Allen Avadonia
Technical Information
Japanese アレン=アヴァドニア
Romaji Aren Avadonia
Other Names Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche (birth name)
The Servant of Evil
Ren (by Kayo Sudou)

Kagamine Len

Biographical Information
Born December 27, EC 485
Died December 26, EC 500
Classification Human
Race Orthodox Lucifenian
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia
Levin Church (Levia sect)
"Well, it's presumptuous of me, a mere servant, to say this, but I think the Princess is mine to protect."

Allen Avadonia, born Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche and regarded as The Servant of Evil, was the last Prince of the Kingdom of Lucifenia and a servant to his twin sister, Princess Riliane. After the death of their father, the twins were separated in a political dispute. Pronounced dead and adopted by Leonhart Avadonia, "Allen" returned to the royal palace to serve as his sister's chamberlain, helping exterminate any opposition to Riliane's tyranny.


Early LifeEdit

"I didn't get why you had such an attitude at the time. But now I know. You were ruthlessly used and got mixed up in a political dispute..."
―Germaine Avadonia[src]

Alexiel sneaking out with his sister

Alexiel was born on December 27, EC 485 along with his twin sister, Riliane, as the heirs to the Lucifenian Royal Family.[1] Growing up together with his twin, the young Alexiel often played with Riliane. Whenever they were in trouble, their mother, Queen Anne locked them in their room and they cried in each other's arms.[2]

In EC 491, Alexiel conceived the idea of escaping through the hidden passage in their room's fireplace. He told Riliane about his plan,[3] saying that it was their secret.[4] The twins then escaped, Riliane leading them along the way,[5] and they passed through the Forest of Bewilderment before arriving at the shore of Lucifenia's coast.

Over time, they escaped more and more often to play at the beach.[6] Later, the young prince heard Riliane call to him after she dug up a small, black box in the sand. Excited by what she uncovered, they opened it to find a hand mirror inside. A demon then manifested around the perplexed pair and the scared Riliane held tight to Alexiel. Staring at the demon as it gawked at them, Alexiel noticed Riliane walk away from the creature before turning to reach out his hand in friendship to the demon.


Alexiel's encounter with a demon

The demon hesitated to grab his hand before flying past him in pursuit of Riliane. Worried, Alexiel ran to his sister and reached out to her before being rendered unconscious. Waking up next to his twin during twilight, he got up to look around when he heard Riliane say she was hungry.[7] Smiling, he picked her up and, burying the box they found,[8] the twins returned home.

During their three o'clock teatime another day,[9] the demon appeared to both twins and asked to have their meals.[10] When Riliane refused to share her snack, the demon explained how even if she ate the whole world, she would still be hungry.[11] Pitying the creature, Alexiel shared his snack with her.[12] The demon then thanked the prince's kind gesture. As a reward, she told him that if someone wrote down their wish, put it in a bottle, and placed it in the ocean, it would come true.[13]


Alexiel tells his sister about the legend of the sea

During one of their visits to the beach, Alexiel heard Riliane cry after she tripped and scraped her knee and rushed over, quickly treating her wound.[14] As it got dark, Alexiel admitted he wanted to return home and Riliane reassured him to just hold her hand. After doing so, he felt at ease and thanked her, deciding to tell her the secret of the ocean he learned as a reward. Riliane then told him she wished she could be a horse in the next life and explained to her perplexed brother how she wanted to be able to run freely with him anywhere since the palace was boring.[15]

Sometime after, Riliane began treating Alexiel coldly as the struggle over who would succeed their deceased father continued. Later, Leonhart Avadonia, the captain of the royal guard, was assigned to protect him during the civil dispute. Soon after, an assassination attempt was made on Alexiel's life and Leonhart foiled it. After Minister of Interior Affairs Presi Rogzé was confirmed the culprit behind the entire incident, the boy confronted his mother and asked to be adopted by Leonhart to end the unnecessary conflicts and avoid becoming like his selfish sister. Anne agreed to her son's wishes and pronounced "Alexiel" dead to the public.[16]

A New FamilyEdit

"Back then, you had a face as if everyone around you was an enemy. Your eyes wouldn't even meet mine."
―Germaine to Allen[src]

Allen walking through the Forest of Bewilderment with Germaine

Adopting the name Allen, the former prince lived with Leonhart and was introduced to his new sister, Germaine. When Germaine offered to be his friend, Allen did not answer, refusing to look at or speak to his new foster sister.[17]

A few days later, in EC 492, Chartette Langley went missing. When Germaine ran off after her, convinced she was kidnapped by the bandits headquartered in the Forest of Bewilderment, Allen followed along to help her. After the girl was captured by some of the bandits along the way, he rescued her and the two continued along the path.

During the journey through the forest, he began speaking with his new sister for the first time, and they shared their thoughts and feelings with one another. Once they reached the bandits' hideout, they were confronted by one of the thieves and the two raised their blades to combat him. During the encounter, they discovered Chartette was safe and that the bandit had already been convinced to reform by her. On their way back to town, the shocked Allen became frustrated over the event and the two girls laughed at him. After crying a little, he laughed alongside them and they reached home.[18]

Afterward, Leonhart scolded the two and struck Allen, furious that they did something so dangerous. Germaine was later praised by everyone for the rescue while the prince avoided the attention, letting his foster sibling take all the credit.[19] Growing close to his foster father and sister, the three spent a great deal of time together and Allen often accompanied his sister to the smithy owned by Chartette's father when Leonhart's weapons or armor needed repairs. As time progressed, Leonhart began taking Allen to the royal palace to practice fencing, training him in the art of swordplay and horseback riding.[20]

Return to the PalaceEdit


Allen attending his mother's funeral

"Leonhart, I do not recognize that boy with you, who is he?"
"—He is working at the palace starting today. His name is Allen."
"Interesting... He looks just like me!"
―Riliane and Leonhart[src]

After Queen Anne died in January of EC 499, Allen attended his mother's funeral, disguised in a cloak, and watched from afar as his sister sobbed over their mother's casket. Around that time, Leonhart shared his idea to have the boy return to the royal palace as a servant as a way to reunite him with his sister,[21] explaining that the Princess refused to let any of the royal guards near her.[22] The boy agreed to the arrangement.[23]

Later on at home, Leonhart announced his plan to send Allen back to the palace the next morning.[24] The following morning, Allen left with his foster father and traveled to the palace.[25] While traversing the halls, Allen spotted his twin as she approached to ask who he was. The Princess then excitedly noted their resemblance, surprising the boy. Before Riliane could pull him away to begin serving her, Leonhart insisted that Head Maid Mariam dress him up first and she complied. Once the princess left, the knight told him she was his sister and Allen expressed his happiness to see her smiling.

Later, the two waited for Ney to get Mariam and, once the head maid inspected the boy, he was dressed in his uniform.[26] After Allen had been brought in as a chamberlain, Leonhart instructed him to keep their relationship as parent and child secret from Riliane. When the boy asked about Mariam, the knight simply replied that there were all kinds of women in the nation. As Allen kept trying to pry for a better explanation, Leonhart refused to elaborate and the boy eventually quietly backed off, assuming it was "adult circumstances".[27]


Allen plays "tag" for his sibling

Mariam then brought Allen to serve the Princess and she happily grabbed his hand and pulled him along through the halls. Soon after, Riliane decided to play a game and had Allen run from her while she attempted to chase him down and put one of her hair accessories on him. Losing once, the servant was forced to wear her bow and then Riliane had them play again.

While running through the halls, Riliane screamed for him to stop or she'd have him beheaded. After doing so and getting tackled by his twin, the triumphant Princess began putting on another bow while she spoke with the surprised Mariam, showing her and Elluka Clockworker her two wins. Mariam then grabbed the boy's face and apologized before swiftly fixing up his ribbons. After Riliane asserted to Mariam she'd behead anyone as she pleased, she took Allen by the hand again and ran off with her new plaything.[28]

Reign of EvilEdit

Cha2 img
"Looks like being a servant's tough, Allen."

Over the next year, Allen worked as Riliane's attendant, cleaning the interior of the palace and serving the princess' needs; as part of his duties, Allen provided the Princess with her midafternoon snack at three o'clock each day. Realizing his sister didn't remember him, Allen continued working as her servant while hiding his true identity. At some point, the servant began keeping ointment made by Elluka on his person in case of an emergency.[29]

Troubling TimesEdit

"Princess Riliane has been in a foul mood lately. Is that also the cause?"
―Allen regarding the recent starvation[src]

Allen passes on his task to Ney

On December 26, the day before their fourteenth birthday, Allen noticed that Riliane was in a poor mood. The next day, while passing through the halls, Allen was ordered by Mariam to help Chartette clean the courtyard. Seeing the mess the maid had caused, the appalled servant was told to oversee the girl's duties. Mariam then told them to insure it was clean for the foreign royals attending the celebration.

Expecting he wouldn't finish in time to serve Riliane her mid afternoon snack, Allen passed the job onto Ney before starting to help Chartette and the six other servants with cleaning the Heavenly Yard for the next three hours. At the sound of the Levin cathedral bells signaling three o'clock, Allen noted it was teatime. Realizing there was still a few spots to clean, the servant continued working when Chartette screamed and he flinched, looking up to see the maid whining and asking if they could finally stop.

The servant flatly told her they couldn't, reminding her of what Mariam told them. Chartette responded that no one would notice a little dirt during a nighttime ball. The servant then pointed out that even Mariam was more on edge than usual due to it being Riliane's birthday party. Once he added that it would be bad if they showed shoddy work, Chartette gave in and said she'd clean by the fountain; Allen gave her his regards and continued working.[30]

As the annoyed servant contemplated his situation caused by Chartette, the maid suddenly panicked and Allen sarcastically questioned if she broke the fountain too. When she exclaimed she only cracked it, the boy gave her a silent stare before being reminded about serving Riliane's snack. The servant calmly interjected that he switched with Ney and explained it to her. When the maid expressed her worry that he was going to be beheaded, Allen told her not to jinx it before telling the girl to lend him a hand.


Allen and Leonhart conversing about how formally he addressed him

Leonhart then approached the two with a warm greeting.[31] The soldier then ruffled up his hair while noting his trouble being a servant and the boy brushed off his parent's hand,[32] stating the Captain of the Royal Guard's work was harder. Leonhart told Allen he could call him "Dad" like at home and the servant bluntly replied that he had never called him that. When asked how he was doing after a year of being a menial, Allen brushed it off, curious about Germaine. Told she got in a fight, he asked if she won and Leonhart admitted she pummeled them. As his father lamented she'd never marry with such a unfeminine attitude, the boy gave a weak chuckle.

When Leonhart told Chartette that he was abstaining from drinking, the surprised servant listened as the knight explained he shouldn't have such luxuries while the people were starving from the recent food shortage. After Chartette lamented about the royal and noble's basking in such luxuries, the servant dejectedly inquired if Riliane's recent poor mood was also part of the problem. Leonhart shrugged and described his failure to convince either Princess Riliane or Prime Minister Minis to share the palace's food reserves with the people, earning only Riliane's apathy.

As his foster father ranted about the princess' disconnect from the common people, Allen became increasingly depressed at the truth. Once Leonhart vented that she should think about her people more despite her youth, Allen inadverdently blurted out that it would be bad if it was Riliane alone. Seeing his foster father's somewhat angered expression, the boy hesitantly continued, saying personal attendants should be handling state affairs and that a vassal should be supporting her in her inexperience.

Leonhart jokingly inferred the country's issues weren't the princess' problem but that the nepotist Minis and himself the drunkard weren't doing enough. As Allen tried to insist he knew how hard the knight was working to help with the current situation, Leonhart told him enough, expressing his frustration that the boy assumed Riliane was right and was still a kid, ignorant of the problems in the world.[33]


Leonhart, Allen, and Chartette hear Ney scream

The knight then changed the subject and mentioned that he had passed by the stables that morning, wondering if the princess had gone out for the day. Confused, Allen and Chartette looked at each other as the servant expressed his doubt she'd leave on her birthday. Leonhart elaborated that he didn't see Riliane's horse, Josephine, there. Worried, Allen questioned if she could've been stolen and Leonhart denied the idea that anyone could easily infiltrate the palace with the additional security for the ball.

