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Banica Conchita
Technical Information
Japanese バニカ=コンチータ
Romaji Banika Konchiita
Other Names Gourmet Noble Banica
Evil Food Eater Conchita
Demon of Gluttony (alias)


Biographical Information
Born November, EC 296
Died August, EC 325 (as human)
Classification Human (till death)
Race Beelzenian
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire
Five Dukes
For other uses, see Evil Food Eater Conchita (disambiguation)
"My name is the Demon of Gluttony. She who shall devour all into oblivion."
―Banica Conchita[src]

Banica Conchita, regarded as both Gourmet Noble Banica and Evil Food Eater Conchita, was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire. Obsessed with food since an early age, the curious Banica made a contract with the Demon of Gluttony to taste all the foods in the world, leading her to eat the most grotesque foods imaginable. In pursuit of her obsession, she eventually devoured herself and the demon with her, becoming the new Demon of Gluttony.


Early LifeEdit

"Eat. There should be nothing left."
―Megour Conchita to her daughter[src]

Banica was born in Gasto in the Beelzenian Empire in November, EC 296,[1] the daughter of Muzuri and Megour Conchita. The night following her birth a celebration was held in her honor where the household feasted on the baemu pig. Due to her young age, she was the only one who did not partake in the meal.

As the years progressed, Banica's household suffered from the Gula Disease, which they had contracted from eating the baemu. It forced them to continuously eat to avoid death, often leading to devouring unusual and lethal items. The only one not affected, Banica, was tormented by her increasingly deranged mother, terrorized when refusing to eat and having food forced down her throat. Eventually, the gloomy child grew obedient out of fear of Megour's abuse.

In January of EC 306, a famine swept through the Conchita territory, leaving the household in low supply of food. In March, Banica witnessed Megour attempt to devour the dead servants, and Muzuri's subsequent murder of her in the scuffle that followed.[2] With Megour's death, Banica fell into a depression and locked herself up in the basement's food storage. Lonely and uncomfortable in the room, she soon after met Arte and Pollo, her new servants. Before long, they became close friends, accompanying her everywhere.[3]

Royal EngagementEdit

In June of EC 311, she was betrothed to Carlos Marlon, the third prince of Marlon. A few months later, around February of EC 312, she traveled to Marlon with her servants and was introduced to Prince Carlos by her head chamberlain, Ron Grapple. During her stay, the two became acquainted with each other, slowly warming up to the idea of marriage.

Unfortunately, during a dinner celebrating the arrangement, Banica caught sight of the wineglass connected with her family's downfall as Arte and Pollo were stealing it. This triggered an attack where she began desperately devouring all of the leftovers there. This episode terrified Carlos and prompted the Marlon Royal Family to dissolve the engagement. Returning home from her "failure", Banica immersed herself in food.[4]

Pursuit of DelightsEdit

"If that is the case, then I regret nothing. I believe I have already tasted almost all the cuisine of the world."

Because of the constant food shortages occurring throughout the Beelzenian Empire, Banica embarked on a journey abroad in January of EC 316 and traveled to numerous foreign countries, searching for the best crop-growing and food-preserving methods to solve Beelzenia's problem.[5] Discovering many new cuisines in her studies, the Beelzenian aristocrat brought back these new foods and their recipes to the Empire, radically increasing the domestic foods in the country.[6]

During Grabia's harvest festival held in August of EC 319, Banica arrived unannounced and participated in its tomato eating competition, winning by an overwhelming majority.[7] Because of her contributions to the ailing Empire, the young noble became well regarded as "Gourmet Noble Banica".[8] In August of EC 321, her father died of a heart attack, causing Banica to slip into another depression, again comforting herself with food. [9]

Two months later, Empress Juno, having custody over the family's territories, appointed Banica as her father's successor and she took up his title as one of the Five Dukes.[10] During this period she began developing a new wine, dubbed "Blood Grave", with the cooperation of the local farmers.[11]

Tasting TemptationEdit

"Take away food from you, and what's that leave?"
―The Demon of Gluttony to Banica[src]

In July of EC 323, Banica embarked on another journey, but swiftly returned after hearing that Ron had gone missing. The next day, Banica collapsed and was diagnosed with "visceral abnormalities" due to her self-abusive eating and confined to her bed. That evening, she was visited by a demon, who remarked upon her impending death and unfinished business therein.

