Behemo Barisol
Technical Information
Japanese ビヒモ=バリーゾール
Romaji Bihimo Bariizooru
Other Names Master of the Heavenly Yard
Bufuko (alias)
Ren (by Kayo Sudou)
B (online handle)

Kagamine Len

Biographical Information
Classification Human
Earthling (till death)
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Heavenly Yard
"Please rest assured. I won't do anything excessive. For a little while... that is."

Behemo Barisol, also known as the true Master of the Heavenly Yard, was one of the four gods in the Evillious universe. Originally a human from the First Period, Behemo later joined the earthlings in their digital universe, bringing them into reality to revitalize the destroyed world. He later joined Levia in the earthlings' rebellion against Hazuki, becoming sealed in Sin and incarnating in the corpse of Elluka Chirclatia.


Early Life

"At the end of their quarrel, the god of the sun transformed the twin gods who did not obey him into a twin-headed dragon. Banished from their position as gods, the wrathful dragon, along with the six kin, tried to destroy the third paradise they had created."
―Excerpt from the Levin Bible Old Testament, Book 1, Genesis[src]

Behemo Barisol lived in the technologically-advanced First Period, Earth.[1] Born the wealthy only son of Barisol, Behemo developed an affinity for crossdressing and playing with dolls, to the disgust of his peers. Later, Behemo started dating a maid under his employ. When one day he requested to borrow the woman's clothes so he could wear them, the flustered and uncomfortable woman denied the request.[2]

During this time, humanity created a virtual world known as the Second Period; due to being related to one of the developers, Behemo had the avatar based on himself revised to be a girl, Levia Barisol, to be more like his "ideal" self. As the avatars became too advanced in terms of intelligence and technology, the First Period humans decided to create a crisis in the form of HER. However, Levia made contact with the First Period, thinking Behemo was herself from a parallel world.[3]

Later on, Behemo hid from angry voices in a room surrounded by massacred doll limbs. As he did, he found himself rescued by Levia,[4] creating a new avatar of himself within the Second Period that, this time, had no revisions.[5]

Escape from Reality

While in the digital world, Behemo became employed at Professor Held Yggdra's clinic and research facility and became Levia's coworker.[6] During this time, he studied under Professor Lich Arklow,[7] as well as Held, and had artificial eyes installed into his body.[8] As the Second Period began to collapse due to HERs contaminating the world, Behemo, Levia, and 70 other scientists boarded one of several spaceships intended to travel to inhabitable planets and repopulate them, theirs under the name Climb One;[9] Behemo then made it so that the Climb One would bring them into reality.[10]

As they lost contact with all their fellow spaceships, the crew of the Climb One realized they were the last inhabitants of Earth and decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings, Behemo in charge of creating their bodies. While making the bodies, he also created a body shaped like a dragon from fantasy.

After finding a new planet to inhabit,[11], really the site of the destroyed Earth,[12] they set about constructing the new world and species; they also set up an underground laboratory to hold their equipment, Lunaca Labora, which led into a separate repository called the Grave Yard.[13] Behemo was placed in charge of the Grave Yard.[14] During this time, Behemo was also present at a research facility was established on the moon above the planet.[15]

During this Seth Twiright, an HER who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome. The remaining crew, including Behemo, proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that at least Levia was an HER.[16] When Held and Hazuki disagreed, Behemo joined the ensuing fight and was killed along with everyone else when it caused the Climb One to crash, leaving behind only his spirit data. Although Behemo and Levia planned to escape using the dragon body he made, Held and Hazuki had sabotaged the plan beforehand.

Behemo and his colleagues remained trapped in the Climb One for some time while the new species of humans began building their societies.[17] Around this time, they forgot the existence of one of their colleagues who had become the moon goddess.[18] Eventually, the humans of Levianta discovered the Climb One; Levia and Behemo began whispering to Alice Merry-Go-Round, establishing her as a prophet and themselves as gods, with a lofty account of the Third Period's creation. The two became worshiped in the new Levin faith and a temple was built around the Climb One, renamed the "Sin" ark.[19]