Putting a hand to his mouth, the servant considered the notion that their increased focus on intruders conversely decreased their focus on fugitives, referencing Riliane. The three then heard Ney suddenly scream and rushed inside to find the maid completely hysterical. Allen asked the maid what was wrong and, after composing herself, she revealed the Princess was missing.[34] Leading Allen to Riliane's room , she explained how she had walked in to find Riliane missing and showed them the opened secret passage behind the fireplace. Surprised, Allen stared at the passage and recalled the time he and Riliane used the passage as kids.[35]

Search for the PrincessEdit

"Sir Leonhart, are you certain Princess Riliane entered the forest?"
"Josephine's tracks lead to it at least."
―Allen and his foster father[src]

Allen traversing the rugged forest path

Once Leonhart organized a search party, Allen joined in searching the Forest of Bewilderment to find Riliane. After hearing the guard vice captain berate the gate guard for allowing Riliane to leave without an escort, Leonhart told Allen to come along, noting it was definitely the "Forest of Bewilderment". Told not to stray too far, the servant reminded the guard captain that he had visited the forest before and the knight admitted he was right.[36]

Later on during the search, the servant rubbed his cheek and asked if he was sure Riliane went through the forest. Leonhart confirmed that was where the tracks led, remarking that she didn't have the energy to dismount from her horse to walk the path. Ney then called out to him and asked if they found the princess yet and the servant admitted they hadn't with the rugged path. Ney immediately apologized for not being more careful with her and Allen comforted the maid, saying it wasn't her fault.


Allen finds the princess

When Leonhart added that no one could've known about the secret passage,[37] Allen again recalled the time he sneaked out with Riliane and remembered the coast they used to visit. He told the Captain of the Royal Guard he was going on ahead, nodding when asked if he an idea where Riliane was. Rushing through the forest, he contemplated the unlikely chance she still remembered him, hopeful she had gone to the same coast regardless.

Once he arrived at the coastline, he spotted Riliane sitting on the beach beside Josephine while staring at the horizon,[38] recognizing the royal family's coat of arms on the horse's saddle.[39] The servant sighed with relief and smiled before calling out to her as he approached. After Riliane noticed him, Allen described Leonhart's worry for her. As his sister lamented being found early and losing her excuse to execute the guard captain, she erupted into a tantrum, startling the boy. Once the childish princess cursed that her plans were ruined thanks to him, the servant apologized.


Riliane slapping the servant

As Riliane prepared to depart, Allen noticed a cut on the back of her hand and immediately tried to stop her. Quickly grabbing her hand to treat it, the surprised princess slapped him for his insolence; Allen ignored it and pointed out her injury and asked that she allow him to treat it. After a short pause, Riliane held out her hand in compliance and the servant continued applying Elluka's ointment.

As he treated the wound, the servant became lost in thought of his past with Riliane when the princess remarked that she was fine and he could release her already. Embarrassed, he quickly let go of her hand and apologized again, prompting Riliane to laugh at how rare it was to see him so flustered while leaning closer to his face. The servant immediately averted his gaze and weakly remarked that it was rude of him.

When Riliane said they should go since it was already getting dark, Allen agreed and cited they should return from the nearby port town instead of heading through the forest. Riliane questioned if it was a better route and the servant answered that it was much faster. After the embarrassed Riliane fervently insisted she knew that and began running off, Allen reminded her not to forget about Josephine. He then instructed her to summon the royal guard at the port town to take her back and Riliane asked if he wasn't coming along.


Allen displays his loyalty to his princess

Allen lied that he couldn't ride a horse, saying he'd follow on foot behind her. Riliane insisted they go along together and the servant grabbed one of Josephine's reins while Riliane mounted the horse. While walking along the beach, he noticed she was staring at the horizon and spoke up that she had stared at the setting sun earlier too. When Riliane remarked that the sun was always alone, like her, the surprised servant questioned what she meant.[40]

After they arrived at the port town, Allen launched a signal beacon for the royal guard and awaited their arrival with Riliane in the city streets. Once the search party arrived, the furious Leonhart pushed Allen aside and lectured the Princess for her carelessness; Riliane coldly retorted it was their duty to protect her and expected an apology for their "blunder".  At the Princess' command, Allen knelt along with the rest of the search party to show her their loyalty.[41]

Their Fourteenth BirthdayEdit

"There seems to be something on your mind. Princess Riliane, perhaps? Even though you are of different genders, you share the same face, so why are your stations in life so completely different?"
―Mariam's deduction of Allen's thoughts[src]

Allen and Chartette, exhausted from work

Once Riliane was returned to the palace, the servants were forced to make up for their lost time that evening. During the celebration that night, Allen and the other servants worked exhaustively serving dishes in the Hall of Mirrors for the guests. Once they finished, Allen and Chartette closed the doors to the hall behind them and the tired pair leaned against it.

The two then both praised the fact it was finally done in sync. Allen remarked that they had served all the dishes and wines and Chartette interjected to add that it was done without them breaking anything either. When the maid decided to check on the kitchen, Allen tried to come along and his friend stopped him, noting he was still tired from the search for Riliane and should leave the task to her.[42] After the maid left the servant drifted in his own thoughts about how different the twins' circumstances in life were despite sharing a similar face.


Allen disturbed by Mariam's accurate analysis

The passing Mariam then asked if he was tired and suggested he rest before they needed to clean up. The servant insisted he was fine, pointing out everyone was just as tired as him. When Mariam pointed out there seemed to be something on his mind, parroting his thoughts about Riliane verbatim, the unnerved boy asked if the head maid was a mind reader and she denied it.

The boy then questioned if their aforementioned resemblance would cause a problem. As he began to clarify for the maid, Mariam corrected him to address Riliane as "Princess" and the boy abided. Once he clarified that he was worried their relationship as twins would be discovered, Mariam stated it wouldn't be a problem and revealed that Elluka had told those that had been suspicious that there were three people in the world that shared a person's same face, earning the boy's doubt.


Ney pulling Allen during the banquet

After Mariam explained that Elluka's had many followers and that her words were considered absolute, she mentioned that Riliane also seemed oblivious to their relationship and hadn't remembered him. Expecting Mariam wouldn't explain the reason for that, Allen returned to work and spotted Leonhart guarding the entrance to the hall while serving food; recalling his words in the gardens, he wondered how much the food could've fed the citizens. 

Ney then ran up and took him by the arm before pulling him away, saying they weren't done yet and had one more thing to take out. Brought around to Riliane's massive birthday cake, Allen listened to Ney explain that Riliane apparently ordered it be made that very morning. The two then helped the other servants push out the cake at Minis' signal.[43] While Minis listed off the towering cake's composition, the servant gawked at it and thought about the nice ingredients used to make it.

Hearing his foster father comment that the entire nation was starving in the meantime, Allen turned to see his furious parent storming out of the hall and chased after him.[44] As he began calling out to his "dad", the servant quickly corrected himself and called out to Leonhart. As he tried to remind him about his guard duty, the furious knight interjected that he was making his rounds outside. Heading over to the staircase, Allen overheard his foster father describe Riliane as a witch using her absolute power to twist the world however she pleased.


Allen watching his foster father storm out of the party

After Leonhart called her "The Daughter of Evil" and left down the steps, Allen stood there in silence. Once he heard Mariam say Leonhart's words were true, the boy looked over to see the head maid leaning on the staircase beside him. As Allen voiced his agreement with doubt, Mariam finished his clarification that the princess' orders were ultimately absolute.

When the maid clarified that he was aware of that but shouldn't say such awful things like "The Daughter of Evil" regardless, the worried Allen asked about it being the trouble with Riliane. The maid responded that assessing the nation was the adults' responsibility, encouraging him to simply serve by Riliane's side, being twins. Allen somberly agreed.

Chartette then arrived to remind them that they needed to prepare to clean up soon and Mariam ordered them to head out to the gardens and prepare to give the guests their send off. Allen followed after the maid outside and helped see out the guests while looking for his father. Unable to find him, the boy thought about Riliane's earlier comment about being alone and again questioned what she meant.[45]

Dark SecretsEdit

"You must not tell anyone about this. This is a secret between the two of us."
―Riliane to Allen[src]

Sometime after, Allen and Asan, responsible for cleaning the Hall of Sounds for the day, entered the hall after the meeting concerning a politician's fate was decided. While cleaning the expensive decorations, Allen watched Riliane return, seething and yelling for Minis. As she yelled at the minister regarding her lunch, Allen worried for Asan since he had made the meal.

He then noticed the servant's suspicious appearance before seeing he held the Princess' missing knife. When the servant suddenly attacked the princess, Allen instantly hit him to protect his sister. Using the blunt sword he was cleaning, Allen disarmed Asan, followed by striking him before he could grab one of the decorative pikes; having thwarted the assassination attempt, Allen watched as the guards seized him and learned Asan was sent to the guillotine the next day.

Three days since the incident, Allen was helping Ney prepare dinner when Riliane stormed into the kitchen demanding to know who was stealing food from the palace. Watching the incident play out, Allen saw Ney and the nearby chef struggle with explaining what they saw with Riliane; seeing the Princess grow furious, Allen watched as Ney admitted she had seen Leonhart stealing the provisions.

After dinner, Allen was ordered by Riliane to meet her in her room. She congratulated the servant and complimented his swordplay; Allen told her he was taught by his father since he was young, neglecting to mention his father was Leonhart. Because of his skills, Riliane entrusted him with a message she suddenly wrote and put in a bottle: Assassinate Leonhart. Shocked by what he read, Allen paused and then asked why she told him in such an odd manner.

Riliane then responded that someone told her about it when she was young, though not remembering that that person was Allen. Hearing her reasons for wanting to kill the warrior, much of it being Ney's gossip, Allen remained skeptical he could defeat Leonhart and Riliane replied that she had a plan to counter this. After hearing her scheme to poison him first, Allen was told that it was their secret, reminded again of their childhood, and said he'd retired for the night.

By the afternoon the next day, Allen still remained conflicted. As he resolved to refuse his sister's awful wish, Ney entered the Servant Room to take a break and told Allen that she wished to speak about Leonhart. Allen brushed off her potential guilt over the situation but Ney stated she had overheard a conversation between Mariam and Leonhart about how Leonhart made him a servant so that he could eventually assassinate the Princess. Feeling cheated and used by his foster father, Allen left before Ney could finish, his mind made up.

As he searched for a proper poison, Allen was unable to find anything lethal and settled with a chronic anesthesia for Riliane's plot. Sometime before the incident, Ney told Allen about Queen Anne's crushes. Standing outside her room that night, the servant overheard his sister and Leonhart's exchange until the Princess convinced him to drink the drugged wine.

After his sister lent him a sword, Allen confronted Leonhart in the Heavenly Yard at three the next morning and noted he could easily be taken down in his drunken state; he then drew his sword and clarified that the warrior had to die. As he approached, he taunted the drunken warrior's ability to defend against him and then barely avoided the onslaught Leonhart unleashed.

Claiming their skill was equal, Allen entered his unicorn stance, knowing he'd see through his moves otherwise, and attacked but was swiftly countered. As their duel progressed, Allen was backed into a wall when Leonhart finally succumbed to the drugs and the boy noted how long he'd been resisting them. Admitting he had still feared losing to him despite the trump card, he prepared to deal the final blow when he saw a familiar hand mirror roll out of Leonhart's arms.

His foster father then explained it was his birthday present, a reproduction of the mirror Riliane owned so he could check his appearance. Allen then asked why his father wanted to kill his sister and ignored it when his foster father appeared to be playing dumb. Stabbing him through the chest, Allen killed the Captain of the Royal Guard.[46]

Daughter of GreenEdit

"You met with her on the way here... huh? Your face is very red; do you take a fancy to her?"
―Keel Freezis noting Allen's affection for Michaela[src]

After both Elphegort and Marlon provided aid to relieve the citizen's starvation, Allen was assigned as the envoy to Elphegort's contributor, Keel Freezis. Given the honoraria to show Lucifenia's gratitude, the servant was instructed by Minis to be polite and offer the maids there a chance to work at the palace. On the morning of his trip, Allen was preparing for the journey when Gumillia entered the Servant Room. After greeting her, the two stared in abrupt silence until the mage apprentice criticized him for not using honorifics, since she was older than him.