The demon then revealed she had only tasted half of the world's food, offering her a contract to avoid her death and try the rest. Banica initially declined on account how her mother and the entire staff had previously been killed due to the demon and it left, but not before leaving a wine glass by her bed, claiming drinking the contents would be agreement to the contract. The next morning she awoke and saw the glass, realizing it was full of baemu blood when smelling it. Consumed by her curiosity, Banica drank after minimal hesitation, making the contract.

Through the Demon's power, Banica's figure slimmed and she made a full recovery. With her newfound abilities, the revitalized gourmand began tasting the foods she had yet to have tried.[12]

Declining ObsessionEdit

"Even in death, you annoy me."
―Banica to Ildebrando[src]
Chara img1C
At the mansion of Duke Oruhari, a banquet was held in November of that same year,[13] celebrating her recovery. Banica, accompanied by her twin servants, arrived to participate at the banquet, surprising everyone with her new, thin body. By the end of the festivities, she asked her servants to bring out her dessert, and they presented her with numerous live insects and spiders. Delighted, Banica ate them despite her audience's disgust.[14]

By November of EC 324, Banica refused to meet with anyone on the grounds of her earlier illness, transferring the management and supervision of her territories to her two servants.[15] After deserting herself from the outside world, Conchita used the glass to reanimate her family's former servants, having her undead army guard her mansion with Arte as their commander.[16]

Starting in EC 325, Banica hired a number of cooks to serve her meals but, because they were disgusted with her appetite, became irritated with them soon after and had Arte and Pollo murder each chef, being served their corpses for her meals as punishment. After hiring and cannibalizing thirteen chefs, Banica hired her fourteenth cook, Ildebrando, but quickly became annoyed with his disgusted behavior too, ordering her servants to murder him.

One night, Banica discovered the thief Platonic in her mansion, the red wine glass in hand. Amused, she merely took back the glass before sending the revived Ildebrando after her, Platonic escaping through the garden. For Ildebrando's failure, Banica moved in to devour him while he was still conscious, barely reacting when he briefly injured her quickly healing neck.[17]

Great LovesEdit

"Didn't I tell you, once upon a time? That my dream was "to eat up everything in the world". I then realized! That everything in the world was something I "can eat"! The pigs! The dogs! The birds! The ground! The residence! The town! The country! The continent! I can eat it all, all! So I— shall devour all of this world!"
―Evil Food Eater Conchita[src]

Afterwards, Banica hired the famed Joseph as her next cook. As time went on, she realized he was actually her former fiancé, Carlos. Their relationship wound up culminating in a night spent together when she was drunk, proceeding from there. Soon after Banica became pregnant with his child. When imperial messengers began arriving with invitations over the next few months, she had her servants kill them.

When the Beelzenian army later lay siege to the mansion in April, Banica raised an undead horde to defend the mansion, led by Arte and Pollo. As the terrified Carlos recognized the revived grand chamberlain, Ron, Banica elaborated on how the undead were all of the mansion's previous servants she had brought back. To his frightened questioning, Banica explained the realization she had from her journeys abroad, describing her renewed desire to eat the entire world. Having driven her undead horde across the region to attack the nearby towns, Banica continued indulging her insatiable appetite.[18]

When Carlos attempted to escape a few days later, the Duke sent her twin servants to capture him. After a brief confrontation between them, she denied his requests to leave and declared he would continue working for her, though forbidden from leaving the estate.[19]

Soon after, her lover served them soup and she readily devoured it. Seeing Carlos cough blood and collapse, Banica realized it was poisoned before watching her lover die, unaffected herself. She then ordered Arte and Pollo to cook her beloved. Served his body for dinner, Banica ate his remains with maudlin delight. While enjoying all the new flavors she tasted, Banica broke into tears.[20] Several months later, she gave birth to her and Carlos' son.[21]

Ultimate Evil FoodEdit

"I wonder what I taste like?"
―Banica before eating herself[src]

Around August of EC 325,[22] Banica finally ended up eating Arte and Pollo, running out of food and staff in the rest of the mansion. Once the still hungry Banica realized she had eaten everything in the mansion, the Duke heard the cry of a baby and remembered the child she had with Carlos. At the revelation that the baby was something to eat, Banica hurried upstairs toward the child.

