Technical Information
Japanese エイン
Romaji Ein
Biographical Information
Died EC 500
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort
For other uses, see Ayn (disambiguation)
"It's better if Clarith remained by your side. When I become stronger and remove all the guilt I have, I'll be able to talk to her face-to-face."
―Ayn to Michaela[src]

Ayn was a villager from Yatski in the Kingdom of Elphegort and a soldier serving under Earl Felix. The son of the village chief, the young man fled from his home with his crush, Clarith, and her friend Michaela after discovering his father's plan to frame the Netsuma for murder. Delivering them to safety in the capital, Ayn reported his family's misdeeds to Earl Felix and became part of the local lord's military garrison.


Early LifeEdit

"You talk to Ayn a lot?"
"These days, I do... He comes to talk to me."
―Michaela and Clarith[src]

Ayn watching Clarith grow up alone

Ayn was born in the Kingdom of Elphegort in the late 5th century EC, the son to the Yatski village chief.[1] Growing up in the small village, Ayn's mother died of illness while he was a young child and his midwife and her husband took care of him in her place.[2] When the couple later left for Aceid, the boy learned they owned an inn in the Central District.[3] At some point, he fell in love with the Netsuma girl abused by all the villagers, Clarith.[4]

As time progressed, Ayn became increasingly frustrated by his father's corruption and everyone's mistreatment of Clarith. After noticing Clarith was further abused by the chief whenever he had her cook at their home to pay off her debt, the powerless boy kept quiet about it like everyone else.[5] Sometime during the EC 490s, Ayn took up work managing the poultry while helping around the village and greeting everyone as the chief's son.

Around that time, he asked his cousin Eugen to teach him swordplay so he could protect them and the former soldier complied, training him in the art.[6] After hearing tales of Leonhart Avadonia and Gast Venom, the boy dreamed of becoming a powerful knight so he could kill his father and Eugen and save Clarith. As he grew older, the young man learned how to traverse the dangerous cliff paths north of the village and became popular with all the women there.[7]

Reaching OutEdit

"But... he didn't talk to me very much until you appeared, Miss Michaela."

Ayn speaks to Clarith about the harvest festival

In the summer of EC 499, Ayn noticed a newcomer to the village living with Clarith, Michaela, and befriended her over the following months, using the opportunity to get closer to Clarith as well. One day, while working with a wheel barrel, he saw Clarith walking home from the fields. Seeing her downcast expression as she passed, he stopped working and called out to her.

Approaching the Netsuma, he happily asked to confirm she was returning from the fields and congratulated her for the work. When Clarith nervously apologized, the young man stared at her for a moment in confusion before smiling again and asking if she was alone that day. The Netsuma admitted she was. He then inquired if she would be participating in the harvest festival for that year, quickly continuing that he'd be relieved if she took Michaela since it would be her first time going to it.


Ayn wishes Clarith and Michaela goodbye

Afterward, he excitedly related that he wanted to see the two of them as much as possible before lamenting about his duties as the chief's son keeping them apart. He then noticed Michaela heading down the road toward them and warmly greeted her, thanking the girl for her hard work. After sharing their topic of conversation with her, Michaela pointed out that the festival was still far away.

Ayn replied that it was the better they planned it sooner, saying he wanted it to be as grand as possible despite the poor harvest for the year. When the Elphe asked what would be the point of having a grand festival for a poor harvest, Ayn retorted that they'd still need to celebrate to cheer everyone up. After telling her she could hear the details from Clarith, Ayn waved and said goodbye before leaving the two.

Fleeing the NestEdit

"Ayn? What's the matter? Did... something happen?"
"Eugen was murdered. My father's insisting Clarith killed him. He's taking the young men to try and arrest her. You need to hurry and escape!"
―Michaela and Ayn[src]

Ayn arguing with his father over poisoning Eugen

Months later, in November, Ayn discovered his father had poisoned Eugen for threatening to report his corruption to Earl Felix; seeing his father claim Clarith had poisoned the food she allegedly made for them out of resentment, the chief's son confronted his father about the issue and was told she always did them a terrible disservice. As the village riled up into a mob to go and arrest the Netsuma, Ayn rushed to her home and tried to force open the door, desperately shouting for the Clarith and Michaela.