After the servant apologized, she told him to give something to her friend in Elphegort, pulling out a green onion. Surprised by the odd request, Gumillia clarified how it was a "very amazing" green onion and, after another awkward silence, Allen asked who she was. The mage explained she had beautiful green hair before they heard Elluka calling for her. The mage suddenly left and, when Allen tried to get more information, said her friend's name was Michaela.

Departing for Aceid soon after, Allen began feeling nauseous six hours into the bumpy trip when the carriage finally reached the city's Southern District. Thinking how the Forest of Bewilderment was what extended his trip, he mused how much he'd love to burn it down. Realizing he revealed a malicious smile, he took a deep breath and looked out the window instead, recalling the poor timing between his father's murder and the foreign aid. As he began considering the reasons for Elphegort's aid, Allen shook off the thought and admired the green-haired Elphes in the market instead, worried he wouldn't be able to fulfill Gumillia's favor.

Once they reached the Central District, the uncomfortable servant asked the driver to stop and got out of the carriage. The driver gave Allen some medicine to cure his nausea, telling him he often had passengers suffer motion sickness. Seeing a crowd in the streets, Allen approached them, hearing a beautiful singing voice, and saw the beautiful green-haired maiden at the center of the group. Reminded of his mother's warm smile when she sang him a lullaby as a child, Allen instantly fell in love with the girl.

Once she finished singing, the crowds cheered and the servant overheard them call her Michaela. Allen went up and asked her if she knew Gumillia and the beautiful girl asked if he was her friend. After the servant clarified their relationship and that the mage apprentice was doing well, he gave her the green onion. Glad to see the "very amazing" green onion, the servant questioned if it was really that amazing and Michaela insisted it was.

After introducing himself, Michaela thanked Allen and the servant decided he needed to leave. Michaela stopped him and asked if he could follow her, explaining how she was living at Keel's mansion. Returning to the carriage with Michaela, the two took a shortcut to the Northern District,[47] chatting about how he learned her name and Gumillia's progress at the royal palace. The servant then questioned what exactly the gift he gave her was and she laughed it off as simply something amazing.[48]

As they entered the district, the servant asked why she was singing there and the green-haired maiden said she wanted to cheer up an orphan. Allen noted her talent and, when Michaela said she didn't often sing in front of crowds, he questioned why and was reprimanded for his rudeness. The servant apologized and said he should use honorifics but Michaela brushed it off, since their age difference was only two years. Allen politely accepted before quickly correcting his formal manner. Michaela then mentioned how her friend Clarith was discriminated against in the town but that Mrs. Freezis had taken both of them in.

Allen described his job at the royal palace, noting Riliane's capricious aura and Chartette's everyday clumsiness.[49] When Michaela asked if he adored the Princess, Allen questioned how he should word it, proclaiming his desire to protect Riliane even if it sounded a bit arrogant for a servant to say.[50] He then changed the topic, bringing up how the shell necklace she wore suited her and the green-haired maid claimed it was a gift. Michaela then pointed out that she could already see the mansion and Allen regretted not being able to talk with her for much longer.[51]

Meeting the MerchantEdit

"I want to know the real inside story of Lucifenia. Asking the ministers is useless since as long as it's in front of other countries' nationals, they'll only praise the royal family. I want someone who is directly connected to the royal family but not involved in politics and just state the ordinary person's real views."

Once they arrived at the estate, Michaela introduced the servant to Keel's butler, Bruno, and was told to wait in another room while the merchant finishing discussing matters with another guest. After Michaela said goodbye to him, he bowed and went into the other room.[52] While looking through the mansion's luxurious decor, Allen spotted Michaela and Clarith cleaning clothes outside.

A purple-haired man then interceded and told Allen that he was surprised to see any of the Netsuma Clan still alive. Intrigued by the sword the man wore on his waist, the servant noted its unique shape and was then asked about the boy's occupation. Allen introduced himself and the man inquired if he'd heard of the Lucifenian Resistance; the menial denied it, noting there hadn't been any major wars for years.

The man then introduced himself as the famed Gast Venom and that he and his mercenaries were available if the monarchy ever needed them. Allen promised to pass on the word and Gast thanked him; the warrior then stared into his eyes and asked if he killed a man. Shocked, Allen questioned what he meant when Bruno entered to invite the servant to meet with Keel. Taking the opportunity to distance himself from Gast, Allen apologized to the mercenary and said they'd talk later at the next opportunity.

In the next room, Allen offered the gift pen and paper to the merchant and Keel gladly accepted them, recognizing the quality. Allen said they were aware he was fond of such items and the merchant clarified that his eldest daughter was the one who loved them. Impressed that a nine-year-old had such a love for books, the servant remarked that she must have been smart.

Keel then noted his earlier encounter with Gast and Allen questioned if they were old acquaintances. The merchant elaborated that he'd just met the mercenary and showed him the Venom Sword that Gast wanted to buy, explaining it was apparently his family's heirloom but that the mercenary gave up on buying it due to the high price Keel put on the weapon. At the mention of his business philosophy, Allen inquired if he supported Lucifenia for economical reasons; Keel agreed and added that it was also because King Kyle asked him to do so, saying it was logical to do so given the impending marriage between him and Riliane.

The merchant then suddenly brought up that money wasn't infinite, hence why he called upon him, and Allen realized Keel's alternative intentions. The merchant calmed him, claiming he wanted to know about the actual state of affairs in Lucifenia from the words of an ordinary person at the palace. Allen answered Keel's questions appropriately. When Keel expressed his surprise at how severe Riliane's rule was, the menial mentioned how things have improved due to the food relief and the Princess' impending marriage.

Michaela then entered and offered them brioche and tea. At Keel's suggestion, Allen tasted it and complimented the cooking, hoping to ask Clarith for some tips. As the green-haired maid left, their eyes met and he smiled. Keel commented about the boy's obvious feelings for her and told the servant she was very sought after, explaining how many proposed to her but she continually refused.

When Keel noticed dusk was approaching he thanked Allen for his visit. The servant asked if he was any help to him and the merchant affirmed he did him an enormous favor. As Allen was about to leave, he joined Michaela and his driver in a few jokes before departing for Lucifenia. Hearing Michaela as she waved goodbye, Allen poked his body out the carriage window and returned the farewell, hoping to see her again.

The next day, Allen reported about Keel and Gast to Riliane and the other ministers. As the ministers deliberated Keel's interest in the government affairs, Elluka summed up their thoughts and praised Allen for his work. When the servant was about to step down, Riliane asked him about the day's snack and he answered he would serve her brioche.

During Minis' report regarding his trip to Marlon, Allen saw the minister reveal the peculiar gift octopus for Elluka; overhearing her call it a "very amazing octopus", Allen asked what made it amazing but the court mage answered that everything about it was amazing. Afterward, he watched Riliane become furious that Kyle had withdrawn his engagement to her, falling in love with a woman with green hair.[53]

Green HuntingEdit

"The Daughter of Green... is named Michaela, right? It’s the first time I've heard of her. Allen... what a pity, I never expected you would betray me."
―Riliane before ordering Michaela's murder[src]

A week later, Allen was cleaning Riliane's room when Mariam returned to report her failures to uncover the green-haired girl's identity. When the Head of Maids commented that it was like someone was disrupting their information gathering, Allen recalled Keel's words about success through controlling information. He then watched as Riliane had a tantrum and ordered Minis to kill every woman in Elphegort with green hair.

Shocked, Allen remained speechless as Elluka objected and resigned; as the sorceress left with Mariam pursuing her, Riliane demanded Allen go and kill her. Although hesitating, Allen gave up in trying to persuade her and left the room. Soon after, he discovered Elluka and Mariam conversing when the mage spotted him, revealing that Lucifenia would soon perish.

Again speechless, Allen listened when Elluka asked what he would do and stated he would protect both the country and Riliane. Told to take good care of his sister, the sorceress said her parting words to Mariam and left. The servant returned to Riliane's now empty room and began picking up the accessories from Kyle that Riliane threw on the floor. Recognizing a shell necklace identical to Michaela's among Kyle's gifts, Allen realized she was the King's lover.

Cha11 allen
During the Green Hunting, Allen visited Keel in the palace dungeon and asked if Michaela was Kyle's sweetheart. Once the servant affirmed he was the only one who knew, Keel admitted that it was Kyle's one-sided love. After checking if anyone else was around, Allen asked if Michaela was alright and if the merchant knew where she was. While Keel rambled over his conflicted feelings, Allen understood his desire to protect someone regardless of ethics.

When asked if he too had something he'd sacrifice everything to protect, Allen thought of Riliane then Michaela. As Keel declared he'd give him the choice of what to do with Michaela, Allen noticed something and turned around. Seeing no one, he ignored it and the merchant explained how Kyle was planning to arrive within the week to save Michaela and told Allen about her hiding place.

Later that day, Allen traveled to the Millennium Tree Forest and went down the old well there, finding Michaela in a basement at the bottom. Asking if she was alright,[54] he told her about what had happened at the palace and with Keel.[55] Michaela then explained how she had fled with Clarith from Keel's home to the well before being separated.

Allen apologized and Michaela said he didn't have to, since it was Lucifenia's aristocrats that caused the war. Unable to kill her, Allen realized he was in love with her.[56] Noting how dangerous things had become, he said he'd take her to a safe place but Michaela begged to remain where she was. Accepting her wishes, the servant said he'd be back and prepared to exit. Before closing the door, he attempted to confess his feelings to her but told her to forget about it and left.[57]

When he returned to the palace, Allen found Ney and Riliane speaking in the Servant Room and asked what the Princess was doing there. Ney quickly left and Riliane angrily told Allen to sit down. Complying, she asked where he'd been and the servant stated he went out to buy green onions since they ran out of them. Asked if they were still alive, the nervous servant expressed his confusion and Riliane revealed she was aware he had gone to see "The Daughter of Green". Promising to give him another chance, Riliane gave him a new order in a bottle and demanded he look at it.

Commanded to kill Michaela, Allen left the room and saw Ney apologizing to him for not keeping quiet. He brushed it off, understanding the situation. When the maid inquired if he was going to follow through with his orders, Allen expressed his uncertainty and left. Conflicted over what to do, Allen failed to sleep throughout the entire night. The next night, Allen made his decision and returned to the well,[58] only to find Michaela already stabbed and dying at the bottom.

The sobbing boy, asking why this had happened, grabbed her hand and stated he had wanted to abandon it all and flee with her while confessing to her how, despite only seeing her twice, he was utterly in love with her. As she died, Allen let out a wailing scream.[59] Afterward, he returned to the palace to confirm her death, describing her characteristics as proof of his deed.[60] The crying servant then returned to Keel in prison and told him that someone else had already killed Michaela when he visited the well.[61]

Continued ServiceEdit

"I was alone... that's what I thought. But Allen, you... you've been here by my side until the very end. Even now, you've done anything for me."

As the war with Elphegort continued, Allen watched Riliane, Ney, and Chartette spend time together in the Heavenly Yard, seeing his cruel sister's innocent smile. At the sound of the Levin church bells signaling teatime, Allen presented the treats on the table, stating she was having brioche for the day.[62] Following the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Minis, Allen, Chartette, and Ney listened in on the meeting in the Hall of Sounds from the adjacent corridor. As the two maids began to bicker, Allen told them to be quiet and listened to the ministers agree to hire the Venom Mercenaries to make up for the shortage of troops.

Later on, Allen accompanied Riliane in the Hall of Mirrors as Gast Venom introduced himself to her. After they were done conversing, Riliane told Allen to give Gast a tour of the palace. Catching the mercenary staring at Riliane, Allen said he'd be beheaded if he didn't watch his words. The warrior apologized and Allen led him through the palace. He eventually showed Gast his room, apologized for the cramped quarters, and stated the other mercenaries chose to stay in the city rather than live with him in the palace.