Once Conchita reached the baby, however, she felt happy upon looking at its sleeping form, and delayed. She then heard the demon goading her into continuing, saying that the powder from the Golden Key was slowly killing her, the amount used to poison her soup bolstered by the degree that had been saturated in Carlos' body. It explained that the baby was a "vaccine", claiming it could counteract the Wrath magic.

Despite this, Banica refused to eat her child, beginning to see the demon take shape in her mind as it raged against her decision. As it continued she realized that it was in the shape of a pig, reminding her of her mother and the baemu pig. In a burst of defiance, she instead chose to devour herself, to the tune of the demon's panic. [23]

Demonic RebirthEdit

"Should you follow their reasoning, we must be "their" servants. However, I had no desire for that. Whatever the facts, this place was already our world. I wouldn't stand to keep company with a parent who cannot let go of their child."
―Banica regarding the Demons of Sin[src]

Exploiting her contract, Banica's consumption of her body allowed her to become a demon herself; gaining all of the demon's knowledge and power. She refused to give up her ambition to eventually devour the world and allow the gods and their kin to persist, plotting to instead acquire the reincarnating souls of Hänsel and Gretel to help her find the Grave Yard, become the Master of the Graveyard, and herald the Death ending where she would eventually devour everything in existence for her ambition.

She created an illusion of the Conchita Mansion within the dimension of her vessel. Confined to the glass, she waited until Elluka Clockworker retrieved the vessel from her mansion before it was stolen by Phantom Thief Platonic. Amused by the unknowing incarnation of Eve Moonlit, the demon became disappointed that she couldn't be possessed. After the glass was passed onto AB-CIR, Banica conversed with the mage about her replacing the original demon and the knowledge she possessed about Hänsel and Gretel.

AB-CIR later lost possession of the vessel and it was eventually retrieved by Queen Prim Marlon sometime after EC 482; meeting with Prim's court mage Abyss I.R., the demon discovered that the old woman and AB-CIR were just different bodies possessed by the same red cat mage: Irina Clockworker.[24] In EC 490, Abyss I.R. had Banica conjure a gula plague to spread across the Beelzenian Empire so she could goad and kill King Arth I with the epidemic.[25]

Twiright PrankEdit

"Even I'm not able to perfectly read a demon's mind."
―Abyss I.R.[src]

Banica appears before Riliane and Alexiel

In EC 491, Abyss I.R. magically moved the demon to one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, making it difficult for anyone but Minister Presi to extract. As part of their plan to possess Queen Anne's son, the mirror was buried on the shores of Lucifenia and soon after discovered by Prince Alexiel and Princess Riliane. Abyss I.R. then summoned the demon and Conchita manifested her shadowy form before them.

Just before moving to possess Alexiel, she noticed the smiling boy was a unique being not covered in the sun god's rules.[26] Losing her smile, the demon hesitated. Uncertain what to do, she noticed Riliane walking away and decided to possess her instead.


Banica possessing Princess Riliane

As her phantom projection possessed the princess, Alexiel intervened and the demon rendered them both unconscious as a result. Afterwards, Riliane awoke under her influence and expressed her newfound hunger to Alexiel.[27]

Afterward, the possessed princess began constantly eating food from the kitchen to satiate her hunger.[28] During the course of her possession, Banica at one point explained to Allen a legend about the ocean, out of gratitude for him sharing his snack with her: if you wrote a wish, placed it in a bottle, and threw it in the ocean, your wish would come true.[29]

Later on, Presi borrowed Banica's power, allowing himself to be completely possessed by her so that he could defeat Elluka Clockworker. After Presi was defeated, Elluka sealed the demon back into the mirror; she was later recalled to the Glass by Abyss I.R. and created another Gula pathogen for the sorceress to kill Queen Anne.[30]

Finding GretelEdit

"Foolish child. You are to never be reborn. I have taken your soul from your body. I shall make you the foundation for the Master of the Graveyard."
―Banica to Ney[src]

After Ney Marlon was given the glass in EC 505 and contracted to the demon,[31] Banica recognized her soul as that of the actual Arte, learning Abyss I.R. had used Prim to disturb Hänsel and Gretel's fated reincarnations as the Lucifen twins and produce Ney. Afterward, Banica allowed Ney to freely use her power, slowly eroding at her unstable sanity as she continued relying on the demon. When Ney snapped and told the demon to completely consume her at Castle Hedgehog, Banica diverted all her power from the corpse soldiers to her, possessing her entirely and having her undergo a demonic transformation.