False Gods

While establishing themselves as deities, the earthlings came in contact with Seth Twiright, who had had reincarnated as a human and later become a scientist in the new Magic Kingdom Levianta; having succumbed to HER Syndrome, Behemo and the others plotted with him to destroy the Third Period. As Seth refused to move them into new bodies, Levia and Behemo also plotted to make proper bodies for themselves, planning to make them with earthling DNA so that they could use Black Box Type L and move them out of the Sin.[20]

In BT 005 the two "gods", acting as Alice's parents, told her that they would destroy the world if their worshipers didn't cleanse the ark Sin by creating human vessels for them.[21] Prophet Marry-Go-Round shared the twin gods' lies with the nation and started Project 'Ma' to create suitable twin vessels for them to inhabit; its second project finally produced the twins Hänsel and Gretel on December 27, EC 0, only for the mother Meta Salmhofer to flee with the twins shortly after. As Project 'Ma' faced continual failure over the years, Levia and Behemo grew impatient.[22]

After Kiril Clockworker witnessed his sister Irina murder his fiancée Elluka Chirclatia in EC 013, the twin gods decided to entice the man to free them from Sin in their dragon body, unwilling to wait for their bodies to grow up and knowing that, as a clone of Seth's human form, Kiril could use Black Box Type L.[23] Levia enticed Kiril to go to the Sin and cast the Clockwork Secret Art to restore the aged device,[24] as well as to use the black box. Before Levia and Behemo could transfer into the dragon body, however, the mindless beast grew violent and destroyed the ark, and the black box transferred Levia and Behemo into Elluka's corpse instead before it exploded from misuse.[25]

Eternal Sorceress

Main Article: Elluka Clockworker

"The mage. Back when she was still 'Elluka Clockworker' in the truest sense of the term."
―Ma regarding Levia and Behemo's reincarnation[src]

Once incarnated into Elluka Chirclatia's corpse, Levia became the active consciousness while Behemo slumbered in the subconscious.[26] "Elluka Clockworker" met with Held a few years later and was tasked with collecting the vessels of sin, accepting the quest to pass her "newfound" immortality.

Over the centuries, Elluka traveled across Evillious, helping anyone in need that she came across and getting involved with the Venomania Event,[27] the Disappearance of Evil Food Eater Conchita,[28] the Lucifenian Expansion War, and Riliane's evil reign. During the latter period, she incarnated Held's forest spirits Michaela and Gumillia as humans, training the latter as her apprentice.[29]

Elluka and Gumillia continued the search for the vessels of sin across the continent while pursuing Irina who was also seeking the vessels. After Elluka confronted Eve Moonlit and forced the witch's spirit into her own, her memories as Levia reawakened. In denial of her true nature, Elluka continued pursuing the red cat mage Irina Clockworker and eventually dueled her at Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611.[30] After Irina activated her Black Box Type S during the duel, Behemo and Levia were transported into Levia's own inner psychological world.[31]


"Now, how about we resume our duel! Levia, and—you along with her! Behemo!"
―Irina Clockworker[src]

Manifesting in his original form, Behemo ascended the stairs of the illusory Leviantan temple before him and met with Irina and Gumillia in their true forms at the top. Recognizing Gumillia from the Climb One, he greeted Gumillia as one of the "god kin" before he realized she'd lost all of her memories as a result of reincarnating. He then greeted Irina, noting her as one of the "ghoul children" Seth made by copying his method.

After witnessing Eve Moonlit and then Levia ascend the remaining two staircases, Behemo silently watched while his twin sister discussed "Elluka Clockworker's" true identity with Irina. After they finished their conversation, Behemo watched Irina reveal how she had experimented with Eve inside the Clockworker's Doll, giving Eve the ability to summon them all to the Court. After they were all summoned to the "Court", a realm of judgment that equalized everyone and made it possible to kill gods, Irina challenged Levia and Behemo to continue their duel.