Gast then noted Allen's resemblance to Riliane, questioning if they were siblings, and the servant brushed it off as a common mistake and mentioned Elluka's saying that everyone had three look-alikes in the world.  Once the mercenary asked if he could eat, Allen headed towards the kitchen when Mariam stopped him, delivering Gast's meal to him. He then watched as Gast and Mariam tensely talked over the past. As she prepared to leave, Mariam told Allen to take care of him for her.

Later, at the Training Grounds, Allen watched Gast defeat a group of soldiers who criticized the presence of mercenaries in the city. Sometime after, Allen presented Riliane her afternoon snack in the Heavenly Yard. While watching the early sunset, Allen heard Riliane comment that the sky foretold an apocalypse and he recalled Elluka's prophecy and her statements that the "gears" couldn't be changed. Questioning to himself if that meant Lucifenia's destruction was inevitable, he affirmed his desire to protect his lonely sister before wondering if the lonely one was actually him.[63]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"…That is true, I am evil. Perhaps that is so. And perhaps this palace being invaded is retribution against a princess who did whatever she pleased."
"You understand very well, don’t you? So then, why do you still try to protect the princess?"
"–Why should it matter? No matter what kind of person she is, even if everyone becomes her enemy, why shouldn’t there be at least one person who is her ally? There’s no reason, and I don’t need to come up with one…If it’s said that this is our punishment, I shall take it upon myself to oppose it!"
―Allen and Gast Venom[src]

At the start of the Lucifenian Revolution, Allen eavesdropped on the chaotic war conference when Minis spotted him. Chastised for listening in on the ministers, Allen apologized and asked about his well-being. Ignored, Allen saw Minis storm into the Hall of Sounds and bring order to the assembly. As the Prime Minister instructed them on their countermeasures, Minis glanced at Allen and ignored him again.

Soon after, the apathetic Riliane asked Allen what the day's snack would be. A week later, Allen attended another war meeting with Riliane. Hearing the distant bells, the servant began announcing the day's snack when the Princess interrupted him, stating she didn't have an appetite. As the Lucifenian army continued to suffer defeats, Allen saw the growing panic among everyone present at each meeting.

During the invasion of the palace, Mariam and Allen were in the Servant Room and the head maid urged him to flee. Allen reaffirmed he would protect his sister and asked what she intended to do. Mariam stated she'd test herself fighting them. Saying her farewell to the Prince, she expressed her wish to see each other again if they were both still alive. Once she left, Allen questioned if his mother, like Mariam, was a harsh yet gentle person.

At that moment, Gast entered and stated they lost and came to say farewell. Asking if he intended to flee, Gast admitted he had no obligation to the country, telling the servant to let Riliane know he didn't need the money anymore. Allen quickly grabbed his salary bag and stated he'd hire him again to continue protecting Riliane til the end. Refusing the offer, Gast questioned why he was going so far to protect her and Allen revealed she was his twin.

After staring in silence at one another, Gast suddenly laughed at his plight, calling both of the twins evil for selling their souls to the Demon of Asmodean after Riliane was the cause of the revolution. Allen responded that he was right and their situation was possibly God's retribution, but that he still wouldn't let that happen. Changing his mind, Gast accepted the money and said goodbye to "The Servant of Evil". As he left, Gast told Allen that they were the same: evil.


Allen watching Riliane's breakdown, comforts her

Afterward, Allen ran through the corridors during the fighting to Riliane's room; he then presented the Princess with her snack. While she ate it, the servant asked about the taste and Riliane said it was too sweet, wanting something like brioche. The trembling Princess then asked if she would be killed and Allen said he wasn't sure.

As she broke down in fear, she weakly asked Allen to hold her hand and he did so with both arms. Riliane then confessed how she wanted to be like her mother but was left alone and abandoned by everyone except Allen, thanking him for remaining with her. Squeezing her hand, Allen asked if she could grant him one wish in turn.[64]

Riliane complied and he had them swap clothes and hairstyles. While Riliane teased him about the dress he wore, Allen said she should be able to escape while wearing his attire, telling her to take her room's secret passage to Josephine and flee to where the revolutionary army couldn't find her. Riliane retorted that they would simply send search parties after her and Allen replied that it didn't matter since the "Princess" was still in the Palace, circling around with his skirt.

Riliane refused to go along with his plan, saying he'd eventually be exposed and Allen hugged her, saying it didn't matter since none of them knew they were twins. Hearing Riliane's surprise, he revealed he had always known. As the sobbing Princess asked why he was doing this if he would be killed, Allen replied that she was evil and therefore her evil blood flowed through his veins, meaning he would take her place while she lived on.

Telling her not to cry, Allen mused how it didn't matter since she was no longer The Daughter of Evil. Releasing their embrace, he left and locked the door, telling Riliane how they used to hug each other and cry when their mother locked them in that room for punishment. As Riliane begged him not to go, he said goodbye and went down the hall, reminding himself that he, "The Daughter of Evil", shouldn't cry.[65]

Veins of EvilEdit

"Oh, it's snack time!"
―Allen's last words[src]

Acting as Riliane, Allen was captured in the Hall of Sounds and struggled against his captors, haughtily cursing them. Imprisoned in the dungeon, Allen later awoke and remembered the situation he was in, trembling in the darkness. Continuing his act as Riliane, he began making a fuss about getting out of prison from his cell. At some point, King Kyle visited him and recognized that he wasn't Riliane, though stating he'd still go forward with executing him to keep the peace. During the visit, Allen said he was the one who killed Michaela and the furious king of Marlon repeatedly punched him in the face before leaving.

Several days since his capture, Allen believed he heard children singing; reminded of Michaela, he began singing to forget his anxiety until an annoyed guard smacked him. He then heard someone ask to meet with the Princess alone and calmed down. After she introduced herself as the revolutionary army's leader, Germaine Avadonia, and had come to announce the Princess' execution date, Allen laughed uncontrollably at the cruel irony. Walking up to the iron bars to make sure it was her, Allen continued his deception, telling her to leave since he was tired.

As he retreated back to the back of the cell, Germaine told him to wait and, despite realizing she recognized him, he kept playing along until he saw tears in her eyes. He greeted his foster sister again and told her everything about his identity as Prince Alexiel and how he ended up masquerading as Riliane. Hearing the whole story, Germaine told Allen he could be freed since he was only a servant, not the princess. Noting that she was still the same, he asked how the revolutionary leader could be so emotional about the situation and she countered how he was still sarcastic and unlikable as always.

Remarking that she said the same thing to him as kids, Germaine clarified how she now knew why he was so hostile to everyone when they first met, though slightly changing a few days later. Allen denied changing and Germaine reminded him of their adventure through the Forest of Bewilderment to save Chartette. Stating his freedom was impossible, he revealed what occurred during Kyle's earlier visit and warned her to be wary of him, musing about how distressing Marlon's prospects were as if he was really the Princess.

After a moment of silence, Germaine left and returned with the keys to the cell, telling him they had to escape together. Allen reminded her that she was the leader of the revolutionary army but his foster sister cast the notion aside and said he, Chartette, and her could live together like they used to even though their father was gone. Knowing her wish was impossible, Allen asked if she was wearing Leonhart's armor.

Germaine stated Chartette's father had re-sized it to fit her and he complimented the blacksmith's impressive changes to it, asking if the damage to the shoulder was repaired. When Germaine became confused, Allen questioned who she thought was their father's murderer and, once she answered "The Daughter of Evil", he asked if she actually thought Riliane was capable of killing him.

Given her silence, Allen realized her reasons for starting the revolution and laughed at how she started the revolution just to get revenge on the Princess, killing or injuring countless people in the name of justice; comparing her to Riliane in their desire to control others, Allen said she was The Daughter of Evil too. Despite Germaine's pleas not to say it, Allen said he'd assist her in her vengeance, stating it didn't matter that Riliane escaped since their father's murderer was standing before her.


Allen's hallucination of holding his sister's hand

Two days later, Allen was taken to Milanais Square in Rolled and watched as mobs screamed and criticized him, believing he was his twin. With his head and arms fixed on the scaffold, the terrified boy thought how he didn't want to die when he heard a mysterious song and began hallucinating Riliane sitting beside him, holding his hand. Witnessing an illusion of the time he told her the legend of the sea, Allen hoped Riliane would be a horse in her next life and calmed down as he held her hand.

When the executioner asked if he had any last words, Allen heard the bell toll for three o'clock. Asked again if he wanted to make any last wishes to god, Allen decided to keep up the ruse to the very end and answered "Oh, it's teatime," before the guillotine blade fell; bidding Riliane farewell in his mind, he hoped to play together with Riliane again in the next life.[66]


"Why is "he" there?"
"Didn't I say it before? This is the place where everyone will return to."
"That's true. But "he" seems to be treated differently from the others."
"That boy is "irregular"."
―Held and Sickle regarding Allen[src]

Following his demise, Allen's spirit went to the Heavenly Yard and met the ruling god in the heavenly world's rice fields. There, the god Sickle answered all his questions about where he was and what had happened since his death. Seeing the faraway Champs-Élysées bustling with souls, Allen asked if he could see his family and friends there and Sickle forbade it.

The creator god then tasked Allen with learning about all of the Third Period's history from the Black Box device in order to understand the mechanisms of the world. The former servant listened as the god explained the complex mechanics behind the magic tool, understanding none of it. Afterward, he was placed inside Black Box and left in the fields of the Heavenly Yard. Locked inside the dark device, Allen experienced the history of the ground world, learning about the events of its past and present over time.[67]


"You won't be able to write the continuation of the story."
"The story? What story?"
"The "story" of Germaine and Riliane, and yourself as well."
"Kyle also said that. That my role is to tell the story."
"Yes. For that, you must live."
―Allen and Yukina during their mental conversation[src]

Over the years, Allen oversaw the journey of Germaine, the novelist Yukina Freezis, and others as they investigated the conspiracy behind The Daughter of Evil's terrible reign. As Clarith prepared to murder Riliane on the coast by the Held Monastery in EC 505,[68] Allen asked Sickle to let him protect his sister and the god complied.[69] Once the sun god taught him how to use Black Box's transfer ability,[70] the boy apparated at the Lucifenian coastline and grabbed Clarith's arm, preventing her from stabbing Riliane.

While they struggled, Allen maintained a somber expression towards the furious Netsuma until she realized she was tricked by the Demon of Wrath. Once Clarith was freed of the demon's influence,[71] Allen returned to the Heavenly Yard and Black Box to continue his studies.[72] Later that year, he watched the confrontation between Abyss I.R. and Germaine and Yukina. When Abyss was about to incinerate Yukina with the Marlon Spoon,[73] Allen once again made his whims known to Sickle and the god permitted him to interfere in the world once more,[74] using Black Box to appear at the coast again.[75]

While seeing Riliane prepare to sneak up on Abyss, Allen linked his thoughts to Yukina. Overhearing the girl mentally give up after learning the terrible truth about her mother, the boy noted that was troubling and explained that she was choosing to die at her own convenience. As the girl warded him away, he pointed out she wouldn't be able to write the continuation of the story of Germaine, Riliane, and herself otherwise. After Yukina recounted Kyle telling her something similar, Allen reiterated that she had to survive for that. When the girl asked if he'd help her, Allen admitted he was powerless, being dead, and Yukina angrily chastised his uselessness. Chuckling, the boy apologized and noted that she would desire his sister's help instead.

Once Riliane had successfully distracted Abyss, freed Yukina, and gave Germaine an opening to attack, the mage's red cat body attempted to flee. Allen then manifested his spirit to support her injured body. Teasing his sister about her actually being able to stand, Germaine answered her "stupid brother" that she didn't need his commentary to know that before throwing her rapier. After Germaine skewered Abyss I.R.'s true form, defeating her, Allen disappeared.[76] At some point, a message in a bottle washed up ashore at the spirit's feet during twilight.[77]

Divine EncountersEdit

"What's important for me is that he is no longer one of the gears."
―Ma regarding Allen[src]

Exhausted from his continual interference, Allen fell asleep in Black Box after he returned to the Heavenly Yard and slept for decades.[78] On January 30, EC 611, Allen heard a voice greet him and ask if he could hear it. After a short while, the confused boy questioned if the voice was Sickle and it answered that it wasn't, inquiring who "Sickle" was supposed to be. The former servant related that he was the master of where they were and the voice retorted that he was referring to "him", asking why he was trapped in there.

