Technical Information
Japanese ビヒモ
Romaji Bihimo
Other Names Levia-Behemo
Bufuko (alias)
Ren (by Kayo Sudou)

Kagamine Len

Biographical Information
Classification God
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Heavenly Yard
"Please rest assured. I won't do anything superfluous. For a little while... that is."

Behemo was one of the four gods in the Evillious universe. After opposing the sun god's decision for their third paradise, he was transformed into a twin-headed dragon along with Levia. Merged with his hated twin sister, Behemo wreaked havoc on the Third Period before being sealed inside Sin. Once they escaped from the ark centuries later, Behemo and his twin incarnated in the corpse of Elluka Chirclatia.


Early LifeEdit

"At the end of their quarrel, the god of the sun transformed the twin gods who did not obey him into a twin-headed dragon. Banished from their position as gods, the wrathful dragon, along with the six kin, tried to destroy the third paradise they had created."
―Excerpt from the Levin Bible Old Testament, Book 1, Genesis[src]

Born on the planet Gudonechia as the only son of Barisol, Behemo spent his time playing with dolls and wearing girls' clothes, stealing his mother's makeup tools from her room to apply to himself; reviled for his peculiar tastes, everyone kept their distance from the wealthy and handsome heir and he was always left alone. At some point, he became extremely knowledgeable about the body. Later on, he met a maid his age working for him and the two began dating. Adoring her doll-like attire, he requested she let him wear her clothes one day. The flustered woman replied that what he said was disgusting.

Later on, Behemo grew afraid in a room amongst the warm doll limbs scattered around as he heard someone angrily shout outside the door. Peering at a nearby mirror, he saw the image of his female twin from a parallel world: Levia.[1] Afterward, Behemo left Gudonechia forever and joined Levia in her world, boarding the ark Sin and successfully escaping the Second Period's destruction from "Malice" along with their fellow seventy kin; at some point, Behemo and his "twin sister" became on bad terms with each other.[2] He also studied under Held for some time and installed artificial eyes into his body.[3] They then sailed to another new place.[4]

Afterward, it was decided that the most skilled scientists would become the "gods" of the new world. After Behemo, Levia, the sun god, Held, and the moon goddess took the up the moniker,[5] the sun god tasked the others with helping create the individual aspects of the third paradise, Behemo and his sister focusing their efforts on creating the bodies and minds of the world's humans. While Behemo was creating the bodies of the humans,[6] Held was used as the model for the Elphe race per the sun god's instructions.[7] During the process, 62 of their kin died and Held had them reincarnate as forest spirits on the ground world.

The surviving four gods and six kin then completed their creation by BT 528. When the sun god shared his plans to leave their new paradise in the hands of the humans they created, Behemo and his sister opposed the decision along with six of the other kin.[8] At some point, the six kin swore their allegiance to the twin gods.[9]

After quarreling with the sun god over his decision, the creator god transformed the twin gods into a twin-headed dragon,[10] tasking "Levia-Behemo" as the "temporary gods" for the humans of the new world. Merged with his hated sibling and banished from their godhood into an ugly dragon form,[11] the wrathful twin gods broke the sun god's rules and attempted to destroy the Third Period along with the six kin. The sun god then sealed Levia-Behemo and the kin in Sin and buried the ark in the world's north.[12] Around this time, the gods agreed to hide the moon goddess' existence.[13]

False GodsEdit

Afterwards, the twin gods waited in their prison until the ark was excavated by the nation of Levianta. Whispering to what few humans could hear them, Levia and Behemo shared their origins and history with these prophets and became worshiped in the new Levin faith, a temple being built around the "forbidden" ark.[14] After one of the kin escaped Sin, the deities watched as the reincarnated "Seth Twiright" created ghoul children by copying Behemo's method.[15]

Around BT 005, the twin gods concocted a plan to have the Leviantans incarnate them as humans so they could escape their prison. Acting as her parents, the twins began whispering to Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round through her small glass bottle that they would destroy the world if their worshippers didn't cleanse the ark Sin by incarnating them as humans. When she asked how to turn gods into humans, Levia and Behemo told her to create human vessels for them in the same way she created her son, Adam.