When Levia explained to Gumillia how the crossdressing Behemo was her brother, Behemo chided her over her embarrassment of his habit, arguing nothing was wrong with it. When Irina eventually prepared to resume the fighting, the five of them were interrupted by the Demon of Gluttony. The duel then began; as Irina, Levia, and the demon's magic all clashed,[32] the resulting blast blew Behemo out of the Court.[33]

Meeting in Hell

"Seems the impact from back then only blew me away to the Hellish Yard."
―Behemo to Gumillia[src]

After the blast, Behemo ended up in the Hellish Yard. Not knowing the route to the ground world from there, he traveled to the gates to the Heavenly Yard and found Seth in his original form as a mask nearby. He then began stomping on the demon until Gumillia approached him; greeting her, Behemo explained how the blast had apparently brought them there. After reintroducing Seth to the puzzled Gumillia, he further speculated that the Demon of Gluttony seemed to have opened a hole when she entered the mental world. In response to Gumillia's questions, Behemo admitted he didn't know where Levia, Eve or the Demon of Gluttony were.

He furthermore explained that he didn't know the way to the ground world and suggested visiting heaven to talk to Held; when Seth requested to be left behind, not wanting to go to heaven and no longer interested in the ground world, Behemo obediently tossed him back to hell. After he passed through the doors, he noticed Gumillia hadn't followed him and learned she couldn't pass through, being a still-living mortal. As Gumillia questioned him again for options, Behemo revealed that only the Master of the Hellish Yard would know how to get back to the ground world and that the Master was Levia.

When Gumillia stated her resolve to wait for Levia to come get her, Behemo became amused and explained how he and Levia had once wanted to destroy the world. He elaborated how, ironically, if the ground world was destroyed then the boundary between the Hellish and Heavenly Yards would be erased, making it possible for Gumillia to leave and Levia to come to hell freely. When asked, he clarified that he himself no longer had the motivation to destroy the Third Period. After a while, Behemo revealed to Gumillia that there was a soul-eating miasma that permeated hell. Then he made his farewells and went to the Heavenly Yard.[34]

Return to Heaven

"Just had a look at the history from when I was sleeping. I've the right to know that much, don't I?"
―Behemo to Held[src]

Once he arrived in the Heavenly Yard, Behemo was surprised to find the moon's landscape transformed, the former site of the research facility covered in rice fields. After determining it was the doing of TALOS, who had become the sun god of the world, Behemo brushed it off and decided to find the Akashic Recorder in TALOS's Black Box to check on the progress of the Third Period. After finding the device, Behemo was exasperated to find it locked. With TALOS gone from heaven, Behemo changed the channel on his artificial eyes to examine the inner workings of the box. Behemo was surprised to spot a human soul inside the box.

Using a microphone mechanism, he talked with the soul and learned that he had been trapped in the box for unknown reasons by "Sickle." Introducing himself as "Sickle's" former colleague, Behemo tried to persuade the suspicious human to let him help them get out of the box; asking for his name, he eventually learned the boy was Allen Avadonia. After instructing Allen on how to get out of the box and seeing the boy on his way to the Gardens of Champs-Élysées, Behemo entered it himself. Finding the Akashic Recorder, Behemo received all the information regarding the Third Period's history up until that point.

Reviewing the ground world's history, Behemo learned more about Allen and his role as one of the "keys" to the world's creation, as well as how Levia, Irina, and Eve had fused into Ma and how several of his old colleagues had reincarnated as Demons of Sin. He also learned how several of the ghoul children that Seth created were frozen at the underground Freezis facility beneath Castle Hedgehog in Marlon, one of them having escaped and mixed with humans. Once he'd finished, Behemo mused on all the information that he had learned. Peeved by the information on Seth in particular, he decided to eliminate the rest of the ghoul children on the ground world.

Using the black box, he sent a message to the Zorach family guarding the Freezis facility to terminate the devices and the children in them. After his orders were carried out, Behemo exited the black box and found Held awaiting him with Allen. As Held chastised him for his current behavior, Behemo brushed him off and dismissed Held in turn for his loyalty to Sickle . Before Allen was returned to the black box, he chatted with him over his failure to meet with Riliane at the Gardens of Champs-Élysées. After suggesting that Riliane would reincarnate in the east in two hundred years, Behemo said his farewells and left.[35]

Eastern Maid

In EC 828, Behemo had Allen reincarnate in Jakoku to meet with Riliane as planned, despite the possibility of their meeting carrying disastrous consequences. When the enraged Sickle ordered him to retrieve Allen, Behemo arrived in Jakoku and decided to instead masquerade as a human woman until Allen potentially failed to find Riliane.

