NND / YT (subbed)
Original チミドロスイッチ
Romaji Chimidoro Suicchi
Singer(s) MAYU
Release Date December 4, 2012
Collaborators you-ring (illustrations)
Series -
"The one who pressed the switch, it wasn’t me"

Bloodstained Switch is a song released by Akuno-P on December 4, 2012. It follows the story of a girl who suffers from a serious medical condition: Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome


The story takes place as a girl explains that she is not responsible for the death of her father and that it was another her. Suffering from Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, the girl insists that she loved her father and always watched him as he worked and obeyed him when she was told not to touch the switch. However, the other her came out and pressed the switch instead. As the song progresses, the medical journal by the doctors watching her is displayed, along with the girl's personal diary. At the end of the song, she begs not to be given the injection, saying that she doesn't want it.


MAYU's vocals are utilized for the duration of the song, with a radio filter used initially. The song also utilizes piano, synth drums, electric guitar, and bass guitar.

The song's opening line begins at 0.08 and ends at 0.14, leading to the song's opening instrumentals which end at 0.30. The first verse ends at 0.58, leading into a pre-chorus until 1.14, when the first chorus begins. A short instrumental break follows afterwards, at 1.28. The second verse begins at 1.44, followed by the second pre-chorus at 1.58. The second chorus starts at 2.13, accompanied by an instrumental refrain at 2.29. The bridge begins at 2.43, followed by the final chorus at 2.58. The final part of the song is dedicated to chanting, starting at 3.12. The song ends at 3.47.







いい子でいようと あれほど決めたのに
どうしてあなたは 勝手なことするの?
パパが死んだのは オルターエゴのせいなのです







SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Watashi de wa nai no desu

Kyou no asa
Watashi ga tottemo daisuki na yasashii PAPA ga
Guchagucha na chi to nikuhen no katamari ni narimashita

Koujou de hataraku PAPA no shigotoburi
Sore wo mite iru no ga tanoshikute
Mainichi no you ni kengaku ni kitemashita

Totemo kiken dakara
Oshite wa ikenai to iu iitsuke mo mamottemashita

SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Watashi de wa nai no desu
SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Mou hitori no watashi nan desu

Ii ko de iyou to are hodo kimeta no ni
Doushite anata wa katte na koto suru no?
Nee sensei
PAPA ga shinda no wa ORUTAA EGO no sei na no desu

Sensei ga kureta
Ao to shiro no jouzai wo
Nonde ireba SUICCHI wa
Hairanaitte itteta ja nai

SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Watashi de wa nai no desu
Irekawaru SUICCHI wa
Itsu no manika osarete ita no

Umareta toki kara watashi no naka ni wa
Koroshitagari no kanojo ga netsuite ita no desu

SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Watashi de wa nai no desu
SUICCHI wo oshita no wa
Mou hitori no kanojo nan dakara

Watashi wa warukunai
Watashi wa warukunai
Watashi wa warukunai
Watashi wa warukunai
Watashi wa warukunai
Watashi wa warukunai

Sono chuusha wa utanaide
Sono chuusha wa kirai na no yo

The one who pressed the switch, it wasn’t me

This morning, my kind father who I loved a whole lot
Turned into a pulpy mass of blood and meat pieces
The way Papa worked at the factory, watching that was so fun that
About every day I would come to visit him

Because the red switch is very dangerous
I obeyed the order that I mustn’t push it

The one who pressed the switch, it wasn’t me
The one who pressed the switch, it was another me

I should try to be a good girl; though I decided to that extent
Why do you do things your own way?
Hey Doctor, Papa’s death was really my alter ego’s fault

Didn’t the doctor say that if I swallowed
The blue and white pill he gave me, the switch wouldn’t come on?

The one who pressed the switch, it wasn’t me
Before I knew it, the switch of changing places had been pressed

Ever since I was born, a girl who wanted to kill
Had taken root inside of me

The one who pressed the switch, it wasn’t me
The one who pressed the switch, it was another girl, so

It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault

So don’t inject me with that needle
I hate that needle!

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit


///Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndromeの兆候あり。上記の理由により,///
///障害の症状(人格変換, ///解離, 記憶欠落)が生じ, ///
///をきたしている。現在はclockwork medicineの投与により///
///えられているが, 人格変換中は薬の服用を拒絶する可能性も///
///対処だと思われるが, 現状の法律ではherの収監は認められ///
///た親族もそれを望んでいないため, 通院のみの処置で///めている///
///るが, 劇薬の///り扱い/////////ければならないだろう。そもそも///



///has symptoms of Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome.
Due to the above mentioned reasons///
///dentity disorder’s symptoms (Changed personality, dissociative consc///,
and memory loss) resulting in///
///lty in their daily lives. Currently, by prescription of clockwork medicine///
///n be suppressed, but it’s possible that in the changed personality
they will reject the medicine dosage///
///stant observation is thought to be essential. If legal, quarantine them in a medical facil///
///seems to cope, although with current laws imprisonment of HER is not recogni///
///as relatives also don’t wish for that,
to keep commuting to the hospital for treatment///
///this gloomy situation is adam and marry-go-round’s medi///
becoming unacquirab///
///le///powerful medicine///ntial treatment///////is essential. To begin with///
///ow she////her current condition,///// incident in her childhood stage//////

///time in September to change seats, XX///became next to m///
///liked/// very happy/// but///XX was///
///uel to me///But ///I didn’t mind///all///
///day I was in charge of sweeping the courtyard outside///
///hen finished and came back//my indoor slippers had gone missing///
///was cackling. It was surely his doing. I//
///XX’s nose started to bleed. What’s happened to me?///
///emed to be in pain. When I came to, I was straddling over XX///
///and again and again and again and again
and again and again and again and again///
///struck XX. XX’s eyes grew as big as oranges///
///nevertheless I str///XX///after a while///father ca///
///and again and again and again ///pulled ///head/// down.
It ///s that nig/////when///
father straddled on top of me////////again and again and again////

English translation by Pricechecktranslations



  • Patient (first appearance)
  • Father (first mentioned)


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title contains the characters for the Japanese word 血みどろ (chimidoro); aside from meaning "bloodstained", the word also means "desperate" or "frantic", referring to the girl's struggle against her other, evil personality.
  • The word "switch" is a play on words, referring to both the physical switch and the girl's "switch" between her personalities.
  • Because there were no ties period-wise to his other existing songs during that time, mothy purposefully chose the default outfit for MAYU as the design for the character.[1]


  • The doctors' medical journal mentions Dissociative Identity Disorder, a real-life mental disorder characterized by the development of split personalities.
  • The medical journal also mentions adam and merry-go-round medicine; this may be a reference to Adam Moonlit and Alice Merry-Go-Round.
  • The song makes use of blue and red to symbolize good and evil, respectively; a similar color symbolism is also used in Full Moon Laboratory.



  1. The Heavenly Yard - January 12, 2013 - 既存曲とは時代的な繋がりはない、独立した曲です。 だからイラストの衣装もMAYUのデフォルトです。

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