Once Prophet Merry-Go-Round shared the twin gods' lies with the nation and started Project 'Ma' to create suitable twin vessels for them to inhabit, the twin gods waited for the project's success in producing human copies of them.[16] Later on, the gods watched as the second project finally produced the desired twin god copies Hänsel and Gretel on December 27, EC 0; when the mother Meta Salmhofer fled with the twins shortly after and went missing, the deities were again forced to wait for new copies to be successfully born. As Project 'Ma' faced continual failure over the years, Levia-Behemo grew impatient.

After Kiril Clockworker witnessed his sister Irina murder his fiancée Elluka Chirclatia in EC 013, the twin gods decided to entice the man to free them from Sin, unwilling to wait for their eventual incarnation receptacles to grow up any longer. About six months later, Levia led Kiril to try resurrecting his beloved through Sin by impersonating Elluka. As Kiril used the Clockwork Secret Art to restore the aged forbidden ark for his use, Sin began going out of control.[17]

Mage of EternityEdit

Main Article: Elluka Clockworker

"The mage. Back when she was still "Elluka Clockworker" in the truest sense of the term."
―Ma regarding Levia and Behemo's reincarnation[src]

Following the unexpected explosion caused by Sin, the twin gods' souls were freed from their prison and inadvertently incarnated in Elluka Chirclatia's corpse, Levia becoming the active conscious while Behemo slumbered in the subconscious. Believing herself to be the real Elluka, the twin gods' reincarnation awoke to the destroyed Levianta and became consumed with grief. "Elluka Clockworker" met with Held a few years later and was tasked with collecting the vessels of sin, accepting the quest to pass her "newfound" immortality.[18]

Over the centuries, Elluka traveled across Evillious, helping anyone in need that she came across. After failing to collect the vessel possessed by Duke Sateriasis Venomania, the mage swapped bodies with Lukana Octo to protect her from the wicked mage I.R.[19] After failing to acquire the Glass of Conchita as well,[20] the mage defected from the Beelzenian Empire to serve King Arth of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, becoming famed as one of the Three Heroes. After the deaths of Arth and his wife Queen Anne, Elluka foresaw Lucifenia's destruction under the tyrannical reign of the demonically possessed Princess Riliane.

The mage then incarnated Held's forest spirits Michaela and Gumillia as humans, training them as her disciples to help prevent the kingdom's demise. Following Michaela's death and Lucifenia's collapse,[21] Elluka and Gumillia continued the search for the vessels of sin across the continent while pursuing the red cat mage also seeking the vessels. After Elluka confronted Eve Moonlit and forced the mad witch's spirit into her own, the twin gods' reincarnation's memories reawakened. In denial of her true nature, Elluka continued pursuing the red cat mage Irina Clockworker and eventually dueled her at Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611.[22]


"Now, how about we resume our duel! Levia, and—you along with her! Behemo!"
―Irina Clockworker[src]

After Irina activated her Black Box Type S during the duel, Behemo was transported into Levia's inner psychological world, awakening from his slumber. Manifesting in his original form, the god ascended the stairs of the illusory Leviantan temple before him. As he reached the square at the top, he saw Irina at the top before looking over to see Gumillia in her original form standing in front of another staircase. Surprised, the god greeted the kin after so long, beginning to remark about the fact they were meeting as "humans" when he noticed she looked strangely confused.

Noting she was different, the god pointed at the woman again and asked to confirm she was indeed Gumillia. When the god kin answered she didn't know him, the god questioned if she had lost her memories due to the Third Period's rules before brushing it off, saying it didn't matter since she was already a completely different person. Afterwards, Behemo pointed at the glaring Irina, asking to confirm that she wasn't exactly human either, noting the fact Seth copied him to even create ghoul children.

After witnessing Eve Moonlit and then Levia ascend the remaining two staircases, Behemo silently watched while his twin sister discussed "Elluka Clockworker's" true identity with Irina. After they finished their conversation, Behemo watched Irina approach Eve while describing the completion of her experiments with the Clockworker's Doll fifty years ago. Once the mage awakened Eve as the "Master of the Court" and the temple crumbled until only the scaffold they were standing on remained floating in the new grid-like space, Behemo walked toward his sister while glaring at the mage pair across from them.