Taking up the identity of "Bufuko", Behemo became a servant to the Octo Family, serving the samurai Anan. Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka in EC 838, Bufuko was assigned to care for the severely burned Kayo Sudou after she was taken in by Magistrate Gato Octo. Over the years, Bufuko fed and nursed the helpless tailor back to health, Kayo repeatedly mistaking him for her dead son, Ren.

In EC 842, Enbizaka's local doctor made a house call to Kayo and Bufuko learned that Kayo had made a miraculous recovery. Bufuko chatted with the doctor about his own medical experience before going to prepare dinner for Kayo and the doctor. After he returned and fed them, he watched as Anan entered and interrogated Kayo yet again over the location of her family's blades. After he'd argued with Anan over his pointless interrogation, Bufuko further argued with Anan when he announced Kayo was being evicted from the Octo residence, insisting that the tailor's mind hadn't yet recovered.

Anan further explained that he was now aiding the Freezis Foundation and that Bufuko would return to serving him; after bemoaning the situation, and then requesting Kayo tailor him a maid outfit, Bufuko said his goodbyes and traveled to Enbizaka with Anan to work at the trade house. Later that year, Kayo visited Bufuko and gave him his requested maid outfit, to Bufuko's delight.[36] During his work, Bufuko obtained Grim the End by chance when it arrived on a merchant ship. Later on, when a new employee at the trade house named Inukichi became infatuated with Bufuko, he continually ignored the man,[37] only to eventually agree to a date from his persistence.

When the Lang Clan member Saruteito approached the trade house and started repeatedly calling out, Bufuko rushed out and learned she wanted to speak with Anan Octo. Although she lacked an appointment, he nonetheless alerted his master and Saruteito was able to have her meeting.[38] When Kayo was captured for her murders and the magistrate continually failed to execute her due to her envy magic, Bufuko stole her confiscated scissors. With the scissors and Grim the End, Bufuko approached Kokutan-douji and took him to speak privately in Kayo's tailor shop, planning to put an end to his charade.[39]

The Tale of Enbizaka

After giving Kayo's scissors to the boy, Bufuko watched as Kokutan refused to keep them and he noted that the boy's memories of his previous life hadn't returned thanks to Rahab's influence. Using Grim the End, Bufuko returned Kokutan's memories and revealed his true identity to him as the god, Behemo. He explained how he had been sent to fetch him by Sickle. He also explained how Kayo had committed her murders to get revenge on Kai Miroku due to learning that Kai was responsible for the Enbizaka fire, this being in defiance of how the events were supposed to unfold.

Hearing Kokutan's wish to save Kayo from her deathless fate before he departed, Behemo gifted him Grim the End and suggested he shape-shift it into a sword to execute Kayo with. Warning him to be careful, as the key no longer had a demon inside it, Behemo sent the boy on his way.[40] Then, as he prepared to ascend back to the Heavenly Yard, Behemo approached the reef where Rahab was having a confrontation with Ma. Ignoring Ma entirely, he found Kagura Octo's disembodied spirit and offered to give her a lift to the Heavenly Yard.

As they flew back to Onigashima, Behemo chatted with Kagura about what happened to Grim the End, his deception on the ground world, and in particular Kayo's fate. They then arrived at Enbizaka's execution grounds to meet with Kokutan-douji;[41] Kokutan then said farewell to his friends with a cover story that "Bufuko" planned to take him to see his real parents. Finally, Behemo ascended to the Heavenly Yard with Kokutan and Kagura in tow.[42]

World's End

When Nemesis Sudou destroyed the Third Period in EC 999, Behemo disappeared from the Heavenly Yard,[43] ending up in the Grave Yard. Using his artificial eyes to see a great distance, he watched from afar as Allen reunited with Riliane at Evil's Theater.[44] Following Allen and Nemesis' defeat of Ma, Behemo teleported to within the Climb One, revealing himself as the true Master of the Heavenly Yard. He then explained to Allen the nature of the First Period as well as how the earthlings from the Second Period were online avatars brought into the real world.[45] After Allen and Riliane enacted a Re_birthday to create a new world, Behemo became one of the members of the "Evillious" SNS group chat, commenting on the state of the new world.[46]

