Original そして少女は狂いだした -終末月夜抄-
Romaji Soshite Shoujo wa Kurui Dashita -Shuumatsu Tsukiyo Shou-
Singer(s) GUMI
Kagamine Rin/Len (back-up)
Release Date August 17, 2014 (CD)
Series -
Preceded by The Weathered Head at Onigashima
Followed by The Last Revolver
"Left all alone, I little by little quietly start to go mad"
―Nemesis Sudou[src]

And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night- is a song released by Akuno-P on August 17, 2014 in The Muzzle of Nemesis album. It portrays the slow descent into madness for Nemesis Sudou as she is left abandoned.


In the Millennium Tree Forest, a young girl waits for her mother to return as the light fades, wondering if she is still sane as she stays locked in the house. She hears two voices whisper that she’s been abandoned, although she insists it’s not the same before coming to accept it herself. Trapped in the dark house, the girl slowly goes insane, forgetting her other feelings and becoming filled with wrath. As time goes on, the girl is eventually unable to sleep for fear of waking up alone and shouts for the door to be unlocked. Hearing only the twins’ resounding voices, the girl wonders in time if this was what her mother wanted.


The song uses GUMI's VOCALOID2 voicebank. Synthesized instruments are used for the instrumental. The tune begins with an instrumental introduction, which gradually gains volume. At 0.29, the song finally reaches the main melody. The first verse begins at 0.48, sung by GUMI. The song gains more accompaniment by 1.08, and continues with the first verse.

At 1.35, Rin and Len sing briefly, then GUMI sings again, to finish out the pre-chorus. The first chorus begins at 2.07, and ends at 2.53. An instrumental break begins, identical to the opening instrumental, but stops for the second verse at 3.16. The second chorus begins at 4.36, and ends at 5.21. The opening instrumental then plays until the song's end.


Related SongsEdit

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit NightEdit

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night shares the same themes of moonlight, insanity, and parental abandonment in And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-, as well as featuring the twins, Hänsel and Gretel, whom Nemesis hears reminding her of being abandoned.

The Last RevolverEdit

The Last Revolver details Nemesis' life following And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-, showing her emotionless side as an assassin as well as her rediscovery of the happiness and sadness that she had forgotten.

The Muzzle of NemesisEdit

The Muzzle of Nemesis is a continuation of Nemesis' life following And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-, alluding to the home that she had been imprisoned in and her absent mother.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title refers to Nemesis' growing madness, as well as the result of her "abandonment"; interestingly, it parallels the theme of abandonment seen in Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night.


  • Towards the climax of The Muzzle of Nemesis PV,  the screen flashes phrases and images related to other songs, including "And Then the Girl Went Mad" and the "abandoned" lyrics sung by Hänsel and Gretel in the song.

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