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Bruno Zero
Technical Information
Japanese ブルーノ=ゼロ
Romaji Buruuno Zero
Other Names No. 0 (codename)
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Black Valkyria
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
For other uses, see Bruno (disambiguation)
"There are some things I have to report."
―Bruno Zero[src]

Bruno Zero was the leader of PN and the aide of Gallerian Marlon. Born a Maistian slave, Bruno was purchased by the Freezis family and employed as their butler. After his family was killed by Loki Freezis, he formed PN and began plotting revenge against the young man. After successfully having Loki indicted, the man was hired as Gallerian's butler and aide, overseeing the judge's affairs and aiding him in perpetrating his corrupt court tactics.


Early LifeEdit

Born as a slave sometime in the tenth century EC in Maistia, he along with his mother, father, older brother, and younger sister worked on a plantation in Maistia, feeling neither happy nor unhappy about his situation. At some point, he and his family were bought by the Freezis family, and hoped that their situation would improve. He was instead treated cruelly by the Freezises, forced to sleep in the stables and work around the clock. One day, he and his family were let loose in the forest for one of the Freezises human hunting outings, and his entire family was killed by Loki Freezis, with his younger sister being mounted and stuffed in the young man's room.

As a reward for surviving the hunting, he was made a butler as well as a member of the Association. At some point, he became acquainted with his fellow employees, Shiro Netsuma, Hale Jaakko and Feng Li. Deciding to form a secret organization to overthrow Loki, Bruno recruited his comrades into the group, dubbed "Père Noël" by Hale.[1]

Bruno eventually became part of the USE Dark Star Bureau, becoming Director Gallerian Marlon's close aide.[2] At some point, Bruno was made to oversee the Dark Star Bureau's espionage force, PN;[3] Bruno also became aware Gallerian believed the Clockworker's Doll was his dead daughter, Michelle. When Gallerian ordered the construction of Evil's Theater to store the vessels of sin he collected in EC 982, Bruno oversaw the project.[4]

Report on the FugitiveEdit

"We've found the fugitive Nyoze Octo. It would seem he's in hiding with his lover in Lucifenia's town of Rolled."
"I see. Kill him."
"Acknowledged. Then... let’s have No. 8 do it."
―Bruno and Gallerian[src]

Once the theater was completed in December, he assured the vessels were transferred to the theater. Around that same time, he located the fugitive Nyoze Octo in the city of Rolled, taking refuge with No. 8 as his lover. Bruno then visited Gallerian's office at the bureau; knocking, he asked if he could come in and Gallerian permitted him. Once he entered, Bruno announced he had things to report and mentioned the theater's completion. As he mentioned that "Michelle" was "transferred" there, the aide quickly corrected himself to say she was "moved" there as her new dwelling along with the other vessels of sin.

When Gallerian asked if there was anything else, Bruno confirmed they located Nyoze to be hiding with his lover, omitting her identity. Gallerian then ordered the man's death and Bruno suggested No. 8 be assigned the mission, citing she was the most skilled at assassinations. Gallerian responded that he'd leave the choice to him since he was busy. When the judge then questioned if there was anywhere he and Ma could dine that night since he closed down the Graveyard, Bruno suggested a good restaurant at Calgaround's Merrigod Plateau and said he could make the reservation for him.

Once Gallerian conceded to the choice, Bruno stated that was everything and prepared to leave. Before he left the room, Gallerian stopped him and inquired if he was hiding anything from him. The aide replied that there was nothing for his ears that he needed to judge on. Gallerian then conceded to have faith in him before qualifying it was so long as he didn't bear fangs at him. The aide then politely excused himself again and finally left the room. Afterward, he relayed Gallerian's orders for Nyoze's assassination with a loaded revolver to No. 8 and she successfully completed the mission.[5]

Later LifeEdit

Kept prisoner by the people's army, Bruno eventually read about Gallerian's death in a newspaper, learning that his corpse was found in his burned mansion clutching a clockwork doll. After the end of the civil war around six months later, Bruno was liberated from prison before being put on trial for being the leader of PN, eventually convicted to life imprisonment.

At some point, Bruno learned about the myths surrounding the Millennium Tree Forest as the supposed resting place of Gallerian's fortune as well as being a place of no return. Wanting to investigate as well as prevent anyone from using Gallerian's fortune for ill intent, Bruno escaped prison and headed to the forest on foot, surmising that Lich and Eater were using Gallerian's fortune to resurrect their master. Arrested and put on trial by the Doll, Bruno was exonerated, told by the Doll that her father wouldn't want to have him executed.

Travelling to Maistia, Bruno then became the president's aide, serving as his butler while secretly working as a spy. After the Tasan Party established Nemesis as the Green Country's dictator and threatened to fire Punishment all over the world around EC 993, Bruno and several others headed off to the Tasan Party's headquarters in Elphegort, intending to stop the Führer.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Are you hiding something from me?"
"Nothing for your ears, Director sir; only what you’ve judged so. It's inconsequential."
"Well, all right. I have faith in you... so long as you don’t bear your fangs at me."
―Gallerian and Bruno[src]

Bruno was a responsible and capable man, fulfulling Gallerian's orders as commanded in a terse and professional manner. He was considered genuinely trustworthy and readily took on Gallerian's more shady and corrupt practices within the Dark Star Bureau. At the same time, the man wasn't above hiding matters from his employer on the assumption they didn't require his attention, preferring to deal with such complications himself. Regardless, his silent attitude caused some friction with Gallerian, though ultimately left to his own devices.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Bruno was a reasonably efficient middle-manager, demonstrating effective management over PN and Gallerian's day-to-day tasks. Despite his professional and orderly manners, the man was poor at hiding secrets.[8]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Gallerian Marlon: Bruno Zero's employer. Bruno managed Gallerian's assets competently in both legal and illegal matters, complicit in the judge's criminal activity. Despite his competency, he was not above keeping details from Gallerian in matters that he wished to control personally, particularly for the judge's espionage force.

Loki Freezis: Bruno Zero's former master.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • His surname and codename of "zero" refer to his direct overseeing of PN's numbered agents.
  • Bruno bears parallels with African American slaves; Maistia, his native country, is fittingly inspired by the United States of America.




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