When Michaela answered, wondering what was wrong, he explained what was happening and told them they had to escape immediately. Leading them along the safer cliff paths north of Yatski, Ayn got them to safety.[8] After seeing Clarith's exhaustion, he checked to see the faraway torches of the villages and pointed to a nearby tree, suggesting they take a break. Once the two girls collapsed under the tree, Ayn put his arms to his side noted the village somehow missed them, doubting they'd catch up due to the path they'd taken. He then looked and noticed Clarith unconscious and froze in fear.


Ayn hits a tree in frustration

Michaela quickly explained she'd barely slept since they found her mother's corpse and the relieved villager smiled and suggested they let her rest. Collapsing upon the tree next to Michaela,[9] he heard the girl whisper to ask what had happened and he explained the situation to her. When Michaela began to question how they could accept such reasoning, Ayn admitted the village would've suspected her regardless. Lamenting he would've objected to it all if he was stronger person, Ayn punched the tree in his frustration; he then expressed his shame toward his father.

When Michaela asked what he planned to do afterward, Ayn decided he'd report the situation to Earl Felix himself. The girl questioned if he was alright with his father being arrested as a result and the young man stated it didn't matter anymore. Ayn then inquired if Michaela would go with him and explained their prior plans to move to Aceid after Clarith's mother's death. The lonely villager then dejectedly agreed with the plan and admitted it would be easier for them to hide in the capital where they would be surrounded by people.


Ayn takes them to his midwife's inn

When Michaela suddenly apologized, Ayn brushed it off and said it was best that Clarith remained by her side. After he declared he'd become stronger and remove all the guilt he had so he could finally face her, Ayn told her to forget about it. He then immediately declared he'd take them to Aceid after their break finished, noting there was one place they could stay that he trusted.[10]

Once they all recovered, Ayn led them to the capital and took them to the innkeeper couple in the Central District. Explaining the situation to them, the couple agreed to take them in.[11] After seeing Clarith was settled in bed in their new room, Ayn heard Michaela thank him and brushed it off. When asked, he explained his history with the inn's owners before telling the innkeeper he had to go and wishing the couple well. Wishing the same to Michaela and Clarith,[12] the young man immediately left for Toragay.[13]

Service to the EarlEdit

"Are you alright, Ayn? What about the village?"
"My father was arrested. I can't replace him as chief so somebody else has to do it."
"You haven't returned to the village?"
"I haven't yet because the Earl appointed me to join the Elphegortean army."
―Michaela and Ayn[src]

Ayn serving in Earl Felix's provincial army

Meeting with Earl Felix at his mansion in Toragay, Ayn told him of what transpired at Yatski and the grateful feudal lord had his father arrested for his transgressions. When the Earl appointed him into his garrison in the Elphegortean army as a reward, the young villager gladly accepted the offer and spent his months honing his skills as a soldier.[14] While being taught how to ride horses, Ayn struggled and learned many things about the animals and the difficulty in controlling them.[15]

Later on, Ayn heard from the innkeeper that Michaela and Clarith were hired as maids for the Freezis Family. On December 28, EC 499, Ayn learned the Earl planned to meet with Keel Freezis in Aceid and the soldier asked if he could coming along to visit his friends. The earl accepted the request and assigned him as his bodyguard for the trip. They then traveled to the Freezis Mansion in the capital and, with Keel still away on business, awaited the merchant's return in the meeting room.

At the Earl's request, Michaela and Clarith entered the room to serve tea and snacks when Clarith realized Ayn was there. As both girls looked at him in shock, Keel entered the room and the three were ushered out while the aristocrats had their meeting,[16] bowing to his lord before he exited and met them at the hallway window. Ayn then explained how he found them and ended up visiting, expressing his glee that they were doing well. When Michaela asked about the village, he frowned and told them about his father's arrest, wondering what happened since hadn't returned.


Ayn cries after learning Clarith's gratitude

Afterward, the soldier revealed his military appointment by the Earl, showing off his new uniform. Ayn then related his childhood dream to become a knight to protect the most important person to him. At Michaela's mention of his "important person", Ayn averted his gaze shyly towards Clarith and smiled when the meeting room door opened and the two nobles exited.

