Original バリーゾールの子供は一人っ子
Romaji Bariizooru no Kodomo wa Hitorikko
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin/Len
Release Date August 16, 2015 (CD)
Series Original Sin Story
Followed by Bloodstained Switch
"But nowadays they're two children"
―Levia and Behemo[src]

Barisol's Child is an Only Child is a song released by Akuno-P on August 16, 2015 in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album. It is the fifth song in the Original Sin Story.


The only child of Barisol, a son to a wealthy household, enjoys wearing dresses, playing with dolls, and putting on makeup, left alone because of this. The only child of Barisol, a girl prodigy, studies the minds of people in college to find the cause of Malice and learns that it isn't from her world. Later, the only son of Barisol dates a maid, who is then disgusted when he asks to put on her clothes. Meanwhile the only daughter of Barisol, suffering from Malice, consults a researcher of parallel worlds, who suggests she kills her other "self." The son hides in his room from an angry voice amidst his scattered dolls; in the mirror he sees another world, with a woman identical to him extending her hand. 

It's explained how the ark flew out from the world when Malice consumed it, with a crew of 72 people and a pair of twins on board. Right before killing her other self, the woman realizes it was a trap by the man to make her fall to Malice possibly so he could take her spot. Now two children of Barisol ride out on the ark, the sister knowing the mind and the brother knowing the body, to probably create a new humankind someday.


裕福な家庭の跡取りで 誰もが羨む美少年
だけど 彼には問題があった

人形遊びが大好きで 女の子の服ばかりを着る
母の部屋から道具を盗み こっそり化粧をしたりもする

六歳で大学に入り 人の心について研究する
止まらない犯罪や戦争 人はどうして憎みあうか
それが少しでも判ればと 彼女は研究を続けた

そして彼女は気づいた 止まらぬ『悪意』の原因を

彼にもついに恋人ができた 勤めに来た同い年のメイド


何故か止まらぬ殺人衝動 彼女は同僚に相談した

室内に転がった人形 手足はバラバラで温かい

彼の目には見えていた 鏡の中の別世界
自分にそっくりな女が 手を差し伸べた

世界が「悪意」に呑まれた時 箱舟は宇宙へ飛び出した
七十二人の乗組員 その中には双子もいたという

『自分自身』を殺す直前 彼女は真実に気づいた
これはあの男が仕組んだ 巧みな罠であるということを

私がこの手を下す時 それこそが『悪意』への入口
堕ちた私の代わりに奴が 箱舟に乗るつもりだったのだろう

人の心に詳しい姉と 人の身体に詳しい弟

箱舟は黒い海を進む 新たな楽園を目指して
二人の研究はいつの日か 新たな人類を創るだろう

Barisol no musuko wa hitorikko
Yuufuku na katei no atotori de daremo ga urayamu bishounen
Dakedo kare ni wa mondai ga atta

Ningyou asobi ga daisuki de onna no ko no fuku bakari wo kiru
Haha no heya kara dougu wo nusumi kossori kesou wo shitari mo suru
Mawari no dareshimo ga sonna kare wo toozaketa
Dakara kare wa itsudatte

Barisol no musume wa hitorikko
Sennen ichido no tensaiji
Rokusai de daigaku ni hairi hito no kokoro ni tsuite kenkyuu suru
Tomaranai hanzai ya sensou hito wa doushite nikushimiau ka
Sore ga sukoshi demo wakareba to kanojo wa kenkyuu wo tsudzuketa

Soshite kanojo wa kidzuita tomaranu ‘akui’ no genin wo
‘Sore wa kono sekai ni wa nai’ to shitteshimatta

Barisol no musuko wa hitorikko
Kare ni mo tsui ni koibito ga dekita tsutome ni kita onaidoshi no maid
Marude ningyou no you ni kawaii

Kimi no fuku wo kisasete hoshii
Aru hi kare wa kanojo ni tanonda
Kanojo wa hidoku urotae nagara
Kimochi warui sore dake kotaeta

Barisol no musume wa hitorikko
Kanojo mo ‘akui’ ni okasare hajimeta
Nazeka tomaranu satsujin shoudou kanojo wa douryou ni soudanshita
Heikou sekai no kenkyuusha
Otoko wa kanojo ni kou kotaeta
‘Mou hitori no jibun’ wo keseba kimi no ‘akui’ mo keseru kamoshirenai

Tobira no soto kara donarigoe
Kare wa heya no katasumi de obieteta
Shitsunai ni korogatta ningyou teashi wa barabara de atatakai

Kare no me ni wa mieteita kagami no naka no bessekai
Jibun ni sokkurina onna ga te wo sashinobeta

Sekai ga akui ni nomareta toki hakofune wa uchuu he tobidashita
Nanajuuni nin no norikumiin sono naka ni wa futago mo ita to iu

‘Jibunjishin’ wo korosu chokuzen kanojo wa shinjitsu ni kidzuita
Kore wa ano otoko ga shikunda takumi na wana de aru to iu koto wo

Watashi ga kono te wo kudasu toki sore koso ga ‘akui’ he no iriguchi
Ochita watashi no kawari ni yatsu ga hakofune ni noru tsumori datta no darou

Barisol no kodomo wa hitorikko
Dakedo ima wa mou futarikko
Hito no kokoro ni kuwashii ane to hito no karada ni kuwashii otouto

Hakofune wa kuroi umi wo susumu aratana rakuen wo mezashite
Futari no kenkyuu wa itsunohika aratana jinrui wo tsukuru darou

Barisol’s son is an only child
An heir to a wealthy household, and a beautiful boy everyone envies
But there was a problem with him

He loves to play with dolls, and he only wears girl clothes
He steals implements from his mother’s room and secretly puts on makeup
Everyone around him kept their distance from him as such
So he was always
All alone

Barisol’s daughter is an only child
A once-in-a-millennium child prodigy
Entering college at age six, she studies about the heart of man
Unending crimes and wars; why do people hate each other so?
So that she could understand that even a little, she continued with her research

And so she realized the cause of the unending ‘Malice’
She knew, ‘That’s not in this world’

Barisol’s son is an only child
He too finally took up a sweetheart, a maid his age who came to work for him
She was adorable like a doll

“I’d like you to let me wear your clothes,”
One day he requested of her
While becoming terribly flustered
“That’s disgusting” was her only reply

Barisol’s daughter is an only child
She too was beginning to be violated by ‘Malice’
Having unending murder impulses without knowing why, she consulted with a colleague
A researcher of parallel worlds
The man made this reply to her:
“If you can erase your ‘other self’, then perhaps your ‘malice’ can be erased as well”

From outside the door was an angry voice
In a corner of the room, he was growing afraid
The dolls scattered inside the room, their limbs were warm and in pieces

There was another world in the mirror that his eyes had been able to see
A woman who resembled himself extended a hand

When the world was consumed by “Malice”, an ark flew into the cosmos
With a crew of 72 people, inside of that it’s said there were also twins

Just before she would kill ‘herself’, she realized the truth
That this was a clever trap that man had devised

When I do this myself, that really would be the gateway to ‘Malice’
With me fallen, he likely intended to ride on the ark in my place

Barisol’s child is an only child
But nowadays they're two children
The older sister knowing the heart of man and the younger brother knowing the body of man

The ark advances along a black sea, aiming for a new paradise
Their research might create a new mankind someday

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Levia and Behemo being alternate universe versions or "mirror images" of each other may be a homage to the Kagamine twins, who are fittingly the representative Vocaloids of the twin gods.


  • When the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album was first formally announced, the tentative tracklist listed the song's title as "Dragon God Levia-Behemo".