Irina then welcomed them all to the Court, explaining that the Master of the Court's ability to reset everything was likely the cause of Levia's memory awakening in Elluka. Once she confirmed the realm of judgment Eve created equalized everyone and made it possible to even kill gods, the mage suggested they resume their duel, challenging both twin gods to battle while conjuring massive pillars of blue fire. When Levia tried explaining her "weirdo" brother's crossdressing habit to the confused Gumillia, the god chided that she being too cruel, asking what was wrong with a man dressing like a woman.

Afterward, Behemo watched Gumillia and Irina argue over her vengeful intentions for targetting the gods, the red cat mage citing it was the gods' mistake for allowing Seth to escape their ruined world with them without noticing he himself was a HER. Once the mage said it her duty as a HER to eradicate the gods and everything related to them, exclaiming she would destroy them all, the Demon of Gluttony intervened and declared she would instead reap the benefits from all their fighting and kill all of them there. After the demon Banica clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic, the blast blew Behemo out of the Court.[23]

Meeting in HellEdit

"Seems the impact from back then only blew me away to the Hellish Yard."
―Behemo to Gumillia[src]

After the blast, the male twin god ended up in the Hellish Yard. Not knowing the route to the ground world from there, he traveled to the gates to the Heavenly Yard and found Seth in his original form as a mask before the bridge leading to the gates. He then began stomping on the demon until he heard Gumillia question if he was dead too. The god greeted his kin and replied that that wasn't the case, noting the blast apparently bringing them there. When the mage asked about the mask, Behemo held Seth up as he began to talk. After Gumillia exclaimed that he was the Demon of Wrath, Behemo listened while Seth explained his true form to the mage.

Once the demon finished explaining, Behemo took the mask back from Gumillia and noted that the Demon of Gluttony seemed to have opened a hole when she entered the mental world, hence Seth being affected as well. When Gumillia later questioned where Levia, Eve and the Demon of Gluttony were, the god replied that they didn't seem to have come there and that he didn't know otherwise. Gumillia then asked how they could get out of the underworld and Behemo answered that he didn't know the way to the ground world before adding that it was possible to go to heaven for the time being; he then stated that Held was probably there and that asking him would be the quickest way.

With Seth in-hand, Behemo crossed the bridge and watched the gates to heaven open with their blinding light as he approached. After asking if they should get going, Behemo began to enter through the gates when Seth stopped him and requested that he put him down. Asking why, the god listened to the demon plead he didn't want to meet "that guy" face-to-face. In response, Behemo told the mask he couldn't return to ground world, to which Seth replied that he didn't care, stating that he was bored with the ground world and that the Hellish Yard provided many new opportunities for discovery.

After hearing him declare that he would begin his new research there, Behemo eventually conceded and gave his goodbye, tossing the mask to the ground before going though the doors. Noticing Gumillia had not followed after him, Behemo asked the former spirit if she wasn't coming either. He then heard her say she couldn't due to the heat. He then remarked that that was a problem and explained that only the dead could go to the above world, pointing out that she arrived in hell while still alive. When the green-haired apprentice asked him why he was alright, Behemo replied that he was a god and that they were special.

Gumillia then asked if there was really no way to get to the ground world from hell and Behemo reiterated that he didn't know, explaining that only the Master of the Hellish Yard knew before adding that she wasn't here. Gumillia then asked where she currently was; the god then revealed that the Master of the Hellish Yard was his sister Levia, stating that the mage wasn't getting out unless she came to hell as well. After a short while, the woman replied that she would wait there for Levia to pick her up. Laughing in response, Behemo remarked that Gumillia said interesting things before musing that Levia coming to fetch her may actually be the result.

When the mage asked what he meant, Behemo explained that his sister had finally regained her memory and that their wish was to destroy the world. He then added that if she hadn't forgotten it as Elluka Clockworker, their goal would've been realized sooner or later. The god also explained that if the ground world was destroyed, the boundary between the Hellish and Heavenly Yards would be erased, making it possible for Gumillia to leave and Levia to come to hell freely. When the former spirit asked if Behemo also contemplated destroying the Third Period, the god paused for a moment before replying that he was already satisfied.