After dressing Ney in her attire from life, Banica allowed the crazed assassin to attack her half-brother, King Kyle Marlon. Once Ney was subdued, Conchita's vessel was collected and later sealed by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia at Lioness Castle. When Abyss I.R. stole the vessels, removed the seals, and killed Ney, Banica used her connection to the former contractor to take the girl's soul from her body, in spite of the objections of a watching Kyle. As she took her away, she explained to Kyle the nature of Ney's soul and that it was supposed to be in Riliane. After listening to Ney tell her brother that she expected to be reborn and play with everyone again, the demon laughed, expressing her plan to use her for the foundation of the Master of the Graveyard and then taking her away.[32]

Transported into the red dimension of the wine glass, Banica waited until Ney's memories fully awakened as Gretel. Having finally claimed one of the Servants, Banica had Arte return to her original duties as her cook and maid and shared her full plans to become Master of the Graveyard with her.[33] She later watched Abyss I.R. battle her descendant Germaine Avadonia and Yukina Freezis over two weeks later. When Abyss attempted to use the Marlon Spoon on Riliane, Banica allowed Arte to intervene with her power to cancel out the Demon of Greed's own magic and facilitate Irina's defeat.[34]

Finding HänselEdit

"Regardless, he's already made a contract. So let's just watch things take its course from here on..."
―Banica regarding Lemy[src]

After Elluka Clockworker collected the Glass from Mikina Freezis, the demon and servant were sealed in her vessel;[35] sometime later, Irina reclaimed Banica's glass whilst possessing Germaine's body.[36] Toward the end of the century, after Irina took up the alias "Julia Abelard", she stored Banica's wine glass on a pedestal in her new mansion's treasury.

In EC 603, Arte possessed Lemy Abelard when the boy took the glass from Julia's treasury, forging a contract between him and the demon; at that time, they confirmed the blond boy was a reincarnation of Hänsel. Julia later gave the Glass of Conchita to Lemy; under the demon's weak influence, the boy began eating anything fed to him while near the glass. While "Ney" assisted him when necessary, Banica decided they should remain largely out of Julia's schemes for the time being.[37]

While Lemy slept on the night of September 2, EC 610, Arte told Banica about Julia and Lemy's criminal organization Père Noël and the red cat mage's political career in Lucifenia being in jeopardy; she also related that Elluka Clockworker, allegedly possessed by Eve Moonlit, had offered him the chance to escape with her and leave Julia to suffer the political and legal fallout alone, giving him until the next day to decide his answer. The two of them continued the discussion, remarking on Lemy's incompetence in using the corpse soldiers and what his ultimate decision would be.[38]

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

"You'll likely become a threat to me. Therefore—  I shall reap the benefits of your fighting. Here, with the gods and kin... you shall be eradicated as well, Irina Clockworker!"
―Banica interrupts the duel[src]

Lemy was later fatally shot through the heart by Gumillia on December 26 and buried, Banica's distant power barely keeping him from true death; around a month later, Julia moved the wine glass to his grave before leaving to duel Elluka and Gumillia at Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau. Seeing the opportunity to get near Elluka and observe the outcome with her battling the reincarnation of Levia and Behemo, Banica used her power to heal and revive her contractor.

Once Lemy revived from his coma, Banica instructed him to head north to Apocalypse Cliff where his mother was, then introduced herself. Over the next twenty-four hours, Banica led him to the location before letting Ney take over.[39] She then watched as Lemy battled Elluka's apprentice Gumillia within the tomb, continuously healing the boy of all damage the mage inflicted upon him. When Gumillia finally killed Lemy with Grim the End, Banica took the boy's soul into the wine glass.

Within the glass, Banica encouraged Lemy to watch how events transpired with them as they dined together, until he was able to recover his memories as Arte had. They watched Irina discard Germaine's body and self-destruct her own with Black Box Type S, dragging everyone caught in the blast into Elluka's inner psychological world. When Irina, Gumillia, Eve, Levia, and Behemo confronted one another in their original forms within the mental world, the demon watched Irina reveal her knowledge about Elluka being Levia before turning Eve into the "Master of the Court" and turning the area into the Court.

Once Irina explained the Court she created in Eve could make even gods killable and revealed her intention to destroy everything related to the gods, the threatened Demon of Gluttony decided to intervene. Entering Levia's inner psychological world from the outside herself, the Demon of Gluttony declared she would reap the benefits of their battle by killing all of them.

