. The second chorus begins at 3.26, with a duet between Luka and Gackpo, which then switches to Rin and Gackpo. At 3.51, the signature "lu li la" melody is sung by Len, the second tagline in the song. The song switches to a bridge, with a melody similar to the pre-choruses, at 4.00. The final chorus begins at 4.23, starting with MEIKO, then KAITO, Miku, Rin, Len, Gackpo, Luka, and finally Gumi. The final tagline is sung by Rin and Len at 4.53.


空の被告席 ガラクタばかりの傍聴席
さあ始めよう 裁判という茶番を

master of the court
あと一つだけ その在りかをもしも知

すでに舞台に登場している されど
今の在処は我も知らず おそらくは

「探せ 探せ アイツを探せ

「いつまでこの茶番を 続けるのか

master of the graveyard

揺らぐ天秤 乱れた脚本(シナリオ)
罪に汚れた器達 各々の歌を勝手に


master of the court
「少し情報を整理しましょう 悪魔の血
を引く卑し男よ 許可してあげるので

「我の身に宿る忌まわしき呪い それを
解く為に必要となる 先祖由来の険を求
めて 一人でこの森にやってきた」

(殺せ 食らえ 無理なら 捕まえろ
(裁け裁け とにかく裁け







友情 トラウマ 正義 幻覚
希望 破滅 夢 欲 愛 死

さあ見届けよう 人生という茶番を

Kara no hikokuseki, GARAKUTA bakari no bouchouseki
Saa, hajimeyou saiban toiu chaban wo

master of the court
"Kami no mei ni yori sagashimotomeru utsuwa mo nokoru wa
ato hitotsu dake Sono arika wo moshimo shi
ru no naraba Sore wo shougen nasai
"Toki no Madoushi" yo"

"Toki wo koe sugata wo kae nushi wo kae sore wa
sude ni butai ni toujou shite iru saredo
ima no arika wa ware mo shirazu osoraku wa
ano ko no te no naka ni"

"Sagase sagase, AITSU wo sagase
Migi ka hidari ka arui wa shita ka
Subete no KAGI wo nigitteru
"Meikai no Nushi" wo sagase"

"Itsu made kono chaban wo tsuzukeru no ka
Sono saki ni wa nani mo nai"

master of the graveyard
"Wana ni ochita ADAMU no tamashii yo
Omae no naseru koto nado mou nani mo nai"

Yuragu tenbin midareta SHINARIO
Tsumi ni yogoreta utsuwa tachi onouno no uta wo katte ni
kanaderu Fukyouwaon no KAPURISHIO
Monogatari wa sude ni Kami to Akuma no Te wo hanarete hito
ri aruki karera ga moshimo kono chi ni ita na
ra kou itte nageku darou

Hontou ni osoroshii no wa
Ningen no yokubou datta

master of the court
"Sukoshi jouhou wo seiri shimashou Akuma no chi
Wo hiku iyashiki otoko yo Kyoka shite ageru no de
Katari nasai omae ga kono mori ni kita toki no
koto wo"

"Ware no mi ni yadoru imawashiki noroi Sore wo
Toku tame ni hitsuyou to naru Senzo yurai no ken wo moto
Mete hitori de kono mori ni yatte kita

(Korose kurae muri nara tsukamaero
Mori ni haitta futodokisha wo)
(Sabake sabake tonikaku sabake
Kaitei! Hanketsu! Shikei!)

Toraerare kakugo wo kimeta toki ni
Kimagure shoujo ga te wo sashinobeta

Choudo zatsuyou gakari ga hoshikatta no

Soshite ware wa "Niwashi" ni natta

"Toki no Madoushi" "Norowareta Niwashi"
Mezamenu utsuwa no daiyouhin
Onouno no yabou mune ni himeru
Fuonbunshi no INBEEDAA

"Ningyou Kanchou" "Hakaba no Aruji"
"Haguruma" "Matsu Mono" "Meikai no Nushi"
Subete no owari ga otozureta toki
Waratte iru no wa dare na no ka?

Ruri ra ruri ra ruri ruri ra
Hibiku IREGYURAA no kodou

Yuujou TORAUMA seigi genkaku
Kibou hametsu yume yoku ai shi
Subete wo tokashite mawari tsuzukeru
Zenmaijikake no komori uta
Kodoku na otoko ga sono shi no magiwa
Tsukuriageta eiga kan
Kare ga nozonde ita YUUTOPIA wa
Kansei suru no darou ka?