Once Allen admitted he didn't know himself, the voice told him he might be able to get him out of the box. Surprised, Allen hesitantly questioned how and inquired who was the owner of the voice was. The speaker then introduced himself as the god Behemo, claiming to be Sickle's former colleague. After a long silence, Behemo queried if he was suspicious of him and Allen remained silent. When the god then conceded to have them first get to know each other, wondering if he wasn't even going to tell him his name, the former servant considered it for a short while before finally introducing himself to the infamous god.

Afterward, Behemo told Allen about the emergency encryption protocol that would allow him to escape the box even without a key. Once the god instructed the boy how to properly input the protocol, the box opened and Allen flew out of the device, leaving the crossdressing god to use it in his place while he headed for the Gardens of Champs-Élysées to see Riliane. While en route, Allen was stopped by Held and explained how he got out of the box. Afterward, the earth god brought the downtrodden boy back to Black Box and waited with him there.

Once Behemo exited the box, Allen listened to Held lecture the god over his actions before Behemo approached the boy, noting his failure to reach Champs-Élysées. Allen quickly described the earth god intercepting him and Behemo lamented his failure to achieve his objective. The former servant brushed it off before expressed his desire to meet with her again. When Behemo told him he need only be a little patient, claiming the time may come for him to fulfill his true wish, the confused child tilted his head at the god.

The crossdressing god then described that she would reincarnate in one or two hundred years. After he noted the location would probably be far east of Evillious, Allen interjected that he didn't understand what he was saying and the god promised to explain it to him when the time came. The god then walked straight by Allen and offhandedly promised Held he wanted to explore his home more and wouldn't do anything unnecessary. Once he left, Allen returned to Black Box and continued his studies.[79]

A New LifeEdit

Main Article: Kokutan-douji

In EC 828, Allen inadvertently incarnated as a human, being born from an ebony tree trunk in Momogengou, Jakoku. Raised by an elderly couple, "Kokutan-douji" grew up with a feeling that he should be doing something. In EC 842, the boy was told by a mermaid that his true mother was in Enbizaka; he then travelled to Onigashima with his companions Inukichi and Saruteito, punishing criminals along the way. Meeting the tailor Kayo Sudou, the boy moved in with her and the two began living as mother and child. After Kayo was arrested for her murder of the Miroku family, Kokutan-douji carried out her execution, beheading her with Grim the End. Sometime after, the boy returned to spiritual form, regaining his memories as Allen and returning to the Heavenly Yard.[80]

Defying the EndEdit

"Have a conversation with the people of... history? But that would require an enormous amount of time."
"There's no need to make contact with every soul. Just particularly important souls—Yes, I want you to contact those selected from among the people influenced by the Demons of Sin."
―Allen and Sickle[src]

In EC 998, after witnessing Nemesis Sudou use the Punishment weapon to destroy the Third Period, Allen was immediately blinded by the light pouring in from the box as it was opened. Seeing Sickle ask how he was doing, Allen retorted that he seemed to be in an usually bad mood and the god asked if he really looked like that. Once the boy explained his eyes looked angry, questioning if he was indeed angry at the world's destruction, the sun god shook his head and insisted he wouldn't be angry at something like that.

Sickle then brushed the topic aside and said they should first get him out of Black Box. Allen complied and flew out of the box, seeing the surroundings of the Heavenly Yard. After noticing that Champs-Élysées was empty, Allen remarked that no one was there and Sickle affirmed that they were the only two left in the Heavenly Yard. When the child asked about what happened, Sickle explained that the souls had been pulled to the ground with the destruction of the Third Period and elimination of the boundary it created between worlds.

Allen then surmised the ground world had become part of Hellish Yard and Sickle compared their relationship to that of a magnet where they were pulled toward the more powerful force. When Sickle stared and told him it was now his turn, Allen surmised he wanted him to restore the fallen souls. Sickle admitted that was the end result before qualifying he first needed to prepare a bit more and tasked him to review history. The boy retorted he had already done so.

Sickle then interjected that he only knew the history as information and needed to contact the individual souls of those eras to understand them. After Allen responded that conversing would take an enormous amount of time, Sickle explained he only needed to contact particularly important souls, namely those influenced by the Demons of Sin. Realizing it was his chance to see Riliane again, Allen readily agreed to the task and the god teased how obedient he was suddenly being.

After the god related that Held and Michaela were awaiting him and that he should contact them once he arrived in the ground world, Allen reacted to hearing his beloved's name. When the god questioned if it was unpleasant for him to see her, the boy explained he never said that, clarifying that it was just embarrassing. Sickle immediately pointed out that neither of them were normal humans anymore so it was too late to feel that way. Allen then admitted that the god was right.

Mentally questioning the legitimacy of Sickle's statement, given Michaela wasn't originally human to begin with, the boy thought about his past when she was human. He then looked over to the rice fields and became lost in thought, wondering how Michaela was feeling at the moment with the Millennium Tree Forest destroyed. Shortly after, Sickle spoke up and stated it wasn't a bad thing to think before saying that he wouldn't start anything if he didn't act, criticizing that the boy often only completed things in his head.

When Allen questioned if that was so, Sickle reiterated that it was, pointing out he only acted after it was already too late to avoid the situation. After reflecting on his past life, the boy then admitted he might've been right before announcing he'd go to see Michaela and Held. The god approved and asked if he still remembered how to use the box's transfer device and Allen responded that he did. The sun god declared the preparations were finished and that he should arrive at the forest once he pressed the box's switch. Allen then jumped back into the box and activated the transfer device.[81]

Return to the ForestEdit

"I want to talk about various things, the same as you, Allen. But, unfortunately, we don't have much time."

Once he apparated at the site, Allen was surprised to see the destroyed forest seemingly full of life like before; shortly after, he noticed a robin pecking at a pome fruit before it flew over to his shoulder and warmly greet him. Recognizing the voice, Allen confirmed the bird was Michaela. Speechless, the delighted boy considered what to say next when he heard Held's disembodied voice comment about his arrival. When the earth god asked if he found his form surprising, Allen admitted he did and questioned where he was.

Held then explained that his incorporeal form was to get around Sickle's rules about him interfering with the ground world. Allen then asked about the forest being destroyed and Held affirmed that the Millennium Tree Forest no longer existed. As the boy began to question why it appeared untouched, Held interjected that it was merely an illusion created from their memories, explaining it was like an embodiment of the feelings of the souls in the Hellish Yard. Allen surmised it was proof of the Hellish Yard merging with the ground world.

Once Held related both he and Michaela after him had been following the incidents caused by the demons before the world they were to watch over was destroyed, Allen looked over his shoulder to see the robin had already disappeared. Hearing Michaela's voice beckon him, the boy moved through the rugged forest to the Millennium Tree. Michaela then summoned the vessels of sin and told the boy to take the Venom Sword first and have the Demon of Lust lead him to his next destination.

Allen immediately tried to stop and talk to her and the god interjected that, while she also wanted to talk to him about a lot of things, they didn't have the time. When the boy questioned the need to care about time after the world was already destroyed, Michaela admitted he was right before saying the sun god wanted them to hurry and that they had to finish the review before he moved onto the next step. As Allen began to question what she meant, Michaela interjected again that he'd learn about it all eventually and repeated for him to take the Venom Sword so he could meet Sateriasis Venomania.

Realizing Michaela was avoiding conversation with him, the boy conceded in his mind that she probably didn't want to be reminded of the painful past. After Allen took the sword into his hands, the Demon of Lust appeared and remarked that it never expected they'd meet again. Surprised the demon knew him, Allen listened as the goat described that it had seen him from within Kyle Marlon at the royal palace, expressing its surprise at the time since he looked like the twins who released them into the world.

Allen then noted that it was probably surprised by Riliane's appearance as well and the demon admitted it was before saying they should get their business over with. Allen then mused at the fact the demons who brought calamity to humans were cooperating with gods. The demon responded that there were no longer any humans to contract with or cause calamity to, adding that they had also originally been of the same kind as the gods he referred to. Wondering if that was so, Allen dropped the topic and asked if he should follow the goat from there.

When the demon questioned if the current him could do it, Allen replied that he could, being able to fly like it. As the goat goaded him on to try, Allen abided before realizing he wasn't able to even float anymore. Questioning what had happened, the demon explained to the boy that he was being affected like all souls that were pulled to the ground, assuring him that it would transport him to Asmodean safely. As Allen looked into the Demon of Lust's glowing eyes, his consciousness flew straight to the destroyed Asmodean.[82]

Meeting with the DukeEdit

After arriving in Asmodean, Allen confirmed the site of the Venomania Mansion with the Demon and began to approach it; hearing the demon reminisce about the site, he laughed at the thought of nostalgia in a demon. When the demon asked if there was problem, Allen brushed it off and approached the home, musing on the inconvenience of having to go on foot.

After arriving at the door, he wondered if he had to knock and, instead, shouted a phrase at the door to make it open; when the Demon asked if that was an unlock spell, Allen clarified he could have said any phrase and then heard the demon say it was possible to manipulate objects when in the mood. Asking if this included illusions, Allen listened as the demon tried to explain the mechanics of the Hellish Yard, admitting he didn't understand and moving inside the mansion.

Meeting Sateriasis, the boy heard the former Duke declare that men were forbidden from the mansion and quipped if that included Sateriasis himself. Once the man insisted he leave Allen asked what would happen if he said no, watching as the Demon of Lust prevented the former Duke from attacking him and explained his purpose. Allen then clarified to Sateriasis that he was forced to come study his history, hearing the man reply that he didn't think there was anything he could teach him.

The boy then remarked on how the Duke had the same face he acquired through his contract and listened as he went on about how convenient it was for him, confirming this was the face he wanted in life. Noticing the small amount of women in the mansion, Allen remarked that not everyone came back to him and heard Sateriasis insist he no longer wanted to steal his women by force. Allen hesitantly asked if that meant they loved him, to which the former Duke asked if he wasn't satisfied by that answer.

Allen admitted that he didn't understand loving multiple women at once, clarifying when asked that he thought it was wrong. When the duke asked if he then never loved more than one woman at once, he remembered both Riliane and Michaela had faltered for a reply. He then listened as Sateriasis insisted loving multiple partners was natural; protesting, Allen struggled to explain that his other love was just a brother-sister love, only for the Duke to interrupt that it made no difference.

Giving up, Allen tried to approach one of the women in Sateriasis' harem instead, watching one of the women scold the former Duke when he threw a tantrum in response. As the woman approached, Allen recognized her as Maylis Beelzenia and, when the princess noted how knowledgeable "Irregular" was, asked that she not call him by that name. After Maylis finished her quarrel with Sateriasis, he then questioned why she was in the mansion instead of back home in Beelzenia.

After listening to the woman's complex reasons, Allen admitted he didn't care and then said that he didn't expect her to start a relationship with him. As Maylis laughed that he wasn't the likable type, the boy asked her tentatively if she loved him. Hearing the former princess says she despised him, the surprised boy began to ask her why she remained before hearing her explanation that her feelings weren't so simple with him as the father of her daughter.

Deciding he was unable to understand it, Allen asked her if the other women felt the same way and listened as Maylis explained her opinion that Lukana and Mikulia loved Sateriasis, while she was unsure of Gumina's feelings. Satisfied, Allen decided to go and announced as much to the Demon of Lust; when Maylis asked him if he could go talk to someone else, he explained he didn't have time and that from her he got a good idea of Venomania's relationships. Asked where he was going next, the boy told her he would speak with Banica Conchita as the next contractor. Told by the former princess to take care, Allen said he would and thanked her for sharing her story. 