Banica summoned Worldeater into the dimension, introducing them to the "ultimate corpse soldier" before ordering it to devour them all. Irina and Levia retaliated with the fire and lightning magic and three's power collided in a massive blast.[40] Overpowering the three, Banica witnessed Levia, Eve, and Irina's souls fuse into one while everyone else was flung out in the blast. Satisfied with the result, the Demon of Gluttony returned to her vessel.[41]

Victory MealEdit

"Well, let's leave them alone for a while. There are other matters for us to attend to. Since I've finally assembled you and Pollo— no, the Twins of God Hänsel and Gretel."

Later that day, Banica sat down to dinner with Arte and Pollo, though the boy was still sulking over her attempts to kill his adoptive mother. She and Arte discussed the events that had transpired, in particular the blending of Irina, Eve, and Levia's souls. Banica decided to leave them alone for a while, claiming there were other matters more pressing, such as locating the Grave Yard to complete her role as Master of the Graveyard. Arte noted that they couldn't leave the glass as anything but voices outside of places like the Court. Banica declared they'd have to find a new contractor, saying they needed to complete the goal before the other Masters got too ahead of them.[42]

Changing OwnersEdit

Later on, the glass was passed onto a variety of owners over time. At some point, Banica came into contact with the former spirits Lich and Eater and the two became subservient to her, residing with her inside the glass. She later transformed them into death gods, giving them reanimated bodies. The glass was then stored at the Graveyard restaurant Lich managed. In EC 982, the glass was collected by Gallerian Marlon.

She then spent some time within his mansion; after Lich and Eater arrived demanding Gallerian give back the glass, Banica sucked Lich into the glass. She then told him that the glass was now Gallerian's and that they would be subservient to the judge as long as Ma was barred from getting near the glass and Gallerian looked for the Grave Yard. Afterwards, she let Lich out of her vessel.[43]

After the glass was transferred to one of the mansion's rooms, Banica laughed at the Clockworker's Doll, telling her she was the same as her.[44] The glass was later relocated to Evil's Theater.[45] Sometime before EC 990, after the glass awakened, Banica took on the form of the Master of the Graveyard.[46]

World's EndEdit

"Seeing as the world's come to this, my ambition can no longer come true. You can do as you will after this."
―Banica to Allen[src]

Following the end of the Third Period and its subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, the defeated demon returned to Gasto with her servants and recreated an illusion of the Conchita Mansion there. Afterward, the Demon of Gluttony drowned herself in endless meals in the wake of her failure to bring about the end of the world she planned, dissatisfied with the taste of the illusionary food cooked for her.

Later on, Pollo reported to Banica that the sun god was sending Prince Alexiel, having become Allen Avadonia, to meet a contractor for each of the demons, her being the one for the Demon of Gluttony. Curious about what the sun god was plotting, Banica accepted the terms and awaited the boy's visit. She was eating another meal at her table in the dining room when Allen entered.


Banica speaks to Allen

Banica ignored the child and continued eating all the food before her, only distracted when Allen tasted of her food. After briefly being coy about her previous meeting with him during his childhood with Riliane, she confirmed with him his reason for being there. In the ensuing conversation she explained to him her reasons for why she had become a demon, as well as her belief that, despite the reincarnated god kins' reasoning, the world belonged to humanity.

Allen inquired as to her reasons for possessing Riliane and not him, and Banica told him it was because he was abnormal. Seeing his confusion, the demon elaborated about the knowledge and power she acquired as the demon including all of the sun god's rules she had to follow, citing he simply wasn't covered in them. When pressed for more information, she remained vague.