He then stated that he somehow got over it during the long time he was asleep. Afterward, he elaborated that his original intentions to stop humanity before they prospered and recreated their world, musing that the humans on the ground world were likely already numerous and that he no longer had enough motivation to resist the sun god's will anymore. After a while, the god told Gumillia that, while it didn't concern him, there was a soul-eating miasma that permeated hell. Saying he hoped she stayed sane until Levia arrived, Behemo said goodbye, wishing Gumillia luck while continuing his ascent into heaven.[24]

Return to HeavenEdit

"Just had a look at the history from when I was sleeping. I've the right to know that much, don't I?"
―Behemo to Held[src]

Once he arrived in the Heavenly Yard, Behemo noticed golden rice fields where the gods' research facility once stood. Surprised by the change, Behemo figured it was the sun god's doing and ignored it, worrying about the Third Period's progress during his slumber. Figuring the god of the sun already trashed his Akashic Recorder in the Grave Yard, Behemo decided to "borrow" the god of the sun's Black Box and its recorder, thinking he would let him borrow it. Immediately finding the magical device boldly floating in the sky above the rice fields, the god mentally admitted there wasn't really a need to hide it and approached the device.

After he got close and heard the device emit the "lu li la" sound to confirm it was working properly, the god noticed the keyhole present on the box and became exasperated that he didn't have the key. Figuring the sun god may have gone down to the ground since he couldn't feel his presence, Behemo thought about examining it more and changed the channel on his artificial eyes. Seeing through the inner workings of the box, he noticed a human soul was already inside the device. Surprised, the god decided to try persuading the soul to open it from the inside.

Noticing a hidden microphone mechanism stored in the box with his eyes, Behemo pressed the hidden switch at the bottom and took the ejected mic. He then greeted the being inside and asked if he could hear him. After a short while, a voice answered, questioning if he was "Sickle". Behemo answered he wasn't, inquiring who "Sickle" was supposed to be. The voice related that he was the master of the place they were in and the god retorted that they were referring to the sun god, questioning why they were trapped in there.

Once the voice admitted they didn't know, Behemo told the soul he might be able to get them out of the box. When the soul questioned how and who he was, Behemo introduced himself, explaining he was Sickle's former colleague. After a long silence, Behemo queried if the human was suspicious of him. After another silence, the god then conceded to have them first get to know each other, wondering if the human wasn't even going to tell him a name. Faced with another long silence, Behemo thought it was hopeless and began to leave to try finding another means when the voice suddenly introduced themselves as "Allen Avadonia".

Afterward, Behemo told Allen about the emergency encryption protocol that would allow him to escape the box even without a key. Once the god instructed the boy how to properly input the protocol, the boy opened the box and flew out. Feeling a familiarity with the teenage boy, Behemo entered the device in his place while Allen headed toward the Gardens of Champs-Élysées. After closing the box and switching his sight to nightvision mode, the god quickly found the switch to the Akashic Recorder and flipped it. Thinking he should hurry before Sickle returned, the curious deity adjusted the recorder to its fastest setting before attaching the learning device to his head.

He then began receiving all the information regarding the Third Period's history up until that point. Once he finished reviewing the ground world's history, Behemo removed the device and let out a huge breath. Having discovered Allen's identity as a Lucifenian prince and reincarnated body of Behemo descended from Marina Lucif's secret twin god copies, the god mused about his earlier thoughts he'd seen him somewhere prior before realizing he actually was him appearance-wise.

The god then considered Sickle's reasons for keeping one of the "keys" to the world's creation and demise to himself, surmising he was trying to influence the world's end through the boy. As Behemo considered the two oddities in his analysis given the sun god's stringent rules about them not influencing the world and him ignoring the other "key" Riliane, he questioned if it was actually as a countermeasure in case he or his sister did something. Finally admitting to himself that he didn't understand, the deity considered his lack of will to interfere with the Third Period anymore before considering Levia's intentions.

He then thought about his sister's situation of fusing with Irina Clockworker and Eve Moonlit to become a new being. After considering her to become a worrisome problem for the sun god, Behemo thought about the Demons of Sin also disturbing the world, concluding Sickle didn't think of them as a threat since the reincarnated six kin who swore loyalty to the twin gods as a threat since they came under the creator god's rules. He finally mulled over Seth, recalling the ghoul children frozen at the underground Freezis facility beneath Castle Hedgehog in Marlon.