Bowing his head, Allen tried to leave before being stopped by Sateriasis, the former Duke telling him he couldn't leave without bidding farewell to the lord of the mansion. After saying a hasty goodbye, Allen was again stopped as Sateriasis requested that he tell a girl named I.R. to come visit him if he saw her. Despite knowing the impossibility of the request, Allen nodded and said he'd remember that. 

Allen then encountered Gumina while exiting the house and greeted her by name; asked if he knew of her, the boy confirmed it and then recounted her history, questioning if he had it correct. In response to Gumina's confusion, Allen admitted they weren't acquainted but brushed it off, asking if she was living in the mansion now. When Gumina confirmed she was, he asked her then if she believed she wasn't on good terms with Venomania; as the former prime-minister refused to respond, he continued saying she must know that, despite Sateriasis' current obsessions, what he wanted was his childhood friend.

When Gumina told him his concern was unnecessary, Allen decided it wasn't his place to meddle and watched Gumina enter the mansion alone. Going on his way, Allen eventually heard the Demon ask if they should have stayed a little longer and countered that Michaela said their time was short. Told that it didn't mean he had to rush things, Allen mused about how he felt he'd met some of those people before and questioned the demon over humans who had the same face. 

Their conversation was then cut short as the demon pointed out his next guide had appeared. Seeing Hänsel with the Glass of Conchita, Allen demanded to know what he was doing there instead of the Demon of Gluttony. Reminded that the Demon was eaten by Banica, Allen then asked why she wasn't here instead. The other boy explained he was going to be the one to take him to Banica's home. As the Demon of Lust left, Hänsel then grabbed Allen's arm and the two of them flew to Beelzenia.[83]

Interviewing the Evil Food EaterEdit

Brought to the former Conchita Mansion in Beelzenia, Allen entered and met Banica Conchita as she ate greedily at the dinner table. Waiting for twenty minutes for her to acknowledge him, Allen eventually attempted to taste one of her dishes and heard the lord speak up, chastising him for taking her meal. Seeing her ready to speak with him, the boy remarked that it had been a long time and reminded her of their last meeting. 


Allen speaks with Banica

As Banica began to speak, calling him Alexiel, he corrected her that Allen would do and, hearing that she had been informed of events by Pollo, asked the former Duke if she didn't think it strange that they looked alike. When Banica brushed the question off, he then asked her why she had become a demon and listened to the woman's various reasons. He then pointed out that she had the "vaccine" to save herself in her grasp; when Banica noted that this was also the term the demon used, Allen asked if it was a problem.

The former Duke then asked the boy if he knew the true identities of the Demons of Sin. Allen gave an indeterminate reply and then listened to Banica's explanation that she merely didn't wish to be the servant of the demon, though understanding the truth of her hesitance to eat the vaccine. He then wondered why she had, once become the Demon, possessed Riliane instead of him and learned he couldn't be possessed according to the "rules" of the world. Allen then requested elaboration on these rules and received an abstract answer.

When she asked if there were any more questions, Allen began to speak before Banica cut him off and asked him, in turn, what the sun god was plotting. Allen admitted he didn't know and insisted he had no reason to lie. As the former Duke finally concluded he was of no more interest to her and that she would sleep, Allen wondered if she wouldn't be returning to her vessel and learned she had no reason to do so. Banica then remembered that Arte had requested to see him; wondering about the name aloud, Allen listened as the former Duke clarified she meant Ney before departing. 

The former servant then heard talking from the other side of the door nearby and opened it, watching as Hänsel and Gretel fell out. Allen greeted "Ney" and looked at the girl silently, before she transformed into her Ney Futapie persona. When Gretel asked if it was better that they talked like this, Allen reassured her that seeing her face was enough and listened as the girl attempted to stutter out an apology for killing Michaela.

When she gave up on being able to say it fully, Allen remarked that he knew her well enough to know it wasn't in her character. When Gretel then asked him if he was seeing Riliane next the boy confirmed it, and asked if she wasn't coming when she told him to give the princess her regards. Learning she was too busy serving Banica, he prepared to depart and received one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia from her. 

As the Demon of Pride manifested before Allen, he let out an exclamation of surprise to see how tiny it was. When the Demon indignantly asked if there was a problem, he casually remarked how small it was compared to what he expected and, after the Demon suggested they get going, said it was nice to meet it. Once instructed, he grabbed onto the Demon's body as it flew into the air and bemoaned its slow speed, complaining it would take them forever to reach Lucifenia.[84]

An Almost ReunionEdit

After eventually reaching the site of the former Lucifenian Royal Palace, Allen dryly congratulated the Demon of Pride on their arrival. Once the creature then asked if there was even a point to him being brought here, the boy asked what he meant and, when reminded he already knew Riliane's history intimately, admitted that the Demon was correct. 

Once the Demon deposited him on the ground, Allen watched it leave in a hurry and then proceeded to the palace alone, remarking aloud on how nostalgic it was to return. After walking inside to see a swarm of people, Allen was shocked to be greeted by Keel Freezis and asked why the former merchant was there. Keel replied that it was to chaperone his daughters during tonight's dinner party; as Allen attempted to ask about this party, he was interrupted by Chartette wondering what he was doing there.

Seeing his friend in her former maid outfit, the boy tried to ask why she wore it when she'd already quit being a servant, only for her to insist that he help them prepare for the party and grab his arm. Although trying to resist, Allen was dragged away by Chartette and pressed into service for the dinner party. Helping to prepare, Allen assisted with cooking, carrying out dishes, aiding guests with directions, and cleaning up the messes his colleague Chartette made.  

Pausing to check the faces of the guests for Riliane, Allen then heard Chartette exclaim they weren't done yet and returned to see a gigantic cake. At the former prime minister Minis' signal, Allen helped wheel the cake out to the Hall of Mirrors with the rest of the servants. He then attempted to ask Minis where Riliane was, only to see his sister jump out of the cake and decree everyone kneel to her.

Struggling to compose himself, Allen began to call Riliane's name only to see Germaine begin scolding her for ruining the food. Stunned, he watched his two sisters quarrel and then saw Riliane begin to run out of the Hall of Mirrors, calling out for her. Also hearing Germaine call to him, the former servant mentally apologized to his foster sister as he ran after Riliane.

Chasing her through the palace, Allen eventually lost sight of the former princess and paused; remembering the secret passage in her fireplace, he headed to his sister's old room. Once there, he saw two people before the door, recognizing them immediately as his parents, Arth and Anne. He then stared in shock at the two before his father approached him, patting him on the head and asking him if he came to see Riliane in her room.

Allen confirmed that he came for that purpose. He heard his father say, in reply, that he wouldn't stop him but to remember that he was still their son Alexiel, as well as Riliane's important brother, and the prince agreed. As Arth mused about how important he'd become since the days he was put in the Black Box, Allen admitted he didn't understand all of it or have any explanation from Sickle, wondering what he could do in an already perished world. As Arth declared his belief that the world wasn't finished yet, Allen asked him if he really thought so.

The former king laughed and said there was no doubt coming from the one who had made Lucifenia into a mighty nation; in response, Allen noted his confidence and heard Arth say it was his charm. When he then admitted it had disadvantages, with Riliane also inheriting the trait, Allen laughed and said it may be so. Wrapping up their conversation, the boy told his parents that meeting them, even if just as spirits, had made him happy. He heard Arth remark that they were also happy, but reminding him that there was still much to do even if he reunited with Riliane.

Reassuring his father that he was already an adult, Allen enthusiastically agreed as the former king said he entrusted the fate of the world and Riliane to him. Stepping past them both, Allen mentally prepared himself to meet with his sister again. Suddenly, he heard Arth and Anne both become drowsy and fall asleep from behind, followed by multiple people falling asleep inside the Hall of Mirrors. Hearing Anne murmur that this was Gift, Allen exclaimed the name aloud and frantically called for his mother before realizing she'd lost consciousness. 

Allen then heard hoofbeats in the hall behind him and turned, spotting Josephine being ridden by a white-haired woman, whom he recognized as Clarith. Clarith then greeted Allen and explained how she'd come on the order of Michaela. Asking her to explain what happened, the former servant learned the "Sleep Princess" had unleashed an Eighth Gift in a poison mist to make even souls sleep. He then asked how they could stop her and was told that, being the only one able to move about freely, they both would have to go to Elphegort to stop her. 

Protesting, Allen looked to the door of Riliane's room again, only for Clarith to remind him that Riliane would also be harmed if the Sleep Princess was not confronted. Saying he understood, Allen heard Clarith say that Josephine had received a blessing from Michaela to get to Elphegort safely and he got on the horse behind the woman. He then asked Clarith if she was alright, clarifying that the Gift poison didn't seem to be affecting her. Allen received her reply that she had also received Michaela's blessing and held tight to the former nun as she set off on Josephine.[85]

Confrontation with the Sleep PrincessEdit

As the two of them approached the ruins of the former Toragay, Clarith spotted Hänsel on the path in the form of Lemy Abelard. Startled, she pulled up the reigns and stopped, and Allen heard the boy ask if he could come with them. Dismounting from the horse, he asked questioned why Hänsel wasn't with his "Lord Banica" and then watched as the other boy quarreled with Clarith over accompanying them, Hänsel showing her that he had the Clockworker's Doll in his possession.

As the atmosphere became tense, he stepped in between them and reminded Clarith that they didn't have time to talk while all the souls were falling asleep. He then told Hänsel that he had his permission to follow along, although he wouldn't be able to fit on Josephine. When Hänsel affirmed he understood what his lookalike was saying, Allen corrected the other boy that he looked like him. Allen then watched as Hänsel, conceding, held up the doll for him to see.

Initially remarking that it looked similar to Michaela, he then conceded the doll looked exactly like her and asked for an explanation. Hänsel then said he might have noticed the doll also was low on power, instructing the former servant to observe its belly. As Hänsel stripped the doll naked, Allen saw the large burn and hole on the belly and wondered if this was due to Punishment. When Hänsel corrected that it was from something inside the doll, Allen asked what it was and only received a vague answer from the other boy.

Afterwards, Hänsel announced he'd catch up with them while they rode on horseback and Allen returned to Josephine, taking off with Clarith to Toragay. Reaching the Sleep Princess and catching her attention, Allen asked her why she was putting the souls to sleep with her poison and only received her ramblings about naughty children as a response. Demanding she answer the question, he heard her remark that her Gift was in contrast a sweet child and heard Clarith remark it was useless to reason with someone who had lost their sanity.

Allen asked her if this was caused by the world's collapse, learning however that she was like this for a long time and may only be acting on impulse by now. Noting it was then pointless to persuade her, he asked how they planned to stop her and heard Clarith say she didn't know, to his shock. The former servant heard the Netsuma say Michaela told her he'd do it somehow; disheartened, Allen eventually attempted to move closer to the Sleep Princess on his own.

Standing and staring at the Sleep Princess, Allen was startled by the woman giving a signal for the poison mist to enter his nose and mouth. Although choking, in another moment he began to feel drowsy and, realizing what was happening, Allen backed up a distance away. The former servant then frantically went through his options, before suddenly seeing Hänsel appear. Allen cried out and watched Hänsel boast as he floated down in front of the Sleep Princess; warning him that this was dangerous, he nonetheless observed as the other boy trapped the Sleep Princess in the Clockworker's Doll.

When Hänsel finally turned back and announced his job was complete, Allen bemoaned that he had been terrible in apology to the pierrot. As Hänsel brushed it off as his responsibility to deal with mismanagement, Allen then asked him if it was true that he took the doll from Michaela. Realizing that she had anticipated him being unable to stop the madwoman, the former servant became morose.

Hänsel then put a hand on the boy's shoulder and told him it was no time to be depressed, reminding him that he had Envy next and the next contractors would be more difficult due to their insanity. Allen wondered then what the point of meeting with them were, to which he heard the pierrot say that he didn't know, only knowing that sun god had told him to.