While watching the two finish their conversation, Ayn saw a small girl tackle Keel. Shocked, the watched the famed merchant pamper his daughter before finally shaking hands with the earl, smiling as he glanced back at the two maids. Earl Felix then called for Ayn and they began making their way for the exit when he heard Clarith suddenly shout her thanks for all his help, Touched, tears welled up in his eyes and the soldier gently waved his hand back while not turning around; as he rubbed away his tears,[17] the soldier continued forward and returned to Toragay with the Earl.[18]

Green WarEdit

"I'm going to lure them away. You guys head toward the forest. The soldiers aren't familiar with the terrain there so they won't be able to catch up with you."
―Ayn to Clarith and Michaela[src]

During the Green Hunting in EC 500, Ayn was among the unit deployed to defend Yatski from the invading Lucifenian army. While the defending the town, they were overwhelmed by the Lucifenian forces and the survivors retreated into the Millennium Tree Forest and dispersed. Returning to the village soon after, Ayn was surprised to see Michaela and Clarith there when they were suddenly attacked by the Lucifenian army. Before the soldiers could kill Michaela, Ayn screamed for them to stop and tackled a soldier.

He then shouted for Clarith and Michaela to run. When asked why he was there, he told her to shut up and run, saying they'd talk later. Holding off the soldiers while the two fled south, Ayn saw the soldiers head for their horses to go after them. Catching up to the two, he explained he'd lure the grunt away while they head into the forest where they'd lose them in the unfamiliar terrain. As Clarith cried at him doing this and not coming with them, he told her not to worry and promised to catch up, stating he had a plan.

He then turned to face the soldiers on horseback and cut their leg tendons as they tried to pass, driving them out of control and crippling the soldiers' momentum. Swiftly fleeing into the forest, he caught up with Michaela and Clarith again. Asked how he managed to hold off so many of them, he proudly explained his own experiences on horseback and his secret plan. They then began walking towards the well that hid Keel's secret safehouse to hide Michaela and Ayn explained how he ended up in Yatski.

Admitting his own shock at seeing them there, Ayn applauded the fact he was finally able to protect someone due to his swordsman training. They then suddenly heard a loud roar of people and Ayn noted they called for reinforcements. As they heard one of the soldiers from earlier goad them to give up hiding, Clarith determined to take Michaela's cloak and act as a decoy.

Ayn watched the Netsuma argue with Michaela about her plan and gasped when she confessed her love to the Elphe girl and suddenly kissed her. After Clarith explained to the drowsy Michaela that she slipped a sleeping pill into the kiss, the white-haired woman thanked Ayn and told him to take the incapacitated girl to the hideout while she continued with her plan. Complying, the soldier carried Michaela to the well and hid her inside the hideout at the bottom before returning for Clarith.

Once he found the Netsuma, Ayn defended her from the pursuing soldiers until he was shot in the leg by an arrow and incapacitated while they took her into custody. Left for dead, Ayn returned to the well and removed the arrow, attempting to apply first aid with the kit hidden inside the hideout. After leaving the well to go after Clarith again, Ayn collapsed from his injury shortly after and bled out.[19]


"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Ayn..."
―Michaela after discovering Ayn's corpse[src]

Shortly after, Michaela awoke from her coma and discovered the bloodstains on the floor and first aid kit left on the table. Finding Ayn's corpse just outside the well short after, the girl mourned his death and gave him a proper burial, using his nearby sword as a temporary grave marker.[20] After the end of the war with Lucifenia, a proper grave was established on the spot, reading "Here lies Ayn, a brave warrior" on its surface. When Yukina Freezis, Germaine Avadonia, and Gumillia visited the site years later, they found the grave and prayed to it before leaving.[21]

Clarith later found an orphaned Netsuma boy at the Held Monastery after she became a nun, naming him after her beloved friend. Wearing his namesake, the white-haired Ayn eventually became the first chief of the World Police after it was established. The name was later passed onto the man's grandson, Ayn Anchor, who became motivated to live up to the original namesake after hearing the origin of the name from newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre.[22]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"It was my dream to someday become an amazing swordsman like Leonhart Avadonia or Gast Venom... And then I thought I'd become stronger and even kill my father and Eugen. In order to protect the person precious to me."
―Ayn showcasing his resolve[src]

Ayn's characteristic smile

Ayn was a cheery and courageous young man. Characterized by his smile, Ayn tried to maintain a positive attitude and good-natured demeanor with everyone, giving a certain charisma. Coinciding with his optimism, he was very considerate of others and always thinking of how to help people even if it was to his detriment. Both outgoing and direct, Ayn was an honest man and a caring individual. Having fallen in love with the Netsuma, Ayn was especially protective of Clarith and constantly worried about her well-being.

