Black box

Black Box was a magical device used for transportation and collecting information. Developed by the sun god, the device was utilized for learning and quick movement when needed.


At some point prior to the creation of the Third Period, the sun god created the magic tool.[1] Following the creation of the ground world, the sun god set Black Box to record information about the Third Period following its beginning around BT 528. Sometime after the death of Allen Avadonia on December 26, EC 500, the sun god placed the dead boy inside Black Box and left it there in the fields of the Heavenly Yard.[2] Allen resided inside while learning about the ground world's history and mechanics as the sun god instructed.[3]

When the former chamberlain requested Sickle to interfere in the Third Period to protect his sister from Clarith in EC 505, the sun god complied and showed him how to use Black Box to quickly apparate to the Lucifenian coastline. Later that year, Allen again requested to leave in order to interfere with the battle between Irina Clockworker and Yukina Freezis and Germaine Avadonia. After Allen returned, he grew tired from the numerous visits and slept inside of it.

Sometime after his death in the EC 530s, Held peeked in the box. Sickle later checked on Allen in EC 549 before closing Black Box again.[4] Once he awoke, Allen continued to absorb information from Black Box over the centuries. On January 30, EC 611, Behemo communicated with Allen via the box's microphone and directed him to unlock the box via the emergency encryption protocol. Afterward, Behemo used the box to quickly review the Third Period's history. Afterward, Allen was returned to the box and continued his studies.[5]

In EC 998, Sickle opened the box and allowed Allen to briefly leave before the boy used Black Box to apparate to the destroyed Millennium Tree Forest.[6] After reviewing the ground world's history by meeting the seven demon contractors, Allen returned to Black Box before once again being greeted by Sickle.[7]


Black Box was large enough to hold a single individual within its space. As a magical device, Black Box had a teleportation ability, allowing the user to instantly apparate at a desired location in the Third Period by pressing a switch inside the box.[8] Black Box was equipped with a communication device for instantly sending messages to other functioning devices capable of receiving them via another switch.

The box was also installed with an akashic recorder, allowing it to record information about an entire world during a certain period depending on its settings.[9] The information could in turn be learned by the user by connecting a learning device to one's head, transferring the information directly into their mind. The information flow could be set at different speeds to accommodate the user's learning pace.[10]

To secure the device, Black Box was installed with a keyhole in the center of its side and could only be unlocked with a unique golden key.[11] An emergency encryption protocol was also included in the design, allowing a user locked inside to escape by inputting the correct password, opening the device.[12] Black Box also had a floatation ability for easy transport and could gravitate higher and lower at the owner's will.[13]

A wireless microphone was also stored within Black Box's exterior and could be accessed via a switch hidden at the bottom of the device. The microphone functioned as a transmitter for communication with the inside of the box; it also functioned as speaker for the user to hear anyone inside the device.[14] Black Box's individual functions could be locked by the owner so that only certain kinds of beings or specific individuals could use them.



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Black Box shares it name with the scientific term "black box", referring to a device, system, or object where its input and output effects are observable but its inner workings are unknown.
  • It may also be inspired by the "black box", a device in airplanes used for collecting and recording flight information.





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