As Hänsel then remarked he would return the Clockworker's Doll to Michaela, Allen asked if it was alright when the Sleep Princess could come back out and rampage. After the other boy reassured him and left, Allen turned to Clarith and asked if she could guide him to Jakoku to meet with the next contractor. As Clarith began to explain she couldn't, Allen heard clapping from behind and turned to see the Demon of Envy.

Greeting the Demon, Allen heard her speak about how amusing the spectacle was and broodingly asked if she meant him being pathetic. He then listened as the Demon asked him if he'd be able to bear crossing the ocean such a long way to reach Jakoku and the former servant asked if they wouldn't be flying, hearing the Demon reply she could swim faster. As Allen prepared to leave, Clarith gave her farewells and Allen thanked her for everything.

After Clarith also thanked the Demon, Allen was instructed to get on her back and did so; as the Demon changed into a fish, he complained that her fins made it hard to ride and the Demon only told him to be patient. The creature then spread her fins like wings and, with Allen on top, jumped into the water and began to swim for the island nation Jakoku.[86]

Talk with the TailorEdit

As the Demon swam them across the murky sea to Jakoku, Allen attempted to make conversation with her, speaking of how they were going faster than flying or riding on Josephine. As the Demon refused to speak, he only rode on in silence and began to feel motion-sickness. He then heard the Demon remark something was strange as she looked at him and asked her what it was. As the Demon pointed out to him the landmass far away, he realized it was Jakoku and was relieved to arrive at their destination.

Nonetheless, the former servant heard the Demon say it was too early. Questioning this, Allen listened as she explained it was supposed to take more time than this to reach the island and that arriving so early gave her a bad feeling. The Demon wondered if time and space had begun to distort due to the connection to the Hellish Yard; in shock, Allen then heard her speculate the "professor" was the cause of hurrying things along and asked who she meant. The Demon explained that she meant the sun god and remarked that they would arrive at Jakoku shortly before continuing on to Onigashima, carrying Allen along.

Arriving at last in Enbizaka, Allen glanced at the homes and shops and found no one there, while approaching the slope where Kayo's tailor shop was located. As the Demon of Envy rested against a nearby bridge, Allen began to walk up the slope alone. After walking for some time, the boy noticed that he wasn't getting closer to the house and passing the same buildings repeatedly. Deciding to press forward anyway, he continued to walk until becoming too tired and sitting down by a hairpin shop.

Suddenly, seeing a feather, Allen spotted an owl and heard the bird remark that he appeared to be having problems. Realizing the bird had six wings, he heard it continue asking if he would like the help of the Demon of Greed, although asking first for compensation. Allen replied that he would compensate the Demon if he survived, but at the moment he had no money and then pointed out there was no value to currency with the world being destroyed regardless. 

The Demon then agreed to the boy's request, noting that he would be stuck forever without him; Allen in response told the demon to break him out and watched as a bright flash came from the demon and created a long shadow. As the Demon urged him to quickly follow the shadow, Allen raced up the slope and made it to Kayo's tailor shop. Once there, Allen spotted Kayo and was slowly approached by the tailor, greeting him as "Ren." As the woman asked him if he was doing well, he assured her he was and asked about her. In her response, Allen learned that she hadn't changed from the days that he knew her, still waiting for her husband to return. 

The tailor then announced that she had to go home and prepare dinner, but that she would stop on an errand first. Questioning this, Allen heard her clarify that she couldn't go if she didn't receive judgment. Seeing her turn her gaze behind him, the boy turned around and saw a western-styled courthouse. Murmuring over receiving "judgment," Kayo moved into the building and Allen called after her, running inside after the tailor. After entering a large room filled with other souls, he saw Gallerian Marlon walk inside and call for silence, beginning the court session for Kayo Sudou.[87]

Trial in the Mad CourtEdit

As the trial began, Allen was only allowed to sit as a spectator while Kayo sat at the defendant's seat. Allen then watched as the trial was carried out, judging Kayo for her sins, and then listened as Gallerian pronounced that her punishment would occur in the courtroom immediately. He then saw a giant guillotine appear in the court and watched in horror as Kayo was brought to be beheaded on it. Flashing back to his own execution, Allen began screaming for them to stop and cried that there was no meaning to the punishment, begging them in tears to stop. 


Gallerian talks down to Allen

Collapsing on the ground, Allen noticed Gallerian's presence standing over him and heard the judge remark on "Irregular" being in his courtroom and that he would exempt Kayo from her sentence. Afterwards, Allen saw Gallerian gesture and tell him it depended on his money. Telling the judge that he had no money, Allen listened to him muse that, as compensation, he would be executed in her stead and remained stunned by the statement. 

As Gallerian repeated that he would be executed instead of Kayo, Allen began to tremble with fear and heard Gallerian mock him for trembling like a child. Overwhelmed, the boy inwardly begged someone to help him as Gallerian's men approached. Suddenly, he heard a voice telling her "papa" to stop and saw the voice coming from the Clockworker's Doll on the defense's seat. He then listened as Gallerian began to lovingly converse with "Michelle" and the voice convinced him to trial Allen before executing him. 

After Gallerian announced court was in session to trial "Irregular" for being responsible for bringing the world to ruin, Allen was taken to the defendant's seat and began to regain his composure. Looking towards the doll as it announced it would be his defense, the boy realized that the high-pitched voice was actually that of a male's and wondered if Hänsel was using his ventriloquism to speak as the doll.

The former servant then observed Gallerian attempting to find a prosecutor for Allen, before a hooded woman entered the courtroom and declared she would judge the accused, Gallerian Marlon. Seeing she wore a mask, Allen watched as the woman quarreled with the former judge and then sent him into the ground, causing the other souls in the room to disappear as well.

As the woman then spoke with Kayo and prepared to leave with her, Allen called out and asked if she was going to take her somewhere. The woman instructed him to use honorifics with his elders and the former servant politely asked her where she was taking Kayo. The masked woman told him she was taking the tailor to her former location, as she had done with the others, and that there was only one person left.

Allen questioned who that last person was; hearing it was Nemesis, he asked for her whereabouts and heard the woman say she would allow him to meet with her before returning her. Allen began to protest that he wished to speak more with her, only for the masked woman to say they should meet again and open a hole below the former servant. Although trying to grab the edge, Allen fell through the hole out of the courtroom.[88]

Irregular, Nemesis, and PunishmentEdit

Being dropped into a new location, Allen walked with Hänsel until reaching the edge of a cliff. From his vantage point, Allen saw the entire space was covered in rubble, gravestones, and machinery. Asking Hänsel if these were all illusions, Allen learned that they were now in the real world and wondered if this meant they escaped Punishment's destruction. He heard the other boy confirm it and muse that Banica would be overjoyed to know of its existence.

Questioning this, the former servant asked what was this place and learned that it was the Grave Yard, the resting place of the legacy of the Second Period that Conchita sought. Guessing this meant the gears were the wreckage of the previous civilization, Allen mused that Conchita was seeking this super-technology and was only told by Hänsel that it didn't matter anymore. He then heard the other point out that the Master of the Hellish Yard said Nemesis was here, questioning if the woman they saw was really the Master of the Hellish Yard. He heard Hänsel remark in response that she was, although unsure if it was just by her own will or the mask's manipulation. As the other boy ran ahead, Allen hurried to catch up.

At the bottom, Allen noticed that the graves were made of the same material as the Black Box and wondered aloud if they weren't just graves. Hänsel confirmed it and warned him not to touch them, while Allen bemoaned how huge the place was regardless. He heard Hänsel say that they should just keep going and hope Nemesis was on the other side. Asking if there was any logic to that, Allen heard him reply that there wasn't and only sighed as he kept moving. 

Eventually as they continued on, Allen asked Hänsel if he could just fly. When the boy answered yes, he asked if he couldn't just look for Nemesis from the air and watched as the other boy went into the air, realizing that this was a good idea. When Hänsel came back down and pointed out a place not far ahead, Allen spotted a defunct clocktower and noted they couldn't be sure if Nemesis was there. As Hänsel announced they'd go regardless, Allen reminded the boy he couldn't fly and would need to be carried. He was picked up in Hänsel's right arm and then flew towards the tower.

Allen spotted the former party leader on a viewing platform, dressed in her former assassin attire, and confirmed her identity with Hänsel; after questioning her young appearance irrespective of when she died, the former servant was reminded of how souls didn't necessarily look as they did in death. Once Hänsel wondered what she was doing on the platform, he mused that she might be looking for someone or something. As the boy noted that it would be better to ask, Allen snapped that he should have done that in the first place then and the two touched down to the platform.

As Nemesis questioned what they were doing here, Allen introduced himself and then asked her what she was doing in this place. He watched as Nemesis explained she was looking for her mother, Hänsel questioned her mother, Ma, being located in this area. As Hänsel dismissed her as crazy, Allen stepped forward and explained that this place was the Grave Yard, not the ground world, and exclaimed that everyone was extinct since she'd destroyed the world.

Seeing Nemesis' shock, the irritated servant lost his temper and cursed her out for not even knowing her own cause of death and for using Punishment on her own country. He then watched the former party leader protest that she had actually destroyed "hell" while killing a boy like them; as Nemesis was overcome with terror and fled, Allen was grabbed by Hänsel and dragged off the platform in pursuit. 

Losing sight of her from the air, Allen suggested to the boy that they touch ground again. Moving back down, Allen saw that they were surrounded by spherical machinery with several tubes and asked Hänsel what they were used for, only getting an indeterminate response. Hänsel then spotted a tree with red fruit on a hill farther ahead and decided to pick it; in response, Allen tried to caution him to stay focused, only to be ignored.


Allen wrestles for control of the key

As Hänsel ran up the hill, Allen chased after him, only to see another boy with his appearance. As Hänsel greeted the boy, Allen asked who he was and was told this was "Irregular", born just before the end of the world. As the former servant expressed his shock, he listened to Hänsel's explanation that he had died without an ego and was simply wandering aimlessly as a result. As Irregular began to take an interest in the doll Hänsel carried, Allen suggested that they simply give it to him and was chided for his foolishness.

Running up the hill instead, he continued to notice Irregular chasing after them and told Hänsel about it, anxious despite the other boy telling him to ignore it. Arriving at the fruit tree, Allen noted the blood-red fruit and, with Hänsel, spotted another boy with their face. Puzzled to see "Irregular" again, he turned back and realized the mindless child was still trying to catch up. Wondering if this new boy was also Irregular, he heard Hänsel correct him that it was a new person entirely.

Spotting Nemesis as well with the Golden Key and a black box in her hands, Allen rushed at the former party leader with Hänsel to take it from her. As Nemesis turned the key in the box, Allen grabbed it from her hands, only to hear the fourth boy by the tree say he was too late and that Punishment had been mete out. As the boy began glowing, Allen heard a "Lu Li La" and was consumed by the light.[89]

Regaining consciousness in the Black Box again, Allen was greeted by Sickle and exited the box as he had done before and looked upon the heavenly world. As Sickle instructed him that it was his turn, the boy silently nodded and determined that the next outcome for the world was in his hands, but that he would first find Riliane on the ground world. Holding Nemesis' Golden Key in his hands, he resolved to begin.[90]


"However, it doesn't matter. What's important for Elluka is that she did not get the Four Mirrors vessel of sin. What's important for me is that he is no longer one of the gears."
―Ma speaking about Allen[src]

In the wake of his death, Germaine took up traveling the continent aimlessly, suffering numerous nightmares of losing Allen and their foster father for years before learning the boy hadn't actually killed Michaela from Kyle.[91] Over a century later, Elluka Clockworker told the dying Lemy Abelard about the servant who shared his face, pointing out that, while Allen tried becoming "evil" to protect his beloved sister, he never enjoyed killing people, in stark contrast to the assassin.[92]

History books noted him as the adopted son of Leonhart Avadonia who gained Riliane's favor as a servant and swiftly fled the Lucifenian Palace during the revolution, often portrayed as a disloyal and unfaithful person in Lucifenia's history.[93] However, Yukina Freezis wrote a novel about the true events, titled "The Daughter of Evil" that had gained popularity around the world for centuries.