As a result, he detested the prejudice his fellow villagers gave towards Clarith and grew to hate his father for his corrupt administration of Yatski. However, Ayn felt powerless to change the deeply-rooted social injustice present in his homeland. Likewise, while ashamed of his father's sleaziness and deceit, he felt equal responsibility for not being able to stand up and defend Clarith as she lived an abused life.

Therefore, Ayn felt particularly shy around Clarith and kept his distance, feeling he had neither the right to face her nor the means to protect her for their interactions. But, after seeing Clarith find a dependable friend in Michaela, Ayn began to develop the courage to take the initiative. Likewise, Michaela's example helped forge Ayn's resolve to improve himself both physically and emotionally, hoping to rid himself of his past guilt and be able to properly face Clarith with his feelings.[23] This resolve became an underlying dedication for Ayn and he strove to become a great swordsman despite the hardships of losing his home, family, and friends; because of this, he respected Michaela and supported her efforts to help Clarith whenever possible.


Ayn's often hidden frustration with himself

In spite of his cheery and typically smiling personality, Ayn's frustrations and inner guilt carried with him a darker side he often hid, one both disdainful towards his own shortcomings and fierce towards his enemies. He held a great amount of pride in his skill as a warrior as well, and aspired to become on par with recent legends like Leonhart Avadonia and Gast Venom.[24] Due to his protective nature of Clarith, Ayn's ferocity would become especially aggressive when either her or Michaela were in danger; as a result, he didn't hesitate to strike at armed soldiers and struggled to protect his love until his dying breath.[25]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Fortunately, swordsmanship school came in handy. I was finally able to protect someone..."

Although born a common villager, Ayn practiced swordsmanship early on under Eugen's tutelage and was capable at the basics needed to defend the village poultry. After being recruited into the Elphegortean army, Ayn took formal sword training regiments and honed his skills with the blade.[26] He likewise developed an impressive stamina while wearing heavy armor. He also learned how to ride a horse and learned much about the difficulty in controlling the beast through his personal experiences.

Likewise, Ayn had an aptitude for thinking on his feet, able to make sound plans in short periods of time while under large amounts of pressure. This ability was especially helpful in combat and helped the soldier take on multiple opponents at once without a serious disadvantage. Due to his developed bravery and dedication, Ayn was relentless while fighting and had a hardy endurance even when seriously injured.[27]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Clarith: Ayn's crush. Ayn grew to care greatly about Clarith while growing up in Yatski, developing feelings for her from afar and treating her kindly, despite never able to prevent her treatment at the hands of the other villagers. Ashamed of this, his love for Clarith led to his resolve to be a stronger swordsman in the Elphegort army to protect her, and he defended her until his death.

Michaela: A friend of Ayn. Getting to know her in their time in Yatski, Ayn became close friends with Michaela and he saw her as a good influence and friend for Clarith. He was able to confide in the girl his own shame for not protecting Clarith in Yatski, and defended her as well during the Green Hunting.

Aceid Innkeeper: A man who helped raise Ayn. Ayn was close with the innkeeper and saw him as a parental figure along with his wife; as well as this, he saw them as trustworthy and hospitable people despite their foreign status.

Aceid Innkeeper's Wife: A woman who helped raise Ayn. Ayn was close with the innkeeper's wife and saw her as a mother figure after his own mother's death. As well as this, he saw her as trustworthy and hospitable woman despite her foreign status.

Yatski Chief: Ayn's father. Ayn grew contemptuous of his father over his treatment of Clarith and stealing money from Earl Felix, although in the past feeling powerless to go against him. He dreamed of one day killing the chief to protect Clarith from his abuse.

Eugen: Ayn's cousin. Ayn had a regular familiar relation with Eugen and respected him, who was the first person to teach Ayn how to use a sword. Regardless, he dreamed of one day killing Eugen to protect Clarith.






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