Arkatoir Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese アルカトイル=マーロン
Romaji Arukatoiru Maaron
Vocaloid Derivative


Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon
Levin Church (Levia sect)

Arkatoir Marlon was the parliamentary secretary of the Kingdom of Marlon and the half-brother of Kyle. During the political unrest over his father's heir, Arkatoir's claim to the throne was renounced and he went into seclusion. The former prince later returned to parliament and served under his half-brother's reign, becoming involved in unraveling the conspiracy within the Marlon government.


Early LifeEdit

"This will be my fight."

Arkatoir was born into the Marlon Royal Family around EC 482, the illegitimate child of the king of Marlon and one of his mistresses. He was then taken in and raised by the royal family at Marlon Castle in Bariti along with his father's many children. After the king died around EC 490, the dispute over which of his heirs would succeed him grew bloody as his numerous half-brothers disappeared or were mysteriously killed; to prevent Arkatoir from also being killed, his mother renounced his birthright and he became a regular citizen.

Sometime after his surviving half-brother King Kyle was crowned king in EC 494, Arkatoir learned the teen's mother Queen Dowager Prim was heavily suspected for the other heirs' murders. Reluctant to become a peasant for the rest of his life, the former prince later returned to the castle and became part of the royal parliament. Serving under his half-brother, Arkatoir proved his excellence for the King and Queen and became the parliamentary secretary.

During this time, Arkatoir encountered Prim's court mage, Abyss I.R. and became unnerved whenever the vile sorceress lurked around the castle and noticed Kyle actively avoided the creepy old woman. At one point, Kyle asked his half-brother why he was in politics when his mother would definitely consider killing him too. The young man quickly explained that it would be his fight. Citing he was grateful to his mother removing him from the family dispute, he qualified that he still didn't wish to live plowing fields and wanted to aim for something more even if it meant awaiting his doom.

The King ReturnsEdit

"It seems you have served me well in my absence."
―Kyle to Arkatoir[src]

After Kyle chose to stay in the occupied Lucifenia at the end of EC 500, Arkatoir continued his official duties under Prim's authority. At some point, he met the Freezis Family head maid Gerda and became infatuated with the older woman. In EC 505, after Abyss I.R. had gone missing for a little while, Prim announced that the court mage had died of old age and was buried in Left Chapel. After word came that King Kyle planned to return home a few days later, Arkatoir noticed that Prim was upset before she suddenly took leave for Castle Hedgehog, claiming to need to recover from poor health at the royal villa.

A few days later, Arkatoir received word that Kyle had arrived in Bariti and later found him ascending Middle Tower, noting he came there of all places. As his half-brother thanked him for all the work he did, Arkatoir grew bashful and passed the thanks onto Kyle's mother while rubbing the back of his neck. When Kyle asked about where Prim was, the parliamentary secretary grew tense and hesitated to explain.

Once Kyle questioned what was wrong, Arkatoir described the Queen Dowager's recent departure from Marlon Castle, noting the continuous hard work seemed to have tired her out a little. After the King questioned when that was, Arkatoir admitted it was immediately after news came of his return, pointing out Prim's clearly unhappy disposition upon learning that.

Kyle then inquired how many soldiers were currently in the homeland and Arkatoir related they could garrison fifty thousand navymen and twenty thousand ground troops. The king questioned how many could be called to the castle right away and Arkatoir confirmed they could assemble five thousand soldiers total, including those already stationed there. After Kyle expressed his satisfaction with collecting that number, the puzzled official questioned where he was going and the King answered it was just to be safe.

As the king prepared to leave down the stairs again, he suddenly stopped and asked if Abyss I.R. had gone with his mother, surprising Arkatoir. When Kyle questioned if something was wrong, the parliamentary secretary admitted he was just surprised the King was showing unusual concern for the mage. He then related Abyss' recent passing, noting Prim's story and that she seemed to be the only one who actually attended the old woman's funeral; he then related his relief that the mage had died, describing the unnerving feeling the sorceress gave him.