After reading the book, Gallerian Marlon was intrigued by the idea that the servant swapped places with his secret twin sister but remained skeptical of its accuracy to the actual events, despite Ma's guarantee that the novel told the truth.[94] When Gallerian faced heavy backlash for his corruption during his career as judge, his butler Bruno cited the historical example of Allen serving his "evil" twin sister and compared it to his own service for Gallerian, although admitting he wouldn't be able to switch places with him as Allen did for Riliane.[95]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Riliane... You have been an evil girl... If you are an evil girl, then your evil blood also flows through me. If you are The Daughter of Evil, then I'm The Servant of Evil. So it doesn't matter. I will take your place here while you live on..."

Allen Avadonia: prince and servant

Allen was responsible, loyal, and kind. Since he was a child, the boy had a soft demeanor, unwilling to fight others even if they hit him. He was also very trusting, extending his arm as a kind gesture to a ghastly demon. During his childhood, he kept an especially close relationship to his sister, Riliane, and the two often spent time playing with one another.[96] Of the two, Prince Alexiel was the more submissive twin, allowing Riliane to lead him along wherever they went.[97]

Due to their close bond, he felt at ease when holding his sibling's hand and forgot about his fears or worries. He similarly shared many secrets with her, such as the legend of the sea the demon told him.[98] However, due to the dispute over the right of succession, the Prince's relationship with his twin began to fray and he recognized her selfish attitude as a result of her royal upbringing. Hoping not to become like his sister and avoid further problems, the boy was completely willing to be separated from his family and live the life of a commoner.[99]

Regardless, Allen continued to care for Riliane. Completely devoted to her as a servant, the young teenager felt overjoyed to see her smiling with happiness and was dedicated to relieving her of her loneliness.[100] In spite of this, Allen still recognized Riliane as a selfish child and an awful ruler and, over time, considered many of her actions bordering insanity.[101] Still, after assassinating Leonhart, Allen became determined to protect Riliane even if he had to become evil to do so.[102]

However, although only meeting her a few times, Allen instantly fell in love with Michaela and was enthralled by her lovely appearance, beautiful smile, and wonderful singing voice;[103] because of this, he grew conflicted between his duty to Riliane and adoration for Michaela, envisioning both of them as the two people he would do anything for. After Michaela's death, Allen returned to faithfully serving his sister, although hurt by her cruel demand to kill his beloved.[104] Having become intimate with his twin, Allen became the only one allowed to continually accompany her by the end of her reign.[105]


Allen with his foster family

After the assassination attempt on his life and subsequent exile, Allen acted hostile towards everyone around him and was described as sarcastic and unlikable by his foster sister, Germaine, as a result.[106] After Chartette Langley had been kidnapped by bandits, Allen began opening up to his new sister and supported her in finding their friend. He also respected Germaine's sense of justice and was similarly willing to fight, dagger in hand, to fight off the bandits and save Chartette.[107]

As time progressed, Allen became close to Germaine and considered her to be his sister, although unable to admit that til the time of his death. Despite this, he was disgusted by her motivations behind the Lucifenian Revolution and considered her methods akin to Riliane's own, considering their desire to control people for revenge to be vile. After discovering her to be the revolutionary leader, Allen was amused by the irony and refused to let Germaine be dragged into his situation.[108]

Like his sisters, Allen also shared a close relationship with Leonhart. Having been saved by him as a child, Allen respected him as one of the Three Heroes. Despite considering him to be his father, Allen continually addressed him formally, feeling he had no right to be associated with the man.[109] Having been raised by the warrior, Allen initially refused to abide Riliane's command to assassinate him and was even willing to be beheaded for it.

However, after Ney lied that Leonhart was using him to kill Riliane, Allen felt betrayed by his foster father and changed his mind about murdering him. Still, after seeing the gift the man planned to give him, Allen questioned his father's reasoning for killing Riliane before ignoring his honest confusion as playing dumb.[110] Regardless, Allen felt remorse over his death and began addressing him as his parent in passing. After learning Germaine's reasons behind the revolution, Allen took responsibility as their father's murderer and insisted on being executed for his crime.[111]


Allen speaking casually with Chartette

Allen was a very proud individual, delighted when Michaela praised him and boasting to himself about his own abilities.[112] While maintaining his identity as the Princess, Allen refused to let up the act to Germaine until bringing her to the brink of tears;[113] he also was extremely confident in his ability to protect Riliane, although openly admitting that desire may have been arrogant.[114] Conversely, Allen hated being teased, especially from Germaine, and detested feeling embarrassed or humiliated.[115] He similarly did not take jokes about himself lightly, such as Michaela referring to him as simply a "foreign boy," and acted somewhat stiff towards others, though cracking a few jokes with Michaela.[116]

Ironically, he often made dry or sarcastic remarks about what he heard, although usually keeping those thoughts to himself and never verbalizing them. However, when speaking to his sister or Chartette, Allen was very candor with his comments, contrasting his normally polite manner.[117] Allen also spoke very casually with Michaela and enjoyed discussing his work with her, both its high points and low points, though he was exceptionally tolerant of her and anything she said that would normally bother him.[118]

Although a righteous child with a sense of honor, Allen sometimes lapsed into more malicious behavior, particularly when he felt wronged or his morals overlapped.[119] At the same time, he was very self-conscious of this behavior, later realizing how he had distanced himself from everyone in his obsessive devotion to Riliane.[120] Though originally learning fencing in order to only defend his sister, Allen eventually became willing to murder for her under certain circumstances, even considering killing King Kyle for making Riliane unhappy.[121]

Due to the unique circumstances between him and Riliane, Allen questioned how their similar appearances contrasted their different positions in life.[122] Likewise, he came to understand their own similarities and how evil he had become in his loyalty to her. As a result, he was content with sacrificing himself in her place, protecting her and bearing both of their sins.[123] Even after his demise, Allen desired to keep protecting Riliane and encouraged to make their story known to everyone.[124]

Allen could, very rarely, get frustrated enough with a situation or person to break his usual nature, as shown when he cursed out Nemesis for destroying the Third Period.[125]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Even in my opinion, your sword is very powerful."
―Riliane's thoughts on Allen's swordplay[src]

Although relegated to the menial work of a servant, Allen was very knowledgeable about politics and was revered by the Lucifenian ministers for his political savvy.[126] Because of his analytical mind, Allen was able to deduce the political ramifications for any action which, combined with his knowledge of current affairs, helped him understand the reasoning behind it, such as Kyle's choice to continue with Riliane's execution despite knowing Allen had taken her place.

As a result, he was a skilled planner, such as with his planned switch with Riliane,[127] and could adapt, having used an anesthesia on Leonhart after being unable to find a lethal poison.[128] Similarly, he was a capable diplomat, although typically remaining uninvolved in political affairs unless required to.[129] Because of his resemblance to his sister, Allen could effectively masquerade as Riliane, though anyone who had actually met either of them could easily see through the disguise. He was also able to imitate Riliane's voice and could convincingly act as her.[130]

Having trained under the tutelage of Leonhart, Allen was a strong swordsman, considered a "fencing genius" by Germaine when he was only thirteen.[131] Although having learned numerous techniques under Leonhart, Allen developed his own technique, Unicorn Style, where he centered his blade in front of him while making his offensive. However, because he lacked combat experience, Allen was prone to speak too much in battle and lacked quick foresight in adjusting against more difficult opponents.[132]

As a servant, the boy was skilled at a variety of chores such as cleaning,[133] cooking, and running errands,[134] though he considered his skills inferior to that of his fellow servant, Ney.[135] He was also adept at horseback riding and could sing.[136]After his death, Allen was able to manifest his spirit in the Third Period, with Sickle's permission, and could communicate with others. However, interfering with the world would leave him exhausted once he returned to the Heavenly Yard and he would sleep for untold amounts of time.[137] He could also communicate telepathically with others seemingly instantly.[138]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Allen's twin sister. As children the two held a close relationship, though strained during the political conflicts that separated them; after becoming Riliane's servant, Allen devoted himself to her protection, willing to sacrifice his own well-being and that of others for her happiness. He perceived Riliane as being a lonely and gentle girl deep down, though acknowledging that she could also be cruel, and was often comforted by her presence when afraid.

Leonhart Avadonia: Allen's adoptive father. While thinking of him as a father, Allen held a high respect for Leonhart and saw himself as unworthy of addressing him as such, instead just calling the warrior "Captain Leonhart". While initially refusing to kill him, Allen felt deeply betrayed and hurt when told Leonhart was using him to get at the princess and was confused about the knight's reasons even as he died.

Germaine Avadonia: Allen's foster sister. They bonded over their rescue of Chartette and became very close, Allen occasionally asking after Germaine in the time he worked at the palace and thinking of her as his "righteous sister." Their relationship became strained on his end after killing Leonhart, and he disapproved of her methods of avenging him; despite this, Allen continued to love Germaine until his death, even afterwards relying on her swordsmanship to help Yukina.

Chartette Langley: Allen's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. Allen always tried to keep Chartette out of trouble, rescuing her when they were kids and supervising her work to make sure she didn't slack off or do any damage with her strength. The two of them were able to converse on a less formal level than other servants.

Ney Futapie: A fellow servant of Riliane. Allen trusted Ney more than Chartette with discussing matters such as Michaela's ordered assassination or Leonhart's reasons for sending Allen to the palace. He held no ill will towards her for the rumors she relayed to Riliane and himself, comforting her whenever she appeared distressed.

Mariam Futapie: Allen's superior as a chamberlain. Allen saw Mariam as an employer for the most part and found her character inscrutable. Nonetheless, he spoke to her about his confusion at having such a different role from his sister, Riliane, and saw her, as one of the few people to know his true lineage, as an ally. Nearing the end of the revolution, he shared words of farewell with the Head of Maids.

Michaela: Allen's crush. Allen fell in love with Michaela after listening to her sing. He found her very beautiful and talented, and was tolerant of her teasing when, elsewhere, he would become angered. He became conflicted between his love for her and devotion to Riliane after learning she was Kyle's supposed lover, and eventually was heartbroken by her death.

Keel Freezis: A merchant whom Allen visits. Allen found Keel to be a very intelligent and pragmatic businessman, unable to fully understand the life that the latter lived. Despite this, he appreciated Keel's tendency of putting loved ones first due to his own devotion to Riliane and Michaela.

Kyle Marlon: Riliane's fiancé. Although only knowing him from afar, Allen expressed an intention of destroying him for making Riliane unhappy. After being arrested he viewed Kyle as a potential problem due to his overpowering emotions, but agreed with his political motivations to continue with the execution.

Hänsel: An intended past incarnation. Allen was fated to be a reincarnation of Hänsel and shared the boy's appearance but, due to the disturbance of fate caused by Abyss I.R. and Prim Marlon, no Hänsel was born during that cycle.

Irregular: An entity connected to Allen. Irregular manifests sometime after Allen's death, located outside of the Heavenly Yard, while Allen himself was considered "irregular."

Sickle: The god of the sun and Allen's mentor. Although perplexed by the god's namelessness and his enigmatic nature, Allen nevertheless was obedient to his will and did what he asked even when the task was boring or he was unaware of the intended outcome. Additionally, he took Sickle's counsel seriously and relied on him for aid when the situation arose. 


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • His original surnames, Lucifen and d'Autriche, are a reference to Lucifer, the patron demon of Pride, and Marie Antoinette, respectively.
  • His adopted last name, Avadonia, seems to be a corruption of Abbadon, meaning "destruction" in Hebrew.
  • Allen's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, Len, using "len" at the end of the name; similarly, his birth name, Alexiel, shares the "le" with Len.
  • Allen parallels Jesus Christ, being punished for crimes he did not commit, executed at 3 o'clock,[139] and appearing to his allies many times after his death.[140]


  • Allen was executed the day before his fifteenth birthday.[141]
  • He shares the same birthday (December 27) with his Vocaloid.[142]
  • Like his father, Allen wore his hair in a ponytail.
  • The Master of the Heavenly Yard's posture in Evils Court is reminiscent of Allen's pose from The Daughter of Evil PV; similarly, both are portrayed in such a position before their formal debut.
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Allen was voted as the most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans.




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