Peeved that one ghoul child already mixed with humans, Behemo grew frustrated he couldn't kill the Freezis Family without destroying his own work. The deity eventually decided to eliminate as much of Seth's influence from the ground as possible to keep their works from mixing any further. Noting the remaining ghoul children remaining in the Third Period, Behemo decided to act before the frozen specimens somehow reactivate. He then quickly lifted the lock from Black Box's messaging function and began typing out a message ordering the Zorach family guarding the Freezis facility to terminate the devices.

Once the old keeper there agreed to the arrangement and fulfilled his "divine revelation", Behemo flipped the switch to terminate the transmission. Pleased with the Zorachs' compliance, Behemo briefly thought of finally returned after such a long time. He then promised his former teacher that he wouldn't do anything superfluous. Afterward, the god muttered under his breath so they wouldn't hear him qualify that it was only for a little while.[25]

Eastern MaidEdit

During the EC 800s, Behemo had Allen reincarnate in Jakoku to meet with Riliane as planned. Met with the Master of the Heavenly Yard's anger for disobeying his rules, Behemo was ordered to retrieve Allen. Once he arrived in Jakoku, the god decided to instead masquerade as a human woman until Allen potentially failed to find Riliane. Taking up the identity of "Bufuko", Behemo became a servant to the Octo Family, serving the samurai Anan.

Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka in EC 838, Bufuko was assigned to care for the severely burned Kayo Sudou after she was taken in by Magistrate Gato Octo. Over the years, Bufuko fed and nursed the helpless tailor back to health; as Kayo kept referring to him as her dead son, Ren, Bufuko continued to remind her who he really was. At some point, he learned that Kayo's mother Kagura had died in an accident a year prior.

In EC 842, Enbizaka's local doctor made a house call to Kayo; hearing him remark on Kayo's miraculous recovery, Bufuko was asked if he obtained his medical knowledge somewhere. Shyly replying that growing up in a family of doctors had an influence, Bufuko discussed Lucifenia with the doctor. After being met with the man's praise, Bufuko noted that it was dinner time, leaving to prepare food for both Kayo and the doctor.

Returning soon after, Bufuko gave the doctor a rice ball before feeding Kayo. Called "Ren" again, Bufuko reminded her of who he was. Witnessing Anan enter, Bufuko bowed to the samurai, listening as he repeated his interrogation of Kayo. Telling him the tailor didn't seem to be lying, Bufuko heard Anan rant that Kagura had stolen the scissors, explaining to him that Kagura had died a year before the fire. After Anan turned to Kayo and told her she was being evicted from the Octo residence, Bufuko protested the decision, asking if the magistrate couldn't forgive Kagura.

After Anan revealed that Kayo's husband was her cousin, Bufuko expressed his surprise. Anan further explained that he would return to serving him and that he was now aiding the Freezis Foundation. After his master confirmed that he would be working at the trade house, Bufuko bemoaned his situation. Turning to Kayo, Bufuko explained that he was leaving before requesting he tailor him a maid outfit; he later said her goodbyes.

Traveling to Enbizaka with Anan, Bufuko began working at the trade house. Later that year, the maid was visited by Kayo at the trade house. Given his requested maid outfit, Bufuko excitedly thanked the woman and ran back inside to put it on, raving about his new clothes to Anan.[26] At some point, he became acquainted with the new employee at the trade house, Inukichi; over time, the infatuated man failed to get his attention.[27]

Later on, Bufuko learned that Grim the End had arrived on a merchant ship. He then negated the Demon of Envy's hold over Kokutan-douji's memories, causing him to remember his past life as Allen. Giving him the key, Behemo had him carry out Kayo's execution. Later on, Behemo came by and, ignoring Ma, took Kagura Octo's soul with him to the Heavenly Yard along with Allen.[28]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"That guy's indeed my twin brother. We're fraternal... Behemo's a weirdo."
"Weirdo's sooo cruel, Sis. What's wrong with a man dressing like a woman?"
―Levia and Behemo[src]