Seeing Kyle's disappointment in his eyes, he mentioned that she had a grave erected and offered to show him where she was buried. Kyle accepted and he brought him to Left Chapel along with a few guards, showing him Abyss I.R.'s grave. When Kyle demanded they unearth it, Arkatoir was shocked and asked why. The King said he wished to see the body for himself and Arkatoir obeyed the command. Once the coffin was opened and Kyle confirmed the sorceress' body lay within, they left.[1]

He later joined Kyle as the King prepared to meet with Keel Freezis in the Right Palace. After Kyle seated himself in the audience chamber, Arkatoir silently stood beside him when the merchant told him to leave along with his attendants so he and Kyle could talk privately. Once Kyle agreed and ordered him to give Keel's son Shaw a tour of the castle, Arkatoir abided. When Keel told Gerda to join them, Arkatoir became embarrassed and blushed. Suddenly hurrying them on, Arkatoir hastily left the audience chamber with Shaw and Gerda, giving them a tour. Once Keel left with his servants and Arkatoir returned by Kyle's side, he noticed the King looked unwell and suggested he take a rest. Kyle abided and left the room.[2]

Returning StormEdit

"I've become unable to know what's the right answer anymore. What's "justice", what's "evil" even—  "
"So you haven't done good? You wouldn't have done everything you've done if it wasn't well-founded. Everyone else thinks that as well."
―Kyle and Arkatoir[src]

After Arkatoir assembled the five thousand ground troops Kyle desired, the King left for Lioness Castle. Once he returned days later from his assault of Castle Hedgehog, he learned of Prim's apparent demise during the fighting due to a mage who escaped. After the Queen Dowager was formally buried two weeks later, Arkatoir approached Kyle before his mother's grave in Left Chapel and overheard him mutter he was "boring". The parliamentary secretary immediately told him the king of a nation shouldn't say such things, advising he not appear as a bearish king in front of the people at least.

As Kyle lamented he wasn't able to know the right answer anymore, whether it was "justice" or "evil", the aide interjected that that wasn't good, reminding him that everyone thought his actions wouldn't have been done if they weren't well-founded. After Kyle chuckled and agreed that might be so, Shaw suddenly sprinted over and Arkatoir watched him relate to Kyle about his sister Yukina's recent departure from Marlon.[3] After Kyle established Lucifenia's independence from Marlon in EC 510, the King abdicated the throne and had Arkatoir crowned in his place.[4] Sometime after, the new king sired children.


Following Arkatoir's death, one of his heirs succeeded him. In the wake of his reign, future generations of the Marlon Royal Family had varying hair colors in contrast to the characteristic blue hair of male generations during the previous centuries.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"A nation's king shouldn't say such things. You shouldn't be showing the appearance of such a bearish king, at least in front of the people."
―Arkatoir to Kyle[src]

Arkatoir was an honest, humble, and selfless man. Since his youth, the former prince aspired to be something more than a simple peasant farmer. As a result, he was reluctant to give up his claim to the throne, though grateful to have avoided being killed during the political unrest. Despite this, he had no issue being a civil servant to royalty and loyally served the royal family who ousted him. Arkatoir was also very daring, gladly demonstrating his abilities in the political field and challenging the risks to his own life.

Despite this ambition, the former prince was very humble and easily became embarrassed when praised. Arkatoir was similarly very kind-hearted and honest; despite only being half-siblings, Arkatoir demonstrated his love and respect for Kyle and supported the self-doubting king during his reign. Because of this, the former prince was eager to help his brother, supplying him with crucial information and acting as his adviser whenever needed. As a result, the two developed a close bond and shared their thoughts and feelings rather casually with one another.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Having attained the position of parliament secretary at a young age, Arkatoir was skilled in politics and an extremely competent official, impressing even the critical Queen Dowager Prim. Committing government and military matters to memory, he was a capable aide and adviser as well. Due to his royal blood, Arkatoir was a legitimate heir of the royal family, though having relinquished his birthright and becoming a commoner for much of his early life.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kyle Marlon: Arkatoir's half-brother. Although not growing up with Kyle as brothers, Arkatoir nonetheless cared greatly for his relation and provided him aid and formal advice whenever possible, making use of his political power. Understanding the great responsibility that Kyle held, he also reassured the king in his times of uncertainty and looked after his health.

Gerda: Arkatoir's crush. After meeting Gerda, Arkatoir became infatuated with the woman despite her age. Due to the many oddities of the relationship and its novelty, the official would become embarrassed whenever the subject was broached.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Arkatoir's surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.
  • Arkatoir's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Fanloid, Akaito, with Arkatoir's romanization containing "a", "ka" and "to".


  • Despite being a few years younger than him, Arkatoir strongly resembled Kyle, looking almost exactly like him save for the red hair he received from his mother.[5]



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