Personality and Traits

"That guy's indeed my twin brother. We're fraternal... Behemo's a weirdo."
"Weirdo's sooo cruel, Sis. What's wrong with a man dressing like a woman?"
―Levia and Behemo[src]

Behemo was a proud and eccentric man. As the main creator of humans' physical bodies, Behemo took great pride in his work and acted reluctant to harm his creations once they'd developed on their own for a time.[47] He was similarly interested in their progress and amused himself with pretending to be human, liking to meet interesting people.[48] Likewise, he was in contempt of Seth Twiright's method of creating ghoul children, seeing them as inferior copies of his work and having no scruple against killing them to prevent their mingling with his.[49]

Although intelligent in his field, Behemo was deviant in his behavior and often unprofessional. In conversation he was prone to making snide remarks at others' expense and he was typically flippant with them,[50] as well as being noted by his sister for being eccentric. Not caring what others thought of him, Behemo was fond of crossdressing and engaging in typically "girly" behaviors such as clothes shopping,[51] putting on makeup, playing with dolls as a child,[52] and wearing maid dresses in particular, all in spite of identifying as male.[53] His cheeky attitude extended to how he treated his colleagues from the Second Period.[54]

Behaving like an HER, Behemo also seemed to have few scruples; despite his pride in his creations and hope to recreate humanity, when denied the opportunity to help guide it himself he was willing to help kill Hazuki and Held; he similarly plotted with Levia to destroy the world.[55] Although claiming not to desire this later,[56] he continued to resist Held and Sickle's will behind his mask of compliance, and nearly instigated a calamity by allowing Allen and Riliane to meet.[57] He similarly had no scruple against killing children as long as they weren't his creations.[58] Although often being helpful to others like Kayo or Allen, Behemo's morality ultimately appeared suited to whatever his current goal was.[59]

Skills and Abilities

"I'm a god. Gods are special in a lot of ways."

Behemo was an intelligent scientist who specialized in the creation of artificial bodies, being the mind behind creating human bodies and even fantasy creatures like dragons.[60] He was similarly savvy in operating the technology of the Second Period, though lacking the expertise for more complex mechanical devices.[61] Having received artificial eye implants, Behemo could adjust his sight via switching the channel settings at the command of his brain, allowing him see great distances,[62] as well as through solid surfaces or pitch darkness at will.[63] Behemo's beautiful appearance also made it difficult to distinguish him from a female.[64]

After becoming a god, Behemo had extreme longevity and automatically reincarnated after death.[65] Despite this, he was still subject to the rules of the Third Period, although he was still free to move between worlds without any hazard, traversing into the Heavenly Yard without being burned.[66] Behemo also possessed great magical power and was able to fly.[67]

Character Connections

Levia Barisol: Behemo's digital counterpart. Conceptualizing her as his ideal self, he was later shocked as she made contact with his world, eventually joining her as an avatar himself. Although willing to work with his "sister" as colleagues, the two had a barbed relationship, with Behemo flippant in the face of her embarrassment over his deviant behavior. When Levia became absorbed into the entity Ma, Behemo pointedly ignored her, disavowing the entity from being his "sister".

Luna Hazuki: A colleague of Behemo's. Behemo worked with Hazuki reasonably well during the Second Period, but was willing to try and kill her during the creation of the Third Period.

Held Yggdra: One of Behemo's instructors. Behemo worked under Held as a student and employee, although later on he became critical of Held's strong loyalty to Sickle.

Kayo Sudou: A woman Behemo met as Bufuko. Behemo came to care about Kayo to some extent while nursing her back to health, and commented later that he found her to be an interesting person.

Anan Octo: Behemo's master as Bufuko. Behemo served Anan dutifully as his maid, although wasn't above quarreling with his master when he disagreed with his decisions.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Behemo's name is derived from the Behemoth, a large land beast in Judeo-Christian mythology; it, along with the Leviathan, is believed to have been slaughtered by God to serve as a banquet for the righteous souls in heaven.
  • His crossdressing habit, in particular crossdressing as a maid, matches the contemporary Japanese crossdressing subculture of otokonoko, where maid dresses are among the more common outfits.


  • Mikhail Asayev is noted as being Behemo's inheritor, having been born with an artificial eye similar to Behemo's.[68]




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