Behemo was a proud and stubborn god. As the creator of the humans' physical bodies, the deity took great pride in his work. As a result, the god was curious about the actions humanity had taken during his reincarnated slumber and refused to do anything to harm his creations. Despite this, the god was against the sun god's flippant decision to leave the world to the humans' devices. Likewise, his principles about destroying them were quickly compromised after the creator god drove him and his sister into a rage over the decision to banish them from godhood as a dragon.[29]

Despite his behavior, the god was not above rationale, believing that destroying the ground world during the early stages and killing humanity before it could multiply and recreate it was the best means to resist the sun god's will. Likewise, he had a change of heart after sleeping as Elluka Clockworker for centuries, losing his thirst for destruction when he realized it was already too late. However, after learning everything that had transpired during his slumber, Behemo returned to resisting the sun god's will, opting to instead passively mess with the ground world indirectly while openly acting as a compliant observer.

Behemo was prone to making snide remarks at others' expense and was typically flippant with them.[30] While on amicable terms with his fellow gods and kin, Behemo had a poor relationship with his sister Levia, offended by her distaste for his crossdressing habit and often childishly teasing her. Regardless, he cooperated with his twin during the creation of the world and imprisonment in Sin, allowing her to often take the actual action in their schemes. They also shared a strong resentment of the sun god for his decisions about the Third Period;[31] as a result, he gladly spited the sun god and continued to passively act against his stringent will whenever able.

After discovering Seth's creation of ghoul children, Behemo began holding the kin in a degree of contempt, considering his works to be low quality copies of Behemo's human bodies.[32] Therefore, he showed the HER little respect, repeatedly trampling on him as a helpless mask without hesitation.[33] Behemo's prejudice against ghoul children extended to their association with humanity, desiring to keep Seth's creations from mixing blood or space with his human works as much as possible.[34]

While identifying himself as male, Behemo preferred dressing like a woman and styled his hair at shoulder-length. The god likewise took no issue in his habit, finding nothing about it to be out of the ordinary and taking offense to being considered a "weirdo" for his personal fashion preference.[35]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I'm a god. Gods are special in a lot of ways."

Behemo was knowledgeable in the creation of biological creatures, having formulated the method of creating human bodies and designing their physical beings. Being a god, Behemo was an ageless immortal and automatically reincarnated after death. Despite this, he was still subject to the rules of the Third Period set by the sun god; regardless the god was free to move between worlds without any hazard. He was similarly savvy in operating the gods' standard technology, though lacking the expertise for more complex mechanical devices.

Behemo also possessed great magical power. After being transformed into a dragon, the god was capable of great destruction, though forced to share his physical body with his sister.[36] He could also communicate with a select few humans while sealed inside Sin.[37] Aside from this, Behemo possessed knowledge about the workings of the gods' technology and was able to operate it.

Due to the artificial eyes implanted in him, the god could adjust his sight via switching the channel settings at the command of his brain, allowing him see through solid surfaces or pitch darkness at will.[38] Behemo also had beautiful clear skin like his sister, which, along with his long hair, made him visibly indistinguishable from an actual female.[39]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Levia: Behemo's parallel world self. Behemo came to hate Levia over time and was otherwise opposed to her intolerable personality that had her embarrassed over his behavior. Despite this, he was willing to work with his sister over the course of his rebellion against the sun god. After being freed from Elluka, Behemo lost interest in working with his sister, but believed she would still pursue her original goals.

Sun God: A fellow god. Behemo worked with the sun god reasonably well and was friends with the Master of the Heavenly Yard since at least the Second Period. Despite this, he disagreed with his directive to give the ground world to the humans and so rebelled against him. Behemo's grudge against him and the ground world he'd created only grew after being punished and sealed by the sun god. After being freed from Elluka, Behemo seemed to have dropped his vendetta against the other god.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Behemo's name is derived from the Behemoth, a large land beast in Judeo-Christian mythology; it, along with the Leviathan, is believed to have been slaughtered by God to serve as a banquet for the righteous souls in heaven.
  • His crossdressing habit may be inspired by the otokonoko, male crossdressers in contemporary Japanese culture.


  • While the other three gods have titles corresponding to the Four Endings, it is unknown if Behemo possesses the otherwise unused "Master of the Graveyard" title.




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