Saa mitodokeyou Jinsei toiu chaban wo

An empty defendant’s seat, a visitor’s gallery with nothing but junk
Come, let’s begin this farce called a trial

Only one of the vessels
That we’re seeking out by orders of god remains
If it’s the case you know its whereabouts
Make your testimony, “Sorceress of Time”

Transcending time, changing forms, changing masters
It’s already making its debut on stage
Even so, not knowing the whereabouts myself right now,
I fear it’s likely that it’s in her hands

Search, search, search for that jerk
Left, right, or down
She who holds all the keys
Search for “The Master of the Hellish Yard”

How long is this farce going to continue?
There is nothing after that

Soul of Adam who fell in the trap
There’s nothing you can accomplish anymore

Swinging scales, a disordered scenario,
vessels sullied in sin. Each playing their song
their own way, a discordant capriccio.
The story has already let go of the hands of demons and gods and
walks alone. If they were in this place,
they would probably make this lament:

What was truly terrifying
Was the desire of humanity

Let’s sort what few facts we have, lowly man
descended from a demon. I’ll give you permission
so tell us of the time you came
to this forest

There is an unpleasant curse dwelling in my body
Seeking my original ancestor’s sword that has become
necessary to solve this, I arrived at this forest alone

Kill him, eat him, if we can’t, arrest him
This insolent jackass who entered the forest
Judge, judge, at any rate judge him
Trial! Sentence! Death!

When I resolved myself after I was arrested
The fickle girl extended her hand

I wanted a charge right for doing chores

And so I became “The Gardener”

“Sorceress of Time” “Cursed Gardener”
Substitutes for the unawakened vessels
Each keeping their goals close to the chest
Unsettling invaders

“The Director Doll”, “Master of the Graveyard”
“Gear”, “The Waiter” “Master of the Hellish Yard”
When the end of everything arrives
Who will be laughing, I wonder?

Lu li la lu li la lu li lu li la
The resounding beat of Irregular

Friendship, trauma, justice, illusion
Hope, destruction, dreams, greed, love, death
All of it continues to melt and turn
The Clockwork Lullaby
Just before the solitary man’s death
He constructed a theater
Will the utopia he wished for
Be completed?

Come, let’s see with our own eyes, this farce called life

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit

人形館長(master of the court)

本名・首藤 禍世(スドウ カヨ)


墓場の主(master of the graveyard)

本名・奥戸 我聞(オクト ガモン)


冥界の主(master of the hellish yard)


The doll director (Master of the Court)
The director of the theater of the forest.
Succeeding her “Father”,
She willfully became the “Master of the Court”

The Sorceress of Time (Ma)
The founding gardener residing in the theatre.
Made Gallerian build the theatre.
Her real name, “Sudou Kayo”

Separated from his power, an intervention towards the theatre
Became impossible
A mere shadow of the spoon now.

Master of the Graveyard
A phantom born from the glass.
Ostensibly she obeys Ma
But she’s a black-hearted woman who plots behind the scenes.

The cursed gardener
Seeking the “Venom Sword”
He arrived at the theatre
His real name, “Gammon Octo”

The Waiter
A waitress of the theatre, but she doesn’t work.
A fickle, selfish
Personification of the mirror

Master of the Hellish Yard
A masked girl
Who Gallerian Marlon met after death

A being dwelling in “The Doll Director”’s womb.

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Heartbeat ClocktowerEdit

Heartbeat Clocktower chronicles Gear's thoughts on the other residents, as well as the past of the Master of the Court, as it details Gear's sacrifice to give her the powers of the Marlon Spoon.

Master of the CourtEdit

The song Master of the Court shows the interactions of the Master of the Court with other residents of the Theater prior to Capriccio Farce, as well as detailing her future goals.

Master of the GraveyardEdit

Master of the Graveyard explains the Master of the Graveyard's role in the theater as well as her relationship with some of the other inhabitants, prior to Capriccio Farce.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title refers to the Director Doll's whimsical and unnecessary treatment of their meeting as a "trial". 
  • The song's title is derived from the word capriccio, meaning "whim" in Italian; it was also the name of the last opera composed by Richard Strauss, which similarly featured ten characters.
  • In theater, the farce is a genre of comedy that commonly includes improbable plot situations and exaggerated characters; the term also refers to a mockery of an event.
  • The song's PV is a reference to the interface of the Ace Attorney games, featuring dialogue boxes and profiles for the characters.


  • The Evils Court booklet announces the beginning of the farcical trial, quoting the first lyrics in the song.[1]
  • Later in the booklet, Gammon expresses frustration at not just having an ordinary meeting, although resists complaining to avoid angering the Master of the Court.[2]
  • In the PV, each character is accompanied by a related object in the background.
  • The song's final verse is sung by the characters in order of their representative Vocaloids' release dates.
  • In Evils Court, the song is preceded by an instrumental titled "5 Minutes Before Court", utilizing a similar tune to Capriccio Farce, albeit much slower and with different instruments.


External LinksEdit


  1. Evils Court Booklet - 5 Minutes Before Court - Capriccio Farce
  2. Evils Court Booklet - Clockwork Lullaby 6

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