Then Banica directly asked what Sickle was plotting, though Allen was unable to answer. No longer interested in the conversation anymore, she stood and declared her intent to rest, mentioning as she left that Arte wanted to meet with him.[47]


By the time Elluka Clockworker infiltrated the Conchita Mansion as part of the Empire's investigation into rumors of Banica's cannibalism, Conchita was discovered missing and her castle empty and in perfect order. The Empire determined Conchita had fled to one of its neighboring countries and discontinued Elluka's investigation.[48] Her child that she also left behind eventually had offspring as well and continued for several generations, leading to Germaine Avadonia.[49]

Sanan Noi later created a fairy tale based on her called "Vampiress Vanika" that became famous throughout Evillious,[50] highlighting her legendary birth and remarkable savory.[51] Included in the tale were the "corpse soldiers" that were dug up in the cemetery and cursed to serve her forever as her reanimated servants through the power of her cursed[52] red wine glass.[53] It was said she would wither away if she failed to drink wine made from human blood for three days.[54]

Elluka Clockworker later passed on her knowledge of Banica to the historian Will Jaakko, who later compiled a manuscript regarding the vessels of sin. Centuries after Conchita's death, Yukina Freezis visited the site of her ruined mansion while investigating Will's writings on the Seven Deadly Sins. Among the folklore in literature surrounding Banica was that she was possessed by a glass vessel of sin, which turned her into a "Evil Food Eater".[55]

Historical records conflicted about her actual figure, some saying she was large and plump while others claimed she was beautiful and thin.[56] Many of the dishes and recipes brought back to Beelzenia on her travels were incorporated into its culinary tradition including the Blood Grave wine she loved,[57] which continued to exist nearly two centuries later in the Kingdom of Lucifenia.[58] Ma later created a film regarding Banica's possession, adding her commentary as she watched the film with a captured visitor of Evil's Theater.[59]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Of those possessed by a Deadly Sin, Banica Conchita was perhaps the more happy."
Repulsive FoodEater

Banica smiling at her dining hall

Conchita was an opsomaniac with an intense desire to consume the most delectable cuisines in existence. Her obsessive behavior was worsened by her mother's abuse and eating everything without any leftovers became a habit for the child.[60] As a result, food became the center of Banica's existence and she dedicated a majority of her life to satiate her endless curiosity for the tastes of every food in the world.[61]

Banica's appetite evolved over the course of her life, initially eating fine cuisine and other meals considered delicious by the majority,[62] although she was not beyond eating foods religiously considered taboo such as the baemu pig.[63] After developing Blood Grave, the wine became Banica's favorite. Coinciding with her appetite, Banica's table manners were crude and often disturbing to those around her, relentless in stuffing food in her mouth hastily and noisily. Her love of food eventually became a coping mechanism for Banica, with the woman immersing herself deeper and deeper into her craft when confronted with a loved one's death or personal failure.[64]

After being introduced to the world of the "ultimate" food,[65] Banica became enraptured in less favorable delicacies, such as insects,[66] and even her own plates.[67] Under the influence of the Demon of Gluttony, she became persistent in pleasing her endless appetite and lost any boundaries to what she considered food. As her tastes continued to descend, she eventually indulged herself in necrophagia and cannibalism.[68] Once she conceived the idea to devour herself, Banica believed she was the ultimate food she was desiring and took glee in eating her own being.[69]

Towards the end of her life, Conchita became a recluse, isolating herself within her castle and no longer governing her territory.[70] When not indulging her appetite, Banica took up a hobby of gardening, although doing so to grow more food for her to eat.[71] As the Demon of Gluttony, Banica's obsession with food continued unabated, even claiming she could devour the entire world and remain unsatisfied.[72]

Although monstrous while eating, Banica was a calm individual, acting unbothered when first meeting the Demon of Gluttony and unflinchingly conversed with it despite the peculiar situation.[73] She loved both her parents dearly, slipping into a depression with each of their deaths,[74] and becoming defensive when the Demon of Gluttony mentioned her father's involvement in her mother's demise.[75] She was also extremely affectionate towards Carlos, falling in love with him during their reunion and bearing his child. However, after her lover's attempted betrayal and murder-suicide, she was heartbroken and driven to tears.

After making her contract with the Demon of Gluttony, Banica also acted cruel and domineering, unflinching with sending her undead army on a rampage across Grabia. Similarly, she was ruthless towards her employees. Defiance was looked upon as a nuisance and, once considered useless to her, Banica had no qualms killing and eating the "traitors" for offending her.[76]. While acting as the demon of the wine glass, Banica enjoyed possessing others and was disappointed when humans were beyond her influence.[77]

In contrast, she appeared to express gratitude toward Prince Alexiel for sharing his snack with her, sharing her knowledge of a legend to him in kind.[78] She also seemed to have affection towards her own child, even resisting the urge to eat it when pressed to.[79]

Like with Carlos, Banica held a close connection to her servants, Arte and Pollo. Having met them as a child, the twins helped the young noble come out of her depression after her mother's death and they quickly became friends.[80] As her personal servants, Banica rarely traveled anywhere without them in tow and relied on them for nearly every task she desired. Despite eating them herself, after becoming the demon she sought out their souls to reclaim them by her side.[81]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"If it weren't for Banica Conchita, Beelzenia would have declined earlier."
―An Oruhari duke[src]

Banica was a practiced food enthusiast and a major contributor to Beelzenian culture. Practically since the day she was born, Banica had a remarkable appetite and became unmatched in her speed and volume of food intake to the point that she easily won competitions involving the talent.[82] She became well versed in the tastes and flavors of many delicacies from both within and outside of the Beelzenian Empire, earning her title as "Gourmet Noble Banica".[83] Because of this, she, with the help of Grabia's farmers, was able to conceive and create Blood Grave, a fine wine that remained a popular product for nobles across Evillious well after her death.[84] She also developed a keen sense of smell, able to detect even faint scents of a dish's individual components.[85]

Due to her excessive eating, Banica's weight reached over 100 kg,[86] severely crippling her movements and becoming a major detriment to her health.[87] After making her contract with the Demon of Gluttony, the feudal lord's overweight form downsized into a more slender and fit figure, with her overall health similarly bolstered.[88] As part of her deal with the Demon, Banica was capable of eating anything and everything with minimal ill effects, including indigestible material such as human hair or deadly toxins.[89] Similarly, the Demon's power allowed any normal injury dealt to Banica quickly heal and any fall from great heights to became a slow and light descent.[90]


Banica reanimating the dead

Banica was also able to reanimate the dead killed by the Gula disease through the power of the Glass and used this to great effect to guard her home. In spite of the low intelligence of the corpse soldiers, Banica was able to command them effectively, through Arte, to create an unstoppable army.[91] As a downside, Banica's powers and life were connected to the Demon, and its destruction would lead to her conventional death.

By devouring herself and the demon,[92] Banica took on all the former demon's powers, able to manifest in a phantom form long after her death,[93] take possession of individuals who came in contact with her glass, create and enhance the pathogen for the Gula disease, and reanimate the dead through her own power. Despite this, she was also subject to the limitations of the Glass, able to be utilized by Irina Clockworker for her own ends,[94] although even the sorceress admitted her cooperation was unpredictable and could easily ignore its wielder's wishes should she choose.[95]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Carlos Marlon: Banica’s fiancé and later, meal. Banica grew fond of him during the engagement, and saw its cancellation as a failure to comfort herself over; she eventually discovered Carlos was disguised as her cook, Joseph, and fell in love with him, siring a child with the prince in the process. She was left distraught by his attempt to kill her and his own suicide and took comfort in devouring his body, finding him delicious, but crying while doing so.

Arte: Conchita's servant and later, meal. Conchita had a close friendship with Arte stemming from childhood; due to this relationship, Banica relied on Arte to attend her every need as a loyal servant, even trusting the maid to reign over her territories. While devouring her later out of curiosity, Banica continued to depend upon Arte, seeking out her reincarnations to merge with her again.

Pollo: Conchita's servant and later, meal. Conchita had a close friendship with Pollo stemming from childhood; due to this relationship, Banica relied on him to attend her every need as a loyal servant despite his evident stupidity, even trusting him to reign over her territories. While devouring him later out of curiosity, Banica continued to depend upon Pollo, seeking out his reincarnations to merge with him again.

Megour Conchita: Banica’s mother. The strict dietary discipline and harsh punishments that Banica received from Megour traumatized her into a fascination with eating; after her death, Banica was inconsolable for a time, and resented the Demon of Gluttony for its perceived role in her death.

Unknown Son: Banica's infant son she had with Carlos. Although about to eat the child under the demon's suggestion, Banica inevitably chose to devour herself instead, sparing the boy.

Master of the Graveyard: Banica's later incarnation. After taking the place of the Demon of Gluttony, Banica attempted to become the new Master of the Graveyard, although unaware of the title's true meaning.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Banica's name is a torsion of the English word "cannibalism";[96] the reverse of her Japanese name makes up the "caniba" portion of the wordplay while the reverse of her father's Japanese name makes up the "lism" part.
  • When crafting the story for Evil Food Eater Conchita, mothy desired to make Banica more akin to a monster rather than a human.[97]





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