Black Box Type S was a magical device used to transport individuals into one's inner psychological world. Developed by Seth Twiright, the device was installed in the cat body utilized by Irina Clockworker and kept as a last resort.


Black Box Type S was first created by Seth Twiright sometime prior to the Levianta Catastrophe of EC 013. Following its completion, the device was installed in the heart of a stuffed red cat toy; following the catastrophe, Seth transferred the soul of Irina Clockworker into the body with the knowledge of Black Box Type S's function and use. On January 30, EC 611, Irina activated the box, enveloping the mage and her opponents, Gumillia and Elluka Clockworker, in the blast and transporting them and the souls of Behemo and Eve Moonlit slumbering inside Elluka's mind to Levia's inner psychological world.[1]


As a transportation device, Black Box Type S's main function was drawing in souls within a certain area into an individual's inner psychological world. Simulated through an explosion, the device would self-destruct and transport the individuals caught in the blast. The box allowed the user to select an individual caught within the blast radius as the target for the mental world spiritual transportation. Despite the force generated by the explosion, Black Box Type S didn't physically harm the individuals caught in its effects, though it could still affect the terrain within the immediate area of the explosion.[2]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Black Box Type S shares it name with the scientific term "black box", referring to a device, system, or object where its input and output effects are observable but its inner